Bloody Gina

Many conservatives and liberals in the United States have defended the “lady of torture,” and hailed Trump’s decision to make the “Waterboarding Queen,” Lady Haspel, the next chief of the CIA (America’s Clandestine Intelligence Agency). Great fit!

Affectionately called by other CIA agents as “Bloody Gina,” even some of those warmongering liberals claim she, “was just following orders.”

Recall the Nuremberg trials and the sound of the excuse, “I was just following orders.” You are reminded of the highfalutin coldhearted arrogance of Nazi generals who parked Blacks and Jews into Gas Chambers to die through suffocation. But this is America, the same nation which sought to punish those Nazi generals, itself refused to admit the long history of the Chambers of Enslavement, Exploitation and Extermination of Blacks that it had erected and continued to erect on American soil.

Somehow when some ethnic white population (Jews) is also targeted alongside Blacks, it requires a Nuremberg Trial. When it is just Blacks, the issue is shoved under the carpet so the descendants of slave-plantation owners can rub their lips about how gad-awful the past was, and how they (and the nation) have come so far and moved forward.

Only that this is mere hypocrisy. According to the United Nations International Law Commission, “the fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

Lady “Waterboarding” Haspel, or more affectionately “Bloody Gina” is no maestro of women’s rights. She is no sign of a changing face of white America for the better. She is no respectful human being to say the least. She is a hatchet that belongs to twenty lifetimes of hard-imprisonment for crimes against humanity. She is worse in most respects than some of those Nazi generals. But alas, this is America and until another nation rises to challenge its power and its immorality, it cannot be held to answer for its own crimes against humanity. America is not the Shining City on the Hill and the likes of Lady Haspel are the very things that make it the Ghetto in the Valley.


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