And to this announcement, or proclamation, the Christian trolls will emerge and descend from their cold mountains and scream: What has color got to do with Christ and Adam?

The trolls might even exclaim: God has no color. Jesus was a human being, neither black nor white.

My dear friends, trolls are dangerous. They shift discourse. In fact, the reason they exist is to shift discourse.

When they descend from their cold mountains, just ask them why it is that color doesn’t matter yet, they have spent some 2,000 whole years changing the color of the Christ and of Adam, from Black to white?


Even the editor in chief of National Geographic, Susan Goldberg, admits that “For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It.”

Hence because Jesus was a Black man, Adam was a Black man, the records need to be set straight in the same way that National Geographic has promised to acknowledge the truth!

Still, this doesn’t mean we leave white institutions to their machinations. For they have shown that they cannot be trusted. They have shown that they cannot be honest.

For instance, understand how National Geographic introduces its newest stagecraft in the film below: What was the whole intro about Jefferson, for example? Are they saying that he looked white but he was actually something else?

You see their witchcraft? If you are bewitched it will be difficult to understand what I am asking you to see! For short: Why can’t white people just stick to admitting fault – their centuries long white washing of Black history, forging themselves into it and so on – without launching a new propaganda about their whiteness?


  1. To begin the names of biblical Jesus namely Jesus (Yeshua) Christ (Chrestus) imply his origins are half Judean (Yeshua) and half Roman (Chrestus)… but strangely enough even to this day you’ll not come across any one claiming Judean ancestry in the form of modern day Jews who goes by the name Christ; it’s simply not a Judean name and had nothing to do with their religious culture… however many of them still go by the name Joshua (Yeshua)…

    Consquently the very name Christ in of itself implies Jesus origins are Roman and by extension white… but even if his myth originated from the Judeans he still would not have been African rather it would only have made him Babylonian just like the origin of adamu was depicted by the Babylonian Genesis fables from which the Judeans copied in their book of “Genesis”…

    And why should Africa insist on ownership of other goatherds fables when Africans such as ancient Egyptians had to a reasonable extent worked out the workings of the universe and drawn distinction between the laws of nature (neteru) and the forces that emanate from them… something that the Greeks who attended Egyptian “temple universities” picked up and are dubiously accredited as the originators of philosophy and critical thinking in Western thought…


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