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America’s Great Caucasian Problem.

For many hundreds of years, in the heartlands of America, Euro-American men armed themselves to the teeth, and they chased after African Americans wherever they could be found. There were two things that befell African Americans who tried to escape these armed Euro-American militia: (1) The Euro-Americans succeeded in kidnapping these African Americans for America’s Chattel Slave Plantation System or (2) The Euro-American men murdered those African Americans who resisted their kidnapping.

In the 1960s, those Euro-Americans, who attempted to listen to human reason, given to them by African and African American scholars, and who had come to the realization that the Euro-American tradition—of hunting down dignified lives for the purposes of killing or for throwing onto the chattel plantation—was backward. Primitive. These Euro-American students of civilization decided that they would to turn a new leaf.

It was not as if these Americans hadn’t tried turning a new leaf before. In fact, they had, yet they had always backed away and fell back into their old ways—of barbarism: of chasing after African Americans, killing them in cold blood or enslaving them on chattel slave plantations for nothing but the pursuit of unparalleled gluttony.

Were the 1960s going to be the period in which the Euro-American militia, and their European handlers, and their Euro-American aids and abettors, see the face of civilization and keep it that way? Or would they, like their predecessors—who were also, once, students of civilization, taught to them by African and African American scholars—also succumb to the iniquitous desires of their unparalleled gluttony?

Most fingers were crossed in the African American communities in the 1960s. The question: How to permanently civilize Euro-America so that they can be taught to see that Euro-Americans have no business first to form a militia against Black people? That the idea of a Euro-American militia inside Black communities, without a reciprocal African American militia inside Euro-American communities was a recipe with a single outcome: Genocide. Injustice! This problem became what was known in Black elite circles as the Great Problem.

In the twenty-first century, the situation looks like this: Euro-American men armed to the teeth, or men controlled and instructed by Euro-Americans, chase after African Americans wherever they could be found. There are two things that befall African Americans who attempt to escape these armed Euro-American militia (or what is now called the US Law Enforcement Agency, the Police): (1) The Euro-Americans succeed in kidnapping these African Americans for America’s Prison Industrial Complex (the new Slave Plantation), or (2) The Euro-American men murder, in cold blood, those African Americans who resist or challenge their capture.

The Great Problem remains intact inside the twenty-first century!

Others, including some of the new Euro-American students of civilization speak of transforming the Euro-American militia into a good Euro-American militia inside Black communities; into a good militia owned, controlled and instructed by the white elite. Others speak of a transformation that involves employing more African Americans to become good Euro-American militia employees operating inside African American communities.

And so, as with a Great Problem comes a great misunderstanding that is otherwise easily clear to civilized peoples. The idea of armed Euro-American men gallivanting the terrain in African American communities, without the counter idea of armed Africa American men gallivanting the terrain of Euro-American communities, is a recipe with a single outcome: Genocide against African Americans.

As with a Great Problem comes great misunderstandings. That there’s no such thing as a “good” Euro-American militia inside the African American neighborhood. And there’s certainly no such thing as a “transformation” without the concomitant change in the power structure. Power is where the transformation ought to occur, not around those [employed] who receive the order from the Powers. The ownership, the control, and the instruction of the militia is where the transformation should occur, else it is useless.

Three modifications describe the Great Problem in the twenty-first century: (1) White police have absolutely no business policing Black people (for white people will not accept the counter idea), and (2) White people have absolutely no business owning, controlling and instructing a police force in the Black communities in which they operate (for the whites will oppose the counter idea as well) and finally three, (3) The for-profit Prison Industrial Complex, that new Slave Plantation, distinct in name alone, can no longer exist. It cannot. For without a slave plantation, there would be no need for a police force to collect people, by force, for it.

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  1. The best piece ever written with solution Hope the administration would sort your advice and impliment it for this country and in fact the rest of the world.


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