The Reds in The Pale Ages (Medieval Europe)

The Reds of Europe and Their Culture of Mutilation.

Everywhere one looks, one can find a new culture that is proliferating like a cancer. It is a Culture of Mutilation. This culture has been served to the rest of the world with a copious dose of a greasy and fraudulent intellectualism. I illustrate my point in the following.

The Reds arrived on the World Stage some five hundred years ago. Roughly. They came upon a civilized world that existed some ten thousand years before them. But the Reds did not care. Matters of civilization did not matter to the Reds unless it involved the concerted cultivation of rough and rugged material consumption. After all, the entire background of the Reds since they fully appeared on the World Stage has been full of nothing but piracy, looting, rape, grotesque violence and coordinated mass material consumption.

At first the Reds claimed that their pretenses were backed by their own value systems. It turns out that it was backed vaguely by the distant, yet real cultural values and norms they had borrowed from East Africa and the Middle East through the philosophical works of the early Christians who hailed from these places. Some of the Reds even begun to assume the—Kemetian, Sumerian and Hebrew—identities of ancient peoples of East Africa and the Middle East to the chagrin of much of the world. That global mortification about these appropriations did not bother the Reds then, and it does not bother them now, for the Reds fully appreciate that the impersonations cloak the ruffians underneath.

It has become clearer, in the past few decades, among the Reds, however, that these borrowed values from Africa and the East cannot be maintained by the Reds. The early Christian cultural value systems of Africa and the East—although the Reds halfheartedly borrowed them—have now properly been replaced with actual Red value systems in the west. This has led to a kind of defenestration of values that are naturally and globally foundational to building and maintaining civilization: leading to a kind of breaking away from nature itself in the west.

To illustrate this important point, examine the following re-institution of unnatural norms among the Reds: Recall that the Reds appeared on the World Stage just five hundred years ago compared to the several thousand-year civilizations that preceded them. Prior to that, the Reds were nowhere known, except they were referred to as the Reds. Pretending to uphold the natural value systems of Africa and the East, which they encountered through early Christianity, the Reds proceeded to re-institute (even within their own interpretations of Christian thought) an actual replacement of such African and Eastern ancient value systems.

The Red Said: Africans were no longer Human Beings. And they proceeded with great intellectual revisionism on one hand and a grotesque barbarism in Africa and the Americas that lasted some three hundred years on the other, in order to illustrate this very point to the world. Throughout this period the Reds mutilated the African continent through looting, rape, destruction and genocides. African bodies were then served to the rest of the world, to swallow whole, the barbaric claim that Africans were not actually Human beings.

When the Red’s furious intellectual dishonesty and their violence didn’t quite work out, the Reds re-organized and proceeded with another claim.

The Reds said: Africans in the United States of America, who the Reds had violently enslaved for three hundred years, were newly categorized as three-fifths Human Beings. This point was illustrated, yet again, through grotesque intellectual treachery—in such academic Ivy League disciplines as the University of Pennsylvania’s departments of Craniology and Phrenology—and through economic and sociopolitical violence against Africans in the country in much the same manner as the first.

Later on.

The Reds Said: To themselves, Africans in America were indeed Human Beings after all.

The entirety of this Red Christian/Academic Missionary engagement, interpretation and evolution about Africa/Africans stunned the civilized world. The unctuous machination took almost the entire civilized world by utter surprise. Most African states that had maintained their civilizations for thousands of years prior, simply did not have the Tools of Barbarism—simply because they had not developed such tools of violence—to confront and eradicate such novel, yet existential violence that the Red Paradigm shift threatened.

But the thinking wasn’t entirely human. In fact, it wasn’t human at all. Now, consider the next bit of iteration from this kind of Red thinking.

The Reds Now Say: Human Beings are no longer of two categories: no longer males and females, no longer men and women. And that women (trans-men, i.e. men claiming to be women) can join the University of Pennsylvania’s Swim Team and snatch away laurels that should go naturally to actual women. More, this new school of anti-nature posits that such novo-men can become pregnant with children. The Reds have proceeded to illustrate this point to the civilized world through another form of violence.

This time, through Bodily Mutilation. And this time, although the target has been to mutilate African bodies proper, the scalpel has not been limited to people of African descent alone. Men and women’s bodies are cutup (in such scientific processes as medical surgeries), or mutilated, and they are forced to take medications of monstrous and dangerous proportions, i.e. through Hormone Treatments, to prove the point that women can become men.

The Reds have proceeded with such gross intellectual fraudulence, cutting against the grain of what is naturally common sense, to enact mutilations of Frankenstein proportions on people they fully accept are actual Human Beings. But if mutilations are allowed to prosper, can Dogs too be mutilated enough to make them human? For, after all, both Dogs and Human Beings are animals, you see?

Perhaps, one more such illustrative example and I shall conclude my point.

The Reds Now Say: That Marriage should no longer remain the Public Institution that is has been for tens of thousands of years in Africa. In many African civilizations before the Reds arrived on the World Stage just five hundred years ago, Marriage as a Public Institution that coupled a man to a woman was constituted and instituted to form the foundational basis for the proper procreation and training of the next generations.

The entirety of the survival, cultural propagation of the community and ownership of the land rested on this fundamental institution. The Reds now forbid it so. Marriage, the Reds now claim, should be based on “love.” And no one seems to know or even understand what this “love” actually entails. Don’t forget that the Reds claim that there’s no such thing as a man or a woman to begin with, and so it begs the question: Does the “love” between a man and his dog satisfy the requirement of “Love-Marriages” too?

The way that the Reds have, so far, proceeded to illustrate this new idea of mutilating marriage to the rest of world is not to show that a union between a man and his dog can work in the same manner as the Traditional Institutions that constituted Marriage and Family. No. They have proceeded with unctuous intellectualism to mutilate the Traditional, to critique it and show that it doesn’t “always” work. The Reds employ the operative word “always” as a measure of untruths. That is, the Pecksniffian intellectual approach of the Reds to knowledge now proceeds like this: If something is not “always” true, then it is must not be true.

The Reds enact abstract laws and put great resources to breaking up marriages, breaking up families, enforcing laws to remove children from their proper homes and incarcerating the mothers of these very children. The Reds mutilate families, and they encourage the mutilation of families through a burgeoning and vastly profitable divorce court system, in order to harvest children from the fallout and forcibly plant these children in non-Traditional Marriage/Family conglomerates with the hope of demonstrating to the rest of the world that this form of mutilation is justified since Marriage, as the civilized world has known about it, and constituted it, and instituted it, does not “always” work.

And that this alternative mutilation—of selling Divorce as a profitable product, of discouraging marriage, and of harvesting the children from failed families—is the solution to a traditional problem that does not exist.

Yet again, the rest of the civilized world, especially in civilized Africa, is not buying the mutilation and the barbarism. The rest of the world is not buying yet another form of Red Mutilation. From the mutilation of the intrinsic, unquestionable, non-negotiable value of Human Beings, to the mutilation of the value of the Human Body and now to the mutilation of the Mind and the mutilation of the Social Institutions that support these structures, the Reds are making a big play back to the Pale Ages, back to barbarism.

However, the civilized world has taken note. The mutilation will not stand. It will fall.

Tswa Omanye Aba!

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