Creative director Vincent Stone McManus started the arts-based program Short Black Films (SBF) to provide a training ground for Aboriginal youth who wanted to work in film, television, and multimedia.

SBF makes short films with young people from urban Aboriginal communities in and around Sydney, Australia, giving these youth the opportunity to make their own films, tell their stories, and participate in the whole production process – from the idea to the finished film – while building literacy and confidence.

All SBF films are written and acted by the young people involved and subsequently screened for the community. Some of the films have gotten into festivals, while some of the youth actors have gone on to audition for and land parts in bigger films.

The films represent a voice of the Aboriginal youth that counters the often negative images of Aboriginal youth culture seen in the mainstream media.

Watch SBF shorts below.

Jesus of Erskineville
You Got Me Wrong
Dim Crims

Visit the SBF YouTube channel to watch more of their films or contact Vincent Stone McManus at [email protected] for more information.


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