The Secret of the Ankh stores some of the most revered mystery systems of ancient Kemet. It led to what our Ancestors of the Nile believed to be the God Particle or what has now come to be known as the Higgs Particle in physics.

The Secret of the Ankh also reveals more about the Infinity Puzzle, where Infinity (Heh) with its opposite Nothingness (Hehet), and Nwn (Dark Radiation) with its opposite Nwnt (Anti-Matter), and the Resultant Matter, are analyzed in creation.

Thus, the symbol of the Ankh is heavily encoded. From this perspective, the Ankh encodes not only the meaning of life, but the creation of life itself. This understanding speaks to the Oneness of the creator, summarized some 5,000 years ago by Kemet Scholars on the Temple walls of Hibis – the center of the Southern el-Khargeh Oasis – in a hymn to the Ba (in conjunction with the Ka) of Amun.

What is the Secret behind the Ankh?

The Secret of the Ankh is a bold and refreshing view in Egyptology, and the understanding of the scholarship of our Ancestors. The current definition of the Ankh has not been challenged or expanded since its appearance in the Western World.

The records show that our Ancestors believed that the Ankh exists prior to creation, during creation, during life, during the time of transition, and in the after-life. The failure to see the Ankh with this expanded definition is itself a kind of paradigm blindness.

Equally important, the religion, history, spirituality and the philosophy of Kemet stood on this cosmological understanding of the Ankh. The Ogdoad, or the Eight, or the Hehu, or the Infinities, or the Chaos Gods are aspects of the Kemetic cosmology based on the philosophy of the Ankh.

But the Ankh does not appear until after creation, in which the life of the Creation God as Ptah, or as Amen becomes whole. When the creator deity is born in Nun, or the Ogdoad combines with the Nun, then the symbol appears.

The symbol of the Ankh is the Kemet representation of the “God Particle” or the “Higgs Particle”. This may come as a surprise to Egyptologists in the West. But that sentiment is fully understood within the African academic circle as only one of nonchalance.

For that reason, the explanation of the Secret of the Ankh while effortlessly fitting into the existing African paradigm already in place for the explanation and the comprehension of Kemet, may require a complete Paradigm Shift in the West.

A paradigm, in this sense, is a system of rules and regulations that does two things: First, set limits or establishes boundaries – just like a pattern sets the edges. Then, offer guidance on how to be successful in solving problems that exist inside these boundaries – that is, offer a model for problem solving.

The paradigm in explaining away the Secret of the Ankh should become the new problem-solving system for Egyptologists the world over, and anyone who does not comprehend this fully will suffer from Paradigm Blindness – that is an inability to see change because existing rules preventing the sight and truth of reality or the future.

The Secret of the ANKH as a paradigm solves a set of problems in the field of the study of Nile Valley Civilizations – all of which are African Cultures.

There are few, even in Africa, who claim that they belong to some mystery system and act as if this is some special preserve of cults. If our Ancestors in Kemet did not want the common people to understand the laws of order – Ma’at – they simply would not have written them down on everything they could –walls, paper, cloth, statues, stone and wood.

For that matter, consider this quotation on the Temple walls of Hibis:

You are Amun, you are Atum, you are Khepri, you are Re. Sole one who made himself into millions, Tatenen who came about in the beginning. You are the one who built his body with his own hands, in every form of his desire. You are the great winged-scarab within Nut, who protected a heaven and earth in their entirety, while rising from Nun within the primeval mound.

The Ogdoad rises [for him] in jubilation when he appears, they seeing by means of his [his first] manifestation as Horus-who-illuminates, whose entire circuit is in the spit-fire and [torch-fire] of his eyes, having illumined the circuit of heaven with his great double-plumes.

Our Ancestors’ writings show that Kemet knew of only One creator though they acknowledged several names. The writings point to the well documented fact that the creator arose out of the Primordial Ocean in which laid the Secret of the Ankh.

The concepts explored on the walls of Hibis summarize as follows:

(1) The Ogdoad Primordial Eight are the elements that created the Divine Creator according to Kemet. This is taken from one of the oldest cosmologies – of Hermopolis or Khmnu.

