Mrs. Bill Maher

Bill Maher: The New Spokesman for Barbarism/Slavery/Colonialism.

So the new justification that Euro-Americans (through their spokesman, Bill Maher) are employing for their Unwarranted & Barbaric Trafficking of Human Beings from Africa to the Americas is this:

“Did Christopher Columbus commit atrocities? Yes, but people in those days were generally bad.”

By “bad,” is she referring to the barbarians from Europe who were trafficking human beings from Africa or is she referring to the Human Beings in Africa who were being kidnapped and trafficked against their will by the barbarians?

People in those days were generally bad? Is this before, during or after the barbarians came to West Africa? Which one? At what time were people “generally bad”?

The way that Bill Maher and his ilk justify European barbarism towards Africa/Africans now is by scapegoating Woke Culture. By combining the barbaric atrocities committed by Europeans in Africa and in the Americas against Africans, together with Woke Culture (such as the silly idea that Male/Female categories are entirely white and oppressive) Bill Maher accomplished his entire primary goal of lumping two disparate realities together and dismissing what he always wanted to dismiss: European barbarism/Slavery/Colonialism.

Barbarians like Bill Maher have waited a long time to have a reason to justify Europe’s unique barbarism towards Africa/Africans. Woke Culture has given them the ruse to do just that. By conflating the specific injustices of Europeans towards Africa/Africans with the silly protracted inequities of Euro-America’s Patriarchal Systems against mainly their own female social warriors (like the feminists), barbarians like Bill Maher can now defend the indefensible actions of Euro-Americans towards Africans and people of African descent by calling it silly all criticisms of European barbarism/slavery/colonialism.

Let’s assume for a moment that Bill Maher’s wild and savage claim to barbarism is actually true. That, for instance, “people in those days were generally bad.” Could Bill Maher apply this wild thinking to what the Germans did to the Jews during that Second European Tribal War?

Could Bill Maher, who claims to be himself Jewish, say about the Holocaust (whether one believes the historicity of it or not) that the Jews should get over the Holocaust for the reasons that Bill Maher now claims — “people were generally bad” in those days?

My point, you see, is that what the Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors (the METHA) will find out, if he finds out, is that these Euro-American Liberals are connected to the same Body, the same Monster, that beast with two other heads: Neconservatism and Neoimperialism.

Same beast, three heads (neoliberalism, neoconservatism and neoimperialism). No difference. Barbarians like Bill Maher suffer from one simple illness, and it may be curable: The Reds Said. Whatever that Europeans and their descendants (known in the ancient world as the Reds) say must be true–right or dead wrong. Nothing else. That is an illness.

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  1. You are dead on balls correct! Woke Culture has become a ruse for the Reds/Greys. The first proceed to render silly the very idea that children as young as 7 years of age should be shown/taught in schools/classrooms about Sex. Once that silliness is sold, the next move is to render as silly also all critique against the empire and its grotesque acts of barbarism, especially against people of African descent. This is what we call in argumentation as FISHING. You drop a line that all too well looks plausible (like getting people to agree that teaching 7 yr olds about sex is foolish) and then you proceed to lump that foolishness together with the idea that teaching about slavery in school is foolishness as well. How do the two relate? Except that in the USA the loudest Black People that the media likes and pays are both Woke and critics of the western empire. This is the ruse. One pretends he is critiquing wokeness only to justify European barbarism/slavery/colonialism.

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