It Is Not White Supremacy! That’s not the problem with the world.

Quit it. From now on, the humble reader can appreciate the culminating paradigm shift with which we can address the terror that African Peoples around the world face daily.

The thing is not “White Supremacy.” That is an oxymoron. It is even not “White Supremacism,” for that begets more nonsense. For, it does not dislodge the thing from the fulcrum of its uncomfortable idolization.

What we face in the world is: White Terrorism. Ever since Europeans landed on the African continent, African Peoples have been up against European/White/Caucasian Terrorism on all fronts–Economics, War, Politics, Education, Culture and Religion.

Racists are simply just that: White Mobsters. The Nazis are simply: White Terrorists. And white society is simply the White Mobbery.

Why name them correctly?

To cure yourself, you must sell your disease. This, as we already know, is an old African Proverb. What it means is also simple: Name your disease. Name your enemy. Be clear, be concise, be straight to the point. For the cure cannot be clear, or concise, without a clear definition of the problem of White Terrorism.


(Featured picture: Here is Ghana’s President, heavily investing African resources in Israel (A Caucasian Nation). He calls this his life’s work, i.e. “Building a Cathedral for God” using sand, stones and cement acquired from Israel with Ghana’s Gold and Diamonds.)


  1. hat’s what happens when we have weak and low brained leaders strewn around all institutions in every part of the country.
    They are all from the same mother bereft of critical and creative thinking

  2. Very well. However, from Egypt, you go to Israel. Israel is linked to Africa’s land mass, one can get there by car, and Jesus fled to Egypt, Africa. How then does Israel become Caucasian, my brother, when it is so close to Africa?

    And this ‘Caucasian’ nation has its book (The Bible), extolling the virtues of Ethiopia, Egypt, the Nile, and complaining of the oppression by Rome (also Caucasian). How come?

    I only seek clarification. Thanks

    • How then does Israel become Caucasian, my brother, when it is so close to Africa?” It is kinda like asking: How did parts of South African become Caucasian? Or How did US.America become part Caucasian?

      As for the second question, I am not sure how to answer it: Are you saying a book, that existed before the State of Israel, belongs to the State of Israel? To this point, I am also not sure if you understand the difference between: (1) a book (a compilation of other ancient books, re-written, plagiarized, and certain parts fabricated) that talks about people who no longer exist in the same ethnic formation and (2) the European/Caucasian establishment/Colony called the State of Israel.

      In addition, I am not sure what the proximity of this State of Israel to Africa got to do with the mis-investment of Ghana’s resources? Should we mis-invest by exchanging Gold for the dust/soils of Yemen or Spain? These two are also very close to Africa, aren’t they?

      And so in ending, if the Bible extols the virtues of Ethiopia, Egypt and the Nile, what has that got to do with the Imposter Caucasian State of Israel (ICSOI)? Nothing. But, the case in point is worth bringing some attention to. If the Bible speaks ill of Rome (which you claim was Caucasian), then we ought to understand the illegitimacy of the Caucasian State of Israel that is trying to pass for a Biblical past. What I mean is that we ought to understand that the State of Israel is not the one in the Bible.


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