(2) Aspects of this story are used in the creation of Ptah, Ra, Amen, Aten in the other creations stories. These all deal with just the creation of the Creator not with what existed before creation.

(3) The symbol for the Ankh is the symbol with the Circle on top of the cross hairs – followed by the Mdu Ntr sounds of N and KH.

(4) From the breakthroughs of translations we know the symbol was pronounced NKH or ANKH.

The A is disputed and may have been added for convenience of pronunciation. Even if the Ankh is a triliteral – at this point there is no definitive way to show how it was pronounced.

(5) If we return to the Ogdoad, the eight pairs are Amen, Amenet, Nun, Nunuet, Kek, Kekhet, Heh and Hehet.

The theory is that the symbol took the names of the Ogdoad into consideration for its pronunciation. One must remember first that the Mdu Ntr is in fact the Sacred Words of the Ntrs or Deities.

(6) The Ankh not only is a symbol of Life but the elements that create life. These elements are the Ogdoad and the Odgoad is essential for Life. The symbol Ankh is connected to the Ogdoad and it is believed to get its name from the Odoad.

Thus, wherever the Ankh is translated in Ancient Kemet literature it must be re-translated with the following insight:

The Ankh is the Life Code; Kemet’s “Infinities or Chaos” Gods: Amen/Amenet, Nun/Nunet, Kuk, Kukhet, Heh/Hehet – the Ogdoad.

The Meaning of Life in ancient Kemet was not just a flat definition but a multi-dimensional definition of the scientific and spiritual – of how life was created by itself. In the same way as Time is usually used as the fourth dimension in combination with the three dimensions of direction, Kemet scholarly work combines the spiritual with the physical in order to arrive at a cosmological conclusion.

At first glance, it may appear that the proof of the Secret of the Ankh might come from phonetic inspirations alone, as much as it might not come about with linguistics entirely. But linguistics have some important bearing. The Secret of the Ankh can be approached in two ways that lead to the same result.

First, the Ogdoad – the Primordial Eight and how these elements resolve themselves into Life.

And second, the Mdu Ntru symbol for the sound N, which represents a Wave and then the Mdu Ntr symbol for the sound KH, which represents Matter. These are key elements of the symbol of the ANKH or NKH.

Wave plus Matter, to our Ancestors, produces the elements of Life or the God Particle. This is essentially a proven theory well attributed to Dr. Oyiboe, as part of his GAGUT – Grand Unifying Theorem. It can be explained that the sound of the Ankh is a code of Permutations of the sounds of ANKH as follows:

A – A, An, Ak, Ah

N – N, Na, Nh, Nk

H – H, Ha, Heh, Hk, Hn

K – K, Ka, Kh, Kn, Km

The sound combinations are the beginning to many important words in Ancient Kemet and important words at the foundations of the world’s languages. From Kemet we have – An, Annu, N, Nu, Nun, Kh, Kek, Ha, Heh, Heka including creating the words like Amen, Nun, Keh, Heh and many more.

The Deity Ptah – was also said to be written in its earlier text, Pet ta HeH. From the Catholic Encyclopedia for example, we find that Ptah of Memphis (An) is the ruler of infinity (Heh) and the Lord of Eternity (Tet). Some of these patterns make up the formula of the Secret of the Ankh.

Another vital observation is that the word combinations of the ANKH also make up the elements of the name of the City of Eight where the Ogdoad preceded – Khmn.

In addition, we have AN – The City of AN – Heliopolis, where another creation story begins. We have elements of the soul, Ka, Ah. And of course we have the powerful sound that describes a wave or vibration, N.

The Ogdoad itself is simple. The Egyptians called them The Hehu.  They are represented by 4 pairs of primordial qualities, forces, or Deities.

A = Amen/Amenet

N = Nun/Nunet

K = Kek/Kehhet

H= Heh/Hehet

If we consider these as Primordial Creators, as ancient Kemet believed, or even as important forces, then their names have primordial sounds. The letters here, chanted together, would be a word-sound. This word-sound can now be described as the Ankh.


