Monday, October 15, 2018

How White Western Media Justifies Black Killings

Lately white Americans, especially the white male American police force, have come under suspicion for what has become the rampant killing of young black...

Who Has The Right To Fear?

In the multiple killings by white police and white civilians against young black men in the United States, the right to fear stands at the heart of the conflict. Whose right to fear is an underlying issue that rarely comes to the fore.

Chris Rock Oscar Monologue

Host of the Oscars event, comedian and filmmaker Chris Rock discussed race relations in the US and in Hollywood during his opening monologue of...

Racial Diversity Efforts Ebb for Elite Careers in the US, Analysis Finds

The numbers raise the question of whether the private sector’s commitment to affirmative action and diversity programs is eroding, even as the Supreme Court again considers a high-profile case involving a public university.

No Trial For White Police Officer Who Killed Black Boy In The U.S.

A certain series of unfortunate events has become commonplace in the United States, but we must revisit the order of the day once again–if...

The Outspoken Black Athlete – White America’s Discomfort with Mayweather Jr.

So why hate Mayweather? Well, it's simple as that, though Mayweather is better than any boxer out there, though he fills the shoes of many equally great or greater black boxers before him, he doesn't apologize for upsetting our - white American's - bloated impressions of ourselves, painted and fed to us for many hundred years.

Charleston Massacre – The Arrogance Of A Simple Being

CHARLESTON, S.C. United States — The path traced by road trips of the savage who shot and killed 9 African Americans in the United...

Anonymous Exposes KKK Ties of United States Government Officials

New York City, U.S.A -- The Hacktivist group, known as Anonymous, have assured the United States that they will expose about 1,000 United States...

Wealth Gap Deters Black Business Owners

With black wealth levels just 1/11th of white wealth levels, black entrepreneurs in the U.S. face substantial disparities in financial capital at the onset of starting a business.

A Chilling Forgiveness Amidst White Terrorism In America

After 9 people were shot dead by a white man at a historic African American church in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, many of the...