The scene that had been eluded to since the beginning of the season is now here this week: with Sky wearing a black and white shirt with thick horizontal stripes, an old-school chain-gang style jail uniform.

Why is Sky in Jail and how long will she stay there? It turns out that Ceaser, Dutchess, and Teddy traveled all the way to Arizona to get answers to that very question. They also experienced some over 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures in the process.

Upon arriving to Arizona, they meet with Sky’s lawyer. They can’t actually see Sky because she is in custody and can’t receive any visitors.

They immediately notice that this lawyer isn’t a court appointed attorney–he looks like he has big money and wears a nice suit. They can only guess what she’s in for. If she has to pay for an attorney, it must be serious.

Just 10 years ago, Sky got caught committing credit card fraud in Arizona. The fraud was a crime she committed solely for one reason: she needed the money. She was on her own, didn’t have any money, and was surrounded by hustlers.

When the traditional doors of eking out a living are closed, new doors open, though these doors might be against the grain of the law, which we know is ever changing to remain against the grains of Blacks in America.

For the credit card fraud, she was sentenced to one year. Afterwards, she was expected to remain in Arizona to be on probation. Instead, she left the state ever since.

It was only when she traveled to Atlanta, as she regularly does, that two US marshals came and knocked on her door to take her back to Arizona. I guess the state was in need of money, or more likely, they had seen Black Ink and wanted publicity.

Who knows why they would go to so much trouble to apprehend a non-violent offender thousands of miles away?

Surely, there are better things to do with our tax dollars–like put murderers in jail. I can think of at least a few killers who are walking around free.

So why are our tax dollars paying for putting people like Sky in jail?

Bobby, who is supposed to be Sky’s boyfriend didn’t come out to see her, even though, ironically, she corresponded with him while he was in jail, and even picked him up from jail.

As Sky says, only your family sticks by you during this time. In that way, it’s great that her Black Ink Family–Ceaser, Dutchess, and Teddy–were there for her, even though she didn’t get to see them. The others were probably there in spirit, but for one reason or another couldn’t make the trip out west.

Teddy even sold his shoes–two pairs of 2014 Jordans worth more than 500 dollars together–to give her bail or commissary money. Now if that’s not love, a man in Harlem parting with his beloved Jordans, I don’t know what is!

Earlier in the show, Sky was reading a letter, her weekly jail mail. Sometimes inmates reach out to her through snail mail, usually just because they would like to talk to someone in the outside world and experience some normality, even if it’s through pen and paper.

It seems that Sky may be getting her jail mail soon, except that in a twist of fate, she would be the one sending it from the inside.

Her sentence was a possible nine years, but the good news is that she only has to serve two months in county jail.

The bad news: it’s in Arizona’s “Tent City.” Its warden and sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, called the prison a “concentration camp.”

One of America’s worst prisons, Tent City is actually an outdoor prison that consists of a collection of hundreds army-issued tents, surplus from the Korean War.

Tent City in Arizona

If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you’d know that the temperatures are extreme. However, in Tent City, tents are unheated in the winter and uncooled in the summer, where temperatures have risen to as high as 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sky’s not thrilled at all about Tent City or Arizona She said: “I’m going to jail in a state where m*therf*ck*s don’t even celebrate Martin Luther King Day!”

VH1’s cameras smell ratings, so of course they will follow her to jail and we’ll get a glimpse of what her experience is like as she goes through it.

Meanwhile, Sky said during the two months, she’ll spend a lot of time thinking about her past and future.


  1. Ivy league educated white men and jewish men on wall street commit all kinds of fraud. Run away with America’s taxpayers money and tear into America’s credit card at will but no one goes to jail. One credit card fraud, by one Black woman, she must go to jail. And they call that a democracy. No no nooo! It’s slavery! One day, historians will look back on this and give it another name, not Jim Crow, but perhaps Jew Crow!

    • LOL Why do you think they have minimal security prisons? Yes, they actually put white men and jewish men in prison on a monthly basis. They should put allllllll criminals in jail imho. Just because it was credit card fraud doesn’t mean that someone else wasn’t shorted, and if it were you she stole from, I think you would have a bit of a different view. Just because she was a single mom (her decisionS-two kids given up so she could continue to party and strip raised by white folks smdh) and hanging out with idiotic thugs that want to sit around and poison our community with drugs, kill each other and our neighbors, and continue to use women as an illegal hold of their finances, does not at all excuse her crime. She has a lot of growing up to do, and watching the show, that will never happen if she continues to hang out with morons that support her acting a fool. The reason this so called ONE black woman went to jail is because she is messy. She didn’t fulfill the simple terms of her slap on the wrist conviction and fled the state. She was then stupid enough to appear on TV with this mess still in the wind. She is apparently not very sorry about stealing money from people to get her waxy boobs done and finds plenty of Henny along the way. Heck, on the show she has had multiple plastic surgeries rather than try to reconnect or assist with care for her orphaned children. Her priority is her and the way she acts embarrasses me as an educated and working black woman and mother. Nada, if you have further information on all of these white and jewish people getting away with fraud, then drop a dime to the fbi. It is not any form of ‘modern slavery’ (shame on you for belittling slavery). You have displayed, in one comment, more racism than I have experienced living in Tennessee for over 10 years. Your enemy probably isn’t white people or jewish people, but idiots that play themselves in a system that actually is rigged to teach a lesson with increasing pain, with fines being a placeholder for jail time. Seeing the reaction of people that get later convicted of rape and murder after wasting everyone’s time pleading not guilty instead of bellying up to what they did and taking their lumps, really just emphasizes how often people are lying and acting sorry when they get caught and not because they are good people gone wrong that had a bad turn and can admit they screwed up. And on top of that, most of the time charges are lessened or thrown out to pursue the larger charges, so a person that was DUI with a minor in a car that they carjacked and crashed into someone’s house, only end up with a carjacking charge to contest, due to our overcrowded system contending with repeat offenders and housing illegal immigrants, and not levying total justice. Honestly, I doubt this is the last article we will see about “Sky” seeing as how she loves to get drunk and assault people for little more than a dirty look. Take care, stay strong, and always keep it real classy.