In the same way that in many Quantum Physics discussions, the God Particle or the Higgs Boson Particle is associated with a sound.

There is no evidence in the pronunciation of the word ANKH, as far as evidence of the first ‘A’ is concerned. Here we assume that the Ankh is pronounced with a long ‘A’ sound – knowing that the people of Kemet either made it silent or did not pronounce it at all.

The Ankh, no matter how it may have been pronounced, represents the first key to the Mysteries of “The Creation of Everything”. The Ankh means more than life – it is the most ancient symbol of a code of sounds and primordial deities.

Take the names of the so called “chaos” Deities of the Khemnu or Ogdoad: Amen/Amenet, Nun/Nunet, Ku/Kukhet and Heh/Hehet. These resolve into the ANKH. The Ankh has four distinct sides and one of them is the Loop – Nun/Nunet. These four pairs were thought to be the Children of Tehuti and Maat. Both Tehuti (Vibration) and Maat (Order), and the four pairs themselves have their own forces.

Amen/Amenet is the hidden spark of life and its opposite, Nun/Nunet – is the primordial unformed mass and its opposite, Ku/Kukhet is the qualities of Light and its opposite, and Heh/Het is the qualities of infinity and its opposite. At some point the Eight fused themselves together bounded by Maat and Tehuti and a Deity Ptah was formed out of this chaos – (the God Particle), he steps on a mound and Aton is formed, and then lands on his shoulder then The Ennead is created or the 9 deities. This is called the “First Time” or Sp – Tepii, Zep – Tepi, Sep – Tepii, or Sep – Tepi.

With this, we can appreciate that Ancient Kemet was both Scientific and Spiritual. The Mystery System of Kemet is also both Scientific and Spiritual. To begin self-mastery of Kemet’s systems of knowledge and of knowing, one must understand how everything began first.

A child in Ancient Kemet, for example, would have been told the creation stories and would have grown up understanding Science and Spirituality, both at the same time. Whereas an African Child in the Diaspora today is taught one of the Major Western Religions and later learns science and has to juggle between the two for comfort, or for discomfort.

Perhaps, herein lies the key to re-orientating African Thought, Practice, Spirituality, Redemption and Self Mastery everywhere in the Diaspora.

Furthermore, examining other aspects of Kemetic thought reveals more about the Ankh as well.

Take for example the oldest creation story, Hermopolis – Khmunu. The creation story has both Maat and Jehuti living in Khemnu, which translates to the city of Eight. In the City of Eight (Khemnu), Ma’at and Jehuti were four pairs of deities, both male and female. This is called the Ogdoad by the Greeks. Maat is said to be the mother of the Eight! Tehuti is her Husband or Consort. The names of the eight were Nu/Nunut, Heh and Hehet, Amn, Amnt and Ku, Kukhet.

They were associated with qualities such as the Primordial Mass, Infinity and its opposite, hidden forces and its opposite and darkness and its opposite. The Goddess Maat and Tehuti on the far right images of the Ogdoad in Kemetic representations.

From the Nile Valley Text:

You [the Eight] have made from your seed a germ, and you have instilled this seed in the lotus, by pouring the seminal fluid; you have deposited in the Nun, condensed into a single form, and your inheritor takes his radiant birth under the aspect of a child (Edfu VI, 11-12, and Esna V).

Coffin Text spell 76 names the four pairs, and connects the Ogdoad with some of the Ennead: O you eight chaos gods, keepers of the chambers of the sky, whom Shu made from the efflux of his limbs, who bound together the ladder of Atum… I am Shu, whom Atum created, from whom Ra came to be. I was not fashioned in the womb, I was not bound together in the egg. I was not conceived, but my father Atum spat me out… together with my sister Tefnut… The baby of Ra was that from which Atum came to be as Heh (chaos), Nun (the watery abyss), Kek (darkness), Tenem (gloom —substituted for Amun in this verse).

Here is how the Ogdoad is traditionally presented:


Here is the Ogdoad decoded:


Here is how the males look in the Mdu Ntr (Hieroglypics) – From Essays in Ancient Egyptian Literature, p. 58 and 59.


