With progressive cognition, a species becomes aware. Aware of itself, its dependence on the environment and its mortality. Moreover, a species becomes aware of the possibility of its own extinction. The emergence of abstract thinking, deep planning and symbolic representations in art, music, ornamentation and writing, remain the shining examples of cognitive activity of the human species—in its human way to unravel the deeper meanings of its existence. Such consciousness, for instance, represents the unparalleled achievement of the human species. No other species on Earth survives today with this combination of sheer cognitive power. Whether it is the Mandinka or the Khoi-San, or the descendants of Omo and Herto Bouri, the human species remains—from out of Africa—a magnificent “creation” of Mother Earth, and/or, of God.

 (As a human being, I do not consider my fond appreciation of the human species an act of boasting or even bias against other species, for I write as a human to fellow humans, commending all humans. In other words, I expect only humans to be capable of reading and understanding this article. That cannot be an act of arrogance.)

However, if a species cannot preserve the core chemistry of its brain power, that is if it cannot maintain or improve the organizational structure of its consciousness, which has made it so successful in carving out a sustainable niche on Mother Earth, that species fears the possibility of extinction.

A typical species becomes extinct within a few million years of its first appearance. Although with progressive cognition, as the ancients of Nubia once thought, humankind could overcome the odds. Humankind could etch closer to establishing ultimate balance with its environment: Ma’at. Through science and technology, the human species could seek to supersede and replace an instinctual relationship with its Mother, Earth (where mistakes are not uncommon) with an intelligent affiliation (avoiding mistakes; serious mistakes) in order to once and for all establish the immortality of the species against all possible factors of extinction. Once Ma’at had been realized, the idea went, the human species could finally arrive at the Perfect World Order. And with that, a true knowledge of self and environment: in other words, humankind could become Godlike.

Today, the reality is not so. Humankind is far from the hopes of the ancients. It has veered far from reaching Ma’at. For example, putting the human footprint on its environment into some necessary perspective, more than ninety-nine percent of all species—amounting to over five billion species that ever lived on Mother Earth—are estimated to be now extinct. Over fifty percent of these species became only extinct in the past half century alone. Over seventy-five percent in the past century! The main driver of these modern extinctions is none other than a new kind of humankind on the map. The emergence of a new kind of consciousness that runs against the grain of the previous organizational structure of human awareness—counter to the intelligent dependence on Mother Earth.

Alas, how does the human arrive at the time and place where it destroys his own environment, sending millions of species to their graves, and yet not fear its own demise as a result?

All species fear extinction—even humankind—whether they like it or not, whether they know it or not. Or else there would be no need to diversify (through mutations) genetic materials (the substance for multiplying themselves) for producing varied offspring.  So, all species fear extinction, even humankind, or else there’s no urgency to evolve beyond the first organism. Hence to overcome extinction, the species must diversify, through mutation, in order to offer itself a chance to survive any onset of fast changing conditions or a chance to fight against superior competition.

But it is within this very requirement, or necessity to diversify through mutation, that lies also the possibility of the rise of the devil that dooms the species—the type of the species that cares less about its own extinction. Many mutations are needless: they serve no particular purpose. Not all mutations are beneficial for the continued progress of the species. In fact, there are more mutations harmful to the species than are helpful. A species’ susceptibility to extinction lies in this catch-22. Mutations can lead to bad genetic changes, to bad offspring and eventually to bad offspring who finally doom the entire species and the planet.

On Earth, and for humankind, the threat of extinction derives not from superior competition—for we have yet to spot aliens on Earth dicing humans into pieces for soup. Human extinction will be a direct result of humans feeding on other humans in addition to feeding voraciously on the environment. It is not typical, or it is very rare for a species struggling to survive to find itself right at the heart of producing the very unfavorable environment that eventually kills it. Humankind is now unique in this way. It is responsible for ending over half of the Earth’s species in just a half century and it is set on a path to destroy its own habitat and itself.

Take for instance the theory of economic consumption, a primitive cognitive activity, a new kind of human consciousness developed in The West and introduced into the human species as a result of a manifest mutation. Today’s average global rate of human consumption requires one and a half Earths to sustain it. Alas, how did a cognitive species arrive at such an insidious and pervasive philosophy? If humans still living in Africa were to adopt this outlook, that is if Africans were to consume natural resources at the same rate as humans in the United Kingdom alone—that cradle of western civilization—they would require three Earths. If humans in the rest of the world were to consume natural resources at the same rate as humans in the United States of America alone—that cradle of USAFRICOM terrorism in Africa—they would require more than four new whole Earths. Four! No doubt, India and China are marching on their way there: to feed gluttonously and to destroy the one planet available to the species.

The only rationalization for this stupid reality of endless human overconsumption in The West and outside Africa, is made clear if one appreciates the fact: that not all mutations are beneficial to the species. In fact, many more mutations are harmful to the entire species than there are mutations that are helpful to it.

