The Grave Looter: Or the European Archeologist.

‘KMT (Ancient Egypt) was built by black Europeans (Hamitic Hypothesis). Punt, by black Europeans. Nubia was built by Arabs. Ghana was built by Arabs. Songhai, by Arabs. All the Swahili Civilizations were built by Middle Easterners (aka Arabs).’ Even Zimbabwe was built by…. never Africans!

And so the list goes on. Nothing in Africa was ever built by the very people who live here.

And so goes the very idea of European looting of African resources. To loot, one must first establish the lie. The lie that the person/people you are looting from do not deserve to have what it is that you are looting. More, that the people you are looting from, raping, and committing atrocities against are no human, at all.

And so the reason European archeologists fight tooth and nail to establish these highfalutin hypotheses of ancient African civilizations as “unafrican” in origin, is just that: in order to loot.

The caveat is that the very lie enables the European looting of all artifacts from the sites of digging (grave looting). The very artifacts that the European institutions involved in the looting use in paying for the labor of grave looting itself.

Note: The archeologist himself is just a broke scientist digging ancient graves for the money. The European archeologist is a broke scientist equipped with the military/violent resources of his European employers to dig ancient African graves for the money.

And so it goes in the doctrines that define European history of Africa and about Africans: pathological fabrications of grandeur, aka Psychopathy of the highest order!

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