This is an ancient code – Take the first letters of each of the Ogdoad names and you get NHKI/ NHKA – Look again and it resolves itself into INKH/ANKH. So, it seems coincidentally that we get ANKH.

The most common usage of the Ankh – the N – water ripple and the KH – Matter follows effortlessly. The N can be pronounced easily, and the KH is pronounced with some effort.

The KH sound also appears in other cosmological words and names in Ancient Kemet. These words include Khufu and TKN. Interesting enough Khufu’s full name is Khnum-Khufu which means loosely Khnum protects me. This is exciting because Khnum created man on the potter’s wheel. Khnum means to create. So there is a correlation with what he uses to create with. Khnum creates with matter and a component of Life or the ANKH.

In addition the KH sound is also used in Khepherra – Khepherra is the Dung Beetle that often symbolizes life as its young mysteriously appears from out of the dung in a flurry of life.

The Ankh as a symbol in Mdu Ntr is also a formula for Creation in itself.

After the Eight joined or the Ogdoad joined or the Khemenu joined there was a wave of energy or some sound wave (N) that went as fast as Heh/Hehet or Infinite Distance and Infinite Speed then separated Kek/kekhet – or created light from darkness for the First Time – Sep Tepi.

This expression is no different than the Big Bang Theory and the resulting God Particle or Higgs Boson Particle Theory. Further the wave or sound is also an important component of the God Particle search. What occurred in Khemenu is closely related to modern Quantum Physics.


The Ankh in Mdu Ntr Hieroglyphics is a representation of E=mc2.

Remember also that in the Book of John, now a vital addition to the Christian Bible, we have:

John 1:1-11

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

We can see how this text became a part of the theological dialogue in biblical times – a curious attempt to explain away the ancient Kemet texts within a Hebrew context – itself a much later African philosophy.

The Kemet writing system then must be appreciated as a combination of phonetic and ideographic signs. The code of the Ankh is the Ogdoad, and it is the only symbol that speaks to pre-creation, creation, and the transmission of energy in the after-life.


When Kemet began using the Ankh is unknown but we know that it was used before dynastic times. During the reign of the first dynasty Horus Kings – Narmer, Aha, Djet, Den and Merineith, we see startling evidence of the use of the Ankh in this “pick” comb from Hr-Djet. This artifact is also startling because it is made from Ivory – that would be found in the South – in the heart of Africa.

Both the Goddess Ma’at and the Tehuti/Thoth will often be seen with the Ankh. With the Goddess Maat, you will often see the Ankh resting on her knees while she is sitting. In this dramatic photo – the Goddess Maat is in the hand of the Nwst. When the Goddess Maat is shown or used – she is represented for the qualities or attributes. Those qualities are Order, Justice, Righteousness and Truth.

The Nwst or King has in his hand the Goddess Ma’at and what she represents. Ma’at is holding the Ankh in her hand. A flat analysis of the Ankh meaning life won’t do. The Nwst who is God’s representation on earth is holding Ma’at, the symbol of order and in this context social justice in her hand. She in turn is holding the Ankh. Taking a multidimensional analysis of the Ankh we see that she is holding the Ankh because it represents pre-creation, creation, and afterlife and that the Chaos Deities Amen/Amenet, Nun/Nunet, Heh/Hehet and Kuh, Kuhket all have dominion.

In this photo, we see Tehuti pointing the Ankh at Nwst Seti I. Often times the Ankh is pointed at the mouth during a ritual called “Opening of the Mouth”. Again, in this very symbolic and ritualistic picture – Tehuti is using the power of the Ankh to usher the Nwst Seti I into the after-life. A flat look at Tehuti, who himself is Vibration itself bounded by Maat who by using the Ankh is giving “life” will not do. The Eight Chaos Gods embodied as the Ankh have primordial and eternal power. They are both the primordial elements that ushered in life itself and the primordial elements that facilitate transition when energy is exchanged from one state to another.

The point is that the 4 pairs of primordial forces or deities resolve themselves into the word – Ankh. These primordial deities have a direct relationship to the attributes of the Goddess, Maat and the attributes of the Primordial Diety, Tehuti.

