Monday, June 18, 2018

Ben Carson’s Appeal

SIMI VALLEY, California, U.S. -- Is there a doctor in the building? Actually, there are two in the Republican Race for the 2016 U.S. Presidency. Few...

Racism – White America’s Irresponsibility for the Crime Against Humanity

Photo credits to Nona Faustine. George Yancy, a philosophy professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, tells white America to acknowledge their racism, once and...

Black Intellectuals Have Sold Their Souls

Eddie S. Glaude Jr. is the William S. Tod Professor of Religion and African-American Studies in the department of religion at Princeton University and the chairman of the Center for African-American Studies. "Too many have given up the work of thinking carefully about black America. We have become cheerleaders for President Obama or self-serving pundits."

Mrs. Hillary Clinton – Lies And Bankruptcy

Everything about Mrs.Clinton is mediocre. On her own, she would have been no more than a suburban Illinois lawyer. She made one right decision in her life: she married Bill Clinton and aims to ride that into the White House. She's George W Bush in a dress only with liberal politics.

White Terrorism Reaches The Pulpit Of Oldest African Methodist Episcopal Church In US South

Nine people have been shot dead by a white man at a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, and a hunt is under...

Lincoln, 2012: Yet Another Ugly White Paternalistism

No matter how much this Lincoln is hailed in Spielberg’s film, today’s inconsistencies about the West’s outlook on humanity paints a confusing picture and points a scalding finger at the untruths and mis-education of the present generations about the deadly white pestilence visited on many a race of people past.

Somewhere In America, Racists Are Smiling

Two murders. Seven bullets. One chokehold leading to asphyxiation. Zero indictments. Thousands, if not millions, took to the streets in protest. We’ve seen the #ShutItDown campaigns stall subways, halt...

U.S. Liberals Are Hypocrites on Bullying

Liberal U.S. Democratic news correspondents' attacks on New Jersey Governor Republican Chris Christie's weight have become an eye sore for political media. The fat jokes are also counterproductive to Democrats' recent agenda to combat the growing epidemic of obesity.

Breaking Medicine’s Color Barrier

So I now present these reminiscences to you, hoping they may prove of some interest, and show how much service and good we can do to each other, and what sacrifices we can make for our liberty and rights, and that there were ‘loyal women,’ as well as men, in those days, who did not fear shell or shot.

Chris Rock On America’s White Problem

Frank Rich: Before Obama arrived, you were saying that there’d been Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, and then black leaders in America became...