Even Appropriating Jazz?

When African Americans go to London to perform Jazz, the English call it World Music.

When Europeans perform Jazz on the same stage, the English call it European Jazz.

Jazz, like Yoga, to Europeans is the same deal: There’s European Yoga, and then there’s World Yoga.

You can’t make it up. The level of the lying and unctuous fabrications are on a psychopathic level.

It’s also like the idea of Southern Cuisine in the USA. You mean, Black Cuisine? They say Southern Hospitality, but what they refuse to admit is that it is actually Black Hospitality.

Hospitality? What hospitable people ever built an empire on chattel slave labor & expertise?

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  1. Ask again?
    They call black music in the UK urban music. They are white washing while we sit back and those methas get really angry and tell you “it’s politically correct to….”

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