The primordial deities were important to the creation story of everything. Finally, this cosmology with the Ogdoad, the Eight, becomes startling when you look at the living Dogon Creation Story, Here we find that the Eight again appear during procreation even in Dogon philosophy.

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  1. Anyone who is even marginally acquainted with the pictorial history of ancient Egypt saw the frequently on papyrus displayed figure of Pharaoh, who holds in his hands “something” of metal that resembles a Christian cross. The cross is like a Christian cross but at first sight is very different. The cross was held at peak by a Pharaoh at an oval thread, through which the fingers of Pharaoh went. Many theories tried to explain the Nile cross (Ankh), the most famous symbol of ancient Egypt. Some appear to be at first glance amusing; others are a bit more credible. But the reality is that the secret of the Cross “thread” has not been explained.

    It often happens that under the guise of searching for remote unknown facts people overlook some basic concepts that are at their fingertips. The desire to detect complex mystic solutions guided many scholars of simple paths while they were tying to solve something almost impossible. In the case, we need to remember the most basic physical principles and laws.

    By doing repeated attempts I verified and proved subsequently the fact that prepared the Nile cross off his millennial secrets. I realized soon any “live” blood in the vessels is the same as a conductor and forms something like a primary thread on the Ankh cross, electrically conductive, while the skin and blood vessel walls are insulators, a kind of insulation around the wire (vessels). The total length of blood vessels in the body of the average man reaches an impressive 96 million meters and therefore Pharaoh’s fingers around the thread produced by vascular a secondary coil is several kilometers long, along with a threaded tip, created from the perspective of Electro physics kind of transformer, which points out from the body of Pharaoh into space.

    The tip of the transformer can be described by the known physical law defining the essence of the phenomenon of “suction tip” energy from the surrounding area to either acquire and transform into the body of Pharaoh or out of the body of Pharaoh -this simple de ice is capable of reducing an excess of energy in Pharaoh’s body and therefore emit this harmful energy in the opposite direction into space. People who can acquire more energy can easily send it through the Nile Cross to pass on to another person, animal, plants, or any weaker charges.

  2. The Nile Cross is also a sort of a transformation antenna that is able to mediate transport of static charge and is completely indifferent in relation to the composition of homogeneous or heterogeneous materials. The picture depicts the movement of static charge through the Nile Cross from metal to rock, which is in the shape of a sphere. In this case, I could still prove interesting that, although the sphere has the smallest surface in relation to its volume, the shape of balls absorbs more energy than other forms of the same volume and weight.

    • We can do a whole lot more to unearth other hidden codes and meanings of the Ankh in very different contexts. Our Ancestors were some of the most brilliant people who ever walked the planet. I think this story points us in the direction that there can be more and more decoding of the meanings behind Kemet’s mystery systems. I am hopeful this will not be the end.

  3. The Ankh is still a central symbol in Voodoo and I hope that the connection can clearly be made between the belief systems of West Africa and that of Kemet without much effort. Indeed it seems more and more that we have inherited quite a bunch from our Ancestors. All has not be lost and that makes me feel a lot better.

  4. The understanding of the Ankh goes beyond an ability to read Hieroglyphics. You must understand how African culture and African traditional religions and their belief systems work. You have to be African to understand the Ankh. That is what it seems day by day.

  5. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker
    who had been conducting a little research on this.
    And he in fact ordered me dinner due to the fact that I found
    it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for
    the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to discuss this matter here on your web site.

  6. As I continue my research in the whitewashing of Jesus … can you please elaborate or recommend some literature to support – the Ankh encodes not only the meaning of life, but the creation of life itself. This understanding speaks to the Oneness of the creator, summarized some 5,000 years ago by Kemet Scholars on the Temple walls of Hibis

  7. Sir I am ecstatic to have found this article. I have searched high and low for evidence of what I came to conclude about the ankh. I am not a researcher. I just follow the path before me and it led me to the ankh (without prior knowledge) in my mind’s eye. I would love to discuss this with you somehow. I understand your anonymity. Either way, thank you for this article which has brought me peace.


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