Monday, December 17, 2018

U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery Policy May Be Discontinued

Over 11 Million played the U.S. Green Card Lottery this year. But the program may be nixed if the US Senate overhauls federal immigration...

On IS Attack, U.S. Desires Strategic Partners

In a recent address to the U.S. nation and the world, U.S. President Barack Obama rallied international support, citing a “broad coalition of partners” to roll back terrorist attacks.

Brazil – Dilma Rouseeff Speaks On Race and America’s Palace Coup

President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil was suspended from the presidency when the Senate voted, 55-22, to try her on impeachment charges, approved by the...

White America – The Real Welfare Queens

ATLANTA, Georgia, U.S.A - Jeb Bush, the aspiring white Republican candidate for president, boomed to a crowd in South Carolina this week that Republicans...

President Barack Obama Delivers Inspirational Morehouse College Commencement Address

Barack Obama delivered the Commencement Address at Morehouse College on Sunday, May 19. Covering manhood, family, and social responsibility, his talk urged Morehouse men to consider how they could use their degrees to improve their communities and not just themselves.

US Writer Noam Chomsky On Western Terrorism

African Americans continue to suffer under white rule in America. News broke just this week of a Black man in Mississippi who was found...

Breaking Medicine’s Color Barrier

So I now present these reminiscences to you, hoping they may prove of some interest, and show how much service and good we can do to each other, and what sacrifices we can make for our liberty and rights, and that there were ‘loyal women,’ as well as men, in those days, who did not fear shell or shot.

Taming Trump, Modern Democracy, and Rigged Elections

NEW YORK CITY, NY, U.S.A -- Though he is not favored by the Republican party establishment, businessman Donald J. Trump is the party's presumptive...

A Plea For Robust Changes In The United States Of America

ADDIS ABABA — RECENT events surrounding the killings of several African American youths by white cops in the United States of America have prompted...

U.S. Liberals Are Hypocrites on Bullying

Liberal U.S. Democratic news correspondents' attacks on New Jersey Governor Republican Chris Christie's weight have become an eye sore for political media. The fat jokes are also counterproductive to Democrats' recent agenda to combat the growing epidemic of obesity.