An African American Family.
An African American Family.

The Plight of African Children In America.

Dear African Americans: Get married. Stay Married and have plenty Children. And build Strong Communities. There’s nothing that European Terrorists hate more than this! If you don’t believe me, spare me a swift ride through some of America’s history.

Antebellum America—pre 1808: African women are just as replaceable to European Terrorists as their African men. Therefore, the women have to work on the terror fields of America as their labor to the terror plantation is more value to the European Terrorists than the African woman’s contribution through childbearing and rearing. Better, the European Terrorist reasoned, to replace African women with new Africans.

Men are actually preferred on the plantation by the European Terrorists to women for the extended exploitation of their labor. African Children are not important to the plantation. European Terrorists considered African infants to be time-consuming and financial burdens to the plantation taking away their Mother’s time and resources from the full attention they were required to devote to white-terror households. African women who became pregnant or bore children were consistently sold out by the European Terrorists.

Antebellum America—post 1808. Trans-Atlantic Trafficking of Africans Abolished. European Terrorists had to rely on the domestic “supply” of African Peoples, because it is illegal to import new Africans. African women are now being forced by the European Terrorists to have children. Their contribution to the plantation in childbearing and rearing becomes more valuable than just their labor.

Childbearing African women become more value than African men and other African women. African Children are now necessary to grow the wealth of the plantation. In fact, African girls begin to work for, and are preferred to work inside the Terrorist Households, serving the needs of the terror-daughters of the European Terrorists.

Post-Civil War America—post 1860s. Chattel Slavery Abolished. Free Africans re-introduced the African Traditional Extended Family structure to their own communities and farmlands. Children become the center of family policy and structure. African marital practices are re-introduced to varying degrees of success. This lasted some 100 years.

Industrial America: Factory Life. Post WW1—post 1920s: Euro-American Terror Industrialists then forced African Americans to relocate to the industrial centers of America through various programs. Farmlands and their productivity shrunk, giving way to Factory Work. Again, the African man’s labor becomes more valuable. Men work in the factories and the women took care of their homes. The nuclear family is now introduced, proper, to the African communities of America. African Children are still needed but not as many are needed as was the case in the Extended Family Systems. The family size begins to shrink.

Technological American Revolution—post 1970s: The nuclear family is now well-established. Traditional African Extended Family Structure fully vanished from African American society. Children are important to the legacy of the nuclear family but not to the legacy of the community. Fewer children are needed, and the family sizes begin to shrink.

The European Terrorists begin to deride the presence of African Children in the Inner Cities and Urban Centers. African Children become a nuisance to the project of the De-Industrialization of America and the ushering in of a Technological Service Revolution. African Children are consistently referred to as “Super-Predators” (Hillary Clinton) as they are no longer needed by the European Terrorists in American society.

Computerized America—post 2000s: The African nuclear family gives way fully to Single Parenthood. More African women are raising children by themselves. Family sizes considerably shrinks. Marriage is no longer preferable as African Children continue to be a nuisance to the European Terrorist Project of maximizing computer labor extraction. African women and their men have to both work long hours.

The European Terrorist exploitation of the labor from an African woman is now equal to the labor extraction from an African man—labor is no longer, by and large, limited by musculature. African Children are a nuisance as they take away time and resources that the Mother is expected to devote fully to the households of their European Terrorists.

My dear African Americans: Get married. Stay Married and have plenty Children. And build Strong Communities. There’s nothing that European Terrorists hate more than this!


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