Soccer and Geopolitics.

In some parts of Africa if you have too much to say about the racecraft of American geopolitics, especially during this election year — and you have nothing to say about the ass whooping that Barcelona (Spanish league) received today at the hands of the German league team, Bayern — you are too much trouble. Your “wokeness” is unnerving. Your “wokeness” is unbecoming. That is the state of the significant portion of our African mind.

Someone charged me with being a criminal today. I had no idea that I had committed a crime. The social construction of my criminality from this man’s world, however, would have stuck had this man the right, the legitimacy and the nation to boot, to incarcerate me for a “crime” he claims I committed. It doesn’t matter what “crime” is. That is not the point. It matters who points the finger: who runs the show!

And so is the issue of race, which a significant portion of our masses refuse to comprehend. When a theory says race is a “social construction,” it does not mean that Black and white people do not exist. We do! What it means is that when Black is charged for enslavement, for rape, for murder, for incarceration, and for all the bad things that the white world can conjure about our Blackness, (and for centuries and continuing), that this “attitude” about Blackness is a social construction.

Which means that the idea of white being pure, and cannot be mixed is also a social construct. The idea that mixed-race people (with black-white parents) are not white, but Black, is a social construction! No one can point to any scientific reason why this remains the case, except to continue in the practice of the white supremacism that birthed that very idea!

Social construction does not entail a theory about the fact of the existence of Africans (Blacks) and Caucasians (Whites). It entails the idea that the criminalization of Blackness and the elevation of whiteness as something pure is a socially constructed reality that has consequences and meaning.

There’s no reason why Kamala Harris, the vice presidential candidate for the Democrats in the US, should be regarded as a Black woman, and not a white woman, except the socially constructed reality of white supremacism: that white is pure, Black is dirt! That anything mixed with this dirt is then by default, dirty!

To remove, or even fix a social construct (one that is inimical to our existence), you must reject its premise. Entirely! White, therefore is not pure. Therefore Kamala Harris is a white woman!

I write this not to appeal to the masses of idiots who’s non-understanding entails their not availing themselves to understanding English or theory! I write this to clarify a point to those who want to gain a deeper, more encompassing, comprehension of the racecraft of Euro-American geopolitics!

The point is not to prove that Kamala Harris is not a Black woman per se, if by Black she wishes to reclaim one of her Ancestor’s identity. The point is to fight against the pervasive and insidious idea that once someone has a Black/African ancestor anywhere in her/his genealogy, that person should be classified (be socially constructed) as Black. This is more of the same white supremacism: that white is pure. That anything goes for Black.

But, it does not! My point!

Kamals Harris and her supporters may claim whatever they want at whatever points in their lives they deem fit. I do not fight against race-hustlers, except to expose them whenever I see them. Kamala Harris is a white woman too! Kamala Harris is an Indian woman! To say that she is not white, goes without re-stating the matter once again that we live in a world where the racecraft of white supremacism (i.e. that white is pure and better than Black) continues to mask our notions of who we are.

And so to have something to say in some parts of Africa about this sort of centuries-old Euro-American racecraft is to be too “woke” as to be taken seriously. Emotions flare, and people are more comfortable watching a game of soccer between two European teams on Tell-a-lie-Vision.

To have too much to say about the racecraft of American geopolitics, especially during this election year — when you have nothing to say about the ass whooping that Barcelona (Spanish league) received today at the hands of the German league team, Bayern — is to be too much trouble. Your “wokeness” is unnerving. Your “wokeness” is unbecoming. That is the state of the significant portion of our African mind.


  1. My friend Narmer Amenuti, some times you ought to realize that once in a while you cast pearls before swine. You bother too much about the state of the African mind.

