The Metha: His Trees vs. The Forests.

How did so many of you become a part of the con game of tree-planting? To save what? The planet? The forests?

So let’s deep this: You cut down whole forests for your wanton, indiscriminate, insatiable appetites, and then you turn around to replace it?

How do you replace it? You take out more resources out of the ground, from the torn down forests, to make money to buy little trees grown on flower-beds around concrete jungles. And then you plant these little plants in your backyards, and along your motor-ways so they can grow into a forest?

You call this act a replacement?

You still don’t get it? If you are so giddy about preservation, why don’t you just grow trees you can harvest yourself without having to tear down whole forests?

A forest is not equivalent to trees! Anyone who equates the two is one of two things: a con artist or an immature adult. Of course, in an Africa weedy with the Metha (the mis-educated than his ancestors), these paralogisms reign supreme: the false equivalence that we can tear down whole forests and replace them with the greasy-act of planting trees along the motorways.

The problem with the Metha is not only that he is miseducated: He is a product of a Pyschopathic Colonial Missionary Education. An education bent on destroying the planet and moving the dead remains to Mars where they can die a second death.

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