The biggest scam they will not reveal is that of anti-Blackness: controlling the number of African American students in all schools. In the state of Georgia, the University of Georgia for instance has a fine way of maintaining the African American student population there to a certain threshold value, way below the population representative average (year in and year out). In the University of California System (in the state of California of course), they have succeeded in literally culling African American students from the college system so much so that finding Black students there is like looking for aliens under the Oceans.

The color of this issue is not very different from the University of Memphis in the racist state of Tennessee. In a city teeming with beautiful black people the University of Memphis still manages somehow to keep a majority white student population from year to year. The faculty there is entirely white, finding a Black professor in say Sociology (who teaches about race relations in America and the world) is like looking for mermaids on Mars. Across the Mississippi, a river now turned into a gutter by the European civilizations of America, in the state of Arkansas, the situation is much worse. Even in the state of Mississippi itself, just south of Memphis, and only a mile-drive away, the idea of Black students in college is a rarity! A cursory visit to Senatobia (in Mississippi) tells the lasting tale of the scam of racist college admissions in the United States of Amerikkka.

So don’t be misdirected by the drive-by media that the US Federal Government is actually cracking down on cheating rich white people in college admissions. This thing with rich white people is to solely focus on class (particularly the white upper class), and pretend as if race is not the major, most debilitating part of the scam that is US College Admissions.

What is fascinating and dubious about the United States is simply that it preaches about fairness and the rule of law, but it is the very antithesis of fairness, freedoms and human rights. The US wants a “Meritocratic” college admissions system? The place to begin is a government institute made up of black and white educators (not just white men and women), who administer a college entrance examination for all and sundry once a year. And I mean for all, without exception. Then base admissions on that yearly exam in those select subjects (to which select textbooks are assigned). Let’s begin meritocracy there, not the forgery of individual High School GPAs and the racist SATs, which are tailored for the white and the rich. Not the personal statements to sniff out who’s black and who’s white; who’s poor and who’s rich; who’s from Jackson, MS, and who’s from Orange County, CA.

The US wants to fight the scam of college admissions? The place to start is a common entrance examination for everyone who wants to go to college. The place to start is the assignment of specific texts for the exam. The place to start is the assignment of index numbers for taking the exam (so the identities of students cannot be known). The place to start is clear. Or are they scared that Black students will begin to dominate that exam in the same way that they dominate college sports? They want fairness? Let’s see them give it a try if they are not scared of the many, many brilliant Black children left behind! Else this story about Hoffman and Loughlin is common distraction from the actual scam of whiteness that has remained pervasive in college admissions.


  1. Masters will not seat at the same table with their slaves… American blacks will never attain restitution from the whites who benefit materially from the slave tradition… the whites who promised them forty acres and a mule after the so called proclaim of emanticipation only to go back the “Compromise of 1877” that ushered in “Jim Crow” back to slavery laws… the same whites albeit from England passed the “Abolition Act” so that they can compensate the slaveholders for loss of slave property with what became the largest bailout in history (then amounting to 40% of UK GDP) up until the time of US bank bailouts…

    Blacks must find their own perch and create their own economy; they cannot wait on the whites to make the difference… otherwise they will always be disappointed perhaps until humanity becomes truly enlightened and race siezes to matter…


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