  2. ??? Great piece and timely. What I have to say is that, the purity test has never been from Blacks or Africans. We are an accepting people and have suffered for ages for that. The Whites classify anybody with even 1% White blood as White if that person is great and famous. That is why almost all the Pharaohs in the latter dynasties have been painted so. In the same vein, any white person with even a 1% Black blood is classified as Black if that person is “not worthy” of the tenets of white supremacy. So the mark or benchmark was that most mixed “race” people solidarized/accepted/collaborated with each other as a defense against white supremacy. This solidarity has been tenuous most of the time because of selfishness and intra-group discrimination. But is the collaboration good in the face of the ferocious white supremacy? Yes. Does it make us not vigilant? No. Can we work together for a common cause such as common liberation? Yes. Can we support Kamala and Biden so long as they give us the chance to influence policies to liberate us? Certainly. Do we have to weep for Barcelona? Hell No and without Mourinho, Narmer’s Pogba and Manchester United are going nowhere.

    • But for the last comment about Pogba… lol. In good jest though!

      And so, what I ask are two things: (1) We must then reject the purity test of whiteness if we are to reject white supremacism, and by implication once we can also see Kamala as White, we can then address her from our own, perhaps even peculiar perspectives as Black people (some of whom she jailed), and (2) We must collaborate. I agree. But we should not collaborate blindly. We did this with Obama, accepting that he could do no wrong because inherently we wholeheartedly accepted his Blackness without recognizing that Obama was also white and that his views on Africa from that angle could lead him to invade Libya.

      Perspectives and being humble will do us all a lot of good. Thanks for sharing your point. Always!

    • Kwame Yeboah Kamala Harris as Attorney in her state California led to the increase incarceration of blacks.that is white ideology .

      To back sleeoy joe biden and Kamala harris is to stoo the current aberration that donald trum is causing against this system.
      Donald in december of twenty sixteen called out the intelligence community that if the are that good why did they lie to the citizenry that irak has wmd?

      He called the covid nineteen fake and even recommended a drug for use against fighting it.

      You remember the detonation of the biggest bomb in afghanistan.he gave self doubt that he did not order it.

  3. Narmer Amenuti,the nature of the ‘wokeness’ in expression amongst our folks is very troubling, to say the least, worse still because in wilfully refusing to recognize that politricksters(and I mean politricksters in the strictest sense of the word?) of mixed colors choose to identify with anyone of those colors when it serves their selfish politrickal purpose is an indictment on our collective sense of judgment. It makes us look so gullible and more so when we get into a fierce attack mode when the obvious is pointed out to us. Eb3 f3o kwraa!!! How difficult should it be to recognize truth and still indulge in our sense of being woke? Eh? But to be defensive against what is ‘an)kwale pefee’ paints a troubling picture about us!
    Even in ‘wokeness’ there needs to be objectivity in reasoning and why not?

  4. Narmer Amenuti I dont agree with you on many of the things you post. But your writing and analytical skills are just just outstanding. I am always keep to read and henceforth I will leave a comment after reading. A great mind you are.

  5. But what’s the big deal here, you know that back in the motherland every Indian is Obroni. No distinction. Trump’s disdain due to his white supremacist upbringing have led black America to find another ‘black’ candidate on the ticket. Note Obama’s father was not a descendant of slaves and the Indian Kamala Harris posing as black are all part of the White Supremacist agenda to relegate the descendants of slaves whose labour has built America to have no say at the highest level. It is all part of the grand scheme to ensure schism always in non white America. Kamala Harris’ record of incarceration of African America men over the years for the minutest of misdemeanors should stand her in no stead to get the black vote. But wait and see how the mothers and fathers whose sons and daughters had been given raw deals over the years will be queuing to vote for the new ‘white saviour’. We saw it in 2016, when ‘Killary’ whose husband championed the 3 strikes and you are out policy that saw young teenage black men being lined up to feed the school-to -pipe line machine as Michelle Alexander eloquently illustrates in her bestseller, ;The New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the Age of Color blindness’. Congressman Jim Clyburn, in endorsing Biden famously said, ‘we know Biden, but what is important is that Biden knows us’. Really? What he and black America will not do to Biden just as they didn’t do with Obama is to pin him down to what he will do for Black America. Biden has already set his stall and has already proclaimed that his first legislative priority will be equality issues and he did not mean race equality, And sure enough Kamala Harris will be in tow. Really what alternative does black America have? Global White Supremacy comes in different shapes and forms I have always maintained. ‘God bless America’.


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