    • Bernice Minnified, as for you, descendants of primitive people, everything is a crime punishable by killing. You haven’t changed, you are incorrigible, you will no become civilized. You ask, “if it were you she stole from, I think you would have a bit of a different view,” but you fail to ask that if Sky were your mother, sister, aunt, etc. you will not allow the Prison Industrial Complex to mistreat her and others the way that Arizona does. You act as though none of your family has stolen from another. But alas, lest I forget, you are primitive and so you are so tribal you fail to see our common humanity.

  2. Sky must look up into the sky! Whoever chattered her life course before she was born has a new plan for her. Live it up sky! You will be out soon – look up to the sky and that much you would know. The sky is your limit.

  3. Sky is a good woman. A good Black woman. Like her we all suffer from the suffocation that exists in any racist country. Whose fault? Not us! It’s them! The Universe judges everyone and every group. In their parochial vision, that is impossible to comprehend. But judgement day cometh, oh, it cometh.

  4. Sky, you will be fine! Hold on! It’s okay, your immediate ancestors endured worse, and we are still here. Our grand ancestors in Africa – Kemit, Nubia, Ghana, Mali, Songhair, The Great Zimbabwe, etc. – remind us of one thing alone, there is greatness within us! Sky, there is greatness within you! And you have power to overcome their tribal atrocities as well. Don’t feel down. We pray for you!

    • I agree I love sky she is one of my favorite people on black ink crew don’t play wit sky that pissed me off for real

  5. I think the whole jail thing was staged.I think the show was trying to reenact what she went through in the past..

  6. Good point marie and mr. Esco! Definitely is fake for the show. But still shows what too many people are going through these days.

  7. I was in the tents at the same time as Sky. I met her a few times when we got out for work release at 8am. she was hella cool and not one time did she say shit about being on TV. I just seen her on TV for the 1st time last week. small world.

  8. The girl stole money. I don’t know how you were raised but stealing is not good. She has multiple charges, which hey guess what? Those are only the things she got caught for. Goldman Sachs Executives and even ones from Enron went to jail. They have more money and better lawyers (and likely no serious/violent/prior charges) so they went to better jail. That is primarily a class problem, not really a race problem as most of our sovereign leaders that often take religion’s name to make us chant in harmony also steal from us. Jesse Jackson and his son had fraud charges as well as the mayor of detroit and more recently the head of the public schools, so you are all wasting your time giving her the sista card and pat on the back. Girl is still out getting drunk, sleeping around, stealing, and not taking care of her kid…at all. I don’t think she will learn until she is in her 50s and her health begins to fail. Glad Swisha Twista was taking a break from getting intoxicated long enough to go back to jail at the same time that Skye’s dumb “not a role model” ass was incarcerated. It takes a village…
    Take care of your loved ones, get a hobby, stop with the facebook drama, and let go of the racist hate. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and question your parents as to where they failed, bringing up a bunch of darkened klansmen 🙁 that would rather spout out illogical hyperbole than actually do something with themselves and hide another’s stealing under a blanket of race. This whole thing seems a bit creepy if you think about white people having the same site with a grandpa Hitler patting each other on the back for ripping off a person of color. Embarrassing.

    • “Stealing is not good.” That’s revealing? Small mind! Did the CEOs at Lehman Brothers steal? Di they embezzle money by cashing out checks from other people’s investments. Did the CEOs of Goldman Sachs steal? Did they embezzle phantom interests from other people’s mortgages? You see, you are so primitive that your tribal instinct is to roll out blanket statements like “stealing is not good.” How revealing? You are such a wonderful teacher? Which Goldman Sachs executives went to jail? Show us all. Stop peddling your tribal lies.

      Now, you seem to fawn over a Black woman living her life, partying, dancing, whatsoever. None of your business, really! It’s called freedom of expression, association and such. But since you are so primitive, everything that Sky does, or touches will be deemed a crime by any of your godforsaken standards!

      Thing is, most human beings around the world are beginning to understand your peculiar primitivism. It is really special, I give you that much. But when it is understood, you will lose your clout, you will lose your foul mouth and you will lose the sadistic “moral” sophistic high ground you stand on to toot your paralogisms.

  9. I don’t know but there’s something about this girl and I love her to death and I believe it’s because we got to share the same story when it comes to our kids decisions we had to make her we were broken down and out sometimes that reflects on us as adults but she’s a fine young woman she’s amazing


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