The US Claims: The “agreement is not to establish a base but rather to contribute to enhanced security cooperation between the USA and Ghana.”

Define “enhanced security cooperation”?

Obviously the new agreement has add-ons. For instance: (1) Unfettered Access to Kotoka Anex A., (2) The expansion of tax-exempt status for US Military Equipment and personnel, (3) The expansion of US Military personnel in Ghana and the conduction of more joint exercises with the Ghana Armed Forced. (To mention but a few).

Now, what does a military base look like? Does it look like the sentence: “The agreement is not to establish a base”? Or does it look like the reality of what “more” they are asking?

Top this with their insistence that this new contract supersedes (that is voids) the previous agreed-on contracts of 1998 and 2015. It is not a continuation (or parallel extension) of those contracts.

More, the US has dangled 20 million dollars before the new government as a bait, to direct attention from the new taxes the government could actually collect from the proposed increased shipment of US Equipment into Ghana. So wake up and smell the Koko and Kose!

Now, it is baffling when even Kwaku Baako says: “Please, it is an absolute lie that the United States government is planning to establish a military base in Ghana.”

Of course! Since, if the US wanted to build a military base they would actually announce it in a deal. My very dear friend Baako (with all due respect), this is exactly why you are an aspiring intellectual, and not a leader of men. This is rather the factuality of your existence.


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