The mutation that finally dooms the species is not one that, in the conventional sense, makes the human species susceptible or prone to succumb to an accident: a fast changing environment or a superior species. No. The mutation that finally dooms the human species seems to be one that carefully makes the carriers of a mutation turn on one another, and then turn on other humans: using other humans who do not look like them, terrorizing them, colonizing them, enslaving them, lynching them, mass incarcerating them, all the while showing signs of cognitive activity without recompense, without being directly exposed to the cost of their actions (a kind of sophistry), all in the pursuit of one sinister philosophical goal—primitive accumulation and the mass consumption of the very environment that sustains life. The mutants feed on themselves, and they feed on other humans, in order that they can feed on the natural resources of the Earth; so that they can consume other lifeforms of the Earth, without any restraint.

So, whether it is the Mandinka or the Khoi-San, or the descendants of Omo and Herto Bouri, the human species could have remained—from out of Africa—a magnificent “creation” of Mother Earth, and or, of God, but for the need or the necessity to diversify through mutation. With cognition, one would have thought it straightforward that humankind would etch closer and closer to establishing the ultimate balance with its environment, so that humankind wouldn’t have to require more than seven whole Earths in order to survive. But no, the cognition of mutants will run counter to the point of achieving the immortality of the species.

Through cognition, through science and technology, mutants sought not to supersede and replace an instinctual relationship with Mother Earth with an intelligent one, but rather they sought to replace the dependence on Earth with an Atomic Bomb wielding philosophy: it is our way or no way. The instinctual relationship with Mother Earth was replaced rather with sophistry: racial violence or Racism (anti-Black, anti-African, anti-Ma’at, anti-sustainability, anti-Mother, anti-self, anti-God). This counter consciousness will manifest itself in Colonialism, Trans-Atlantic Slavery, Cannibalistic Capitalism and the barbaric Global Imperialist Agenda a.k.a USAFRICOM.

Since 1492 the goal that once Ma’at had been achieved the human species would finally arrive at the Perfect World Order has been totally discarded and replaced with a New World Order stooped only in unbridled barbarity—the feeding on African lives by any means. Once Ma’at had been discarded, the practitioners of Ma’at are daily terrorized. And with that baby and the bathwater thrown out, the true knowledge of self and environment has been erased in favor of theories and ideologies in favor of the mass production (or the mass destruction of Mother Earth), and the mass consumption of Mother Earth, by any means: primitive accumulation.

The species that is humankind that could have grown and not feared extinction now finds itself at the brinks of its own extinction. And it is not that the species is beset by an accident of environment or a superior species beyond its control, but by the accident of the very calculated cognitive works of the species’ own mutants. Sometimes it is not a superior competitor or the coincidence of a fast changing environment that ends a species. Sometimes it takes a group of violent types, mutants, to torment the rest of the species, and cause the eventual collapse of the species and its ecosystems. Humankind will probably be the first example of a species that destroyed its own habitat and itself in a mass orgasmic genocide. Humankind will perhaps become the first example of an auto-extinction begotten by wanton cannibalism.

From West to East, through the pursuit of zany global ideologies and hegemonies, the destruction of the whole planet as we know it remains the only certain outcome. The human species that once endeavored to become supernatural now finds itself pedestrian at best, like any one of the other ninety-nine percent of ordinary species that have gone extinct before it. After all, we are not the species that the ancients once hoped could transcend the limits of matter and become like God. We have failed. We are victims of our own doing; victims of an insidious mutation and its manifestations as a result of our biology—a silly, needless, sun-avoiding mutation gone terribly awry!


  1. An article, reflecting the massive danger we have created for ourselves as a species, and the attitude of ignorant bliss humanity adopts towards it.

    • That is correct Johnson Tunu. That “attitude of ignorant bliss” seems to be a direct manifestation of the mutation. A mutation bent on turning on the species first and the then the planet, driving both to total extinction. How apt!

  2. W. E. B. Du Bois claimed that slavery was “singularly disastrous for modern civilization.” I say no, “slavery was singularly disastrous for humankind.” James Baldwin claimed that whites “have brought humanity to the edge of oblivion: because they think they are white,” I say no. Caucasians “have brought humanity to the edge of oblivion: because they are mutants.”

    There’s really no other way to read the ascendancy of Western Barbarism. The first white world order in all of history is also the most dangerous and violent one to all species, humankind and alike, and Mother Earth—and it is made more dangerous still by the fact that those charged with analyzing it cannot name its essential nature, because they too are implicated in it.

    But thank God for Narmer Amenuti. Thank God!!!

  3. Well, when a subsection of the species begin to think that only they are human, and white, you have a mutation. One setting them up to destroy the “others” and then destroy itself. One set to destroy the planet too! The species is unraveling, and it is because of a single mutation: melanin deficiency.


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