In many ways, Just Wright (2010) is a gamer changer. A romantic comedy that chronicles the story of an NBA superstar who falls in love with his physical therapist, Just Wright is one of those movies that fights against stereotypes.

Unlike the baby-momma drama, epithet spewing, tatted up NBA stars we see in the media, New Jersey Nets star Scott McKnight (Common) is a soft-spoken gentleman.

He plays the piano. He lives with his mom. And most surprisingly, he chooses a woman like Queen Latifah over a woman who wears a size two.

So no basketball star would do that in real life? Leave a Paula Patton-type for a Queen Latifah? Screenwriter Michael Elliot who penned Just Wright begs to differ.

In fact, he feels that the average woman might relate better to Queen Latifah in this role than a more ‘typical’ love interest. Hear what he has to say:

Michael Elliot video.

Is he onto something? What do you think, does a movie like this make for good entertainment?



  1. This is a bold action by Mr. Elliot. I admire his mentality. Go to think outside the box. I like Just Wright a whole lot and not for once did I ever think of Queen Latifah as not suitable for the NBA player. It never crossed my mind. I understand more how much the media paints our character!

  2. I think a movie like this makes for great entertainment! I personally didn’t like the movie only because I am not a fan of romantic comedies but I am all for thinking outside the box.
    I can’t count how many times I have watched these rom coms with slim ass women. Meanwhile I look around my neighborhood in Harlem and the fine women I see everyday are pretty bulky.
    I always wondered when black movies would start doing this, but thanks to Elliot, I totally support the principle.

    • Good point, most women are more like Queen Latifah’s size. But sadly the only not slim black women we see regularly on film are men Madea (Tyler Perry) and Big Momma (Martin Lawrence)

  3. Man. I didn’t think any of it was believable. I woulda rather seen Paula Patton get with Mr. Wright. I mean come on! What was that all about. There’s those people who always want to think outside the box just for the sake of it. I am not one of them. I say it as it is. I did not find Latifah and Common as a believable couple. Take a look around you and see if that happens in our societies. It doesn’t, that’s the truth. So stop trying to pain something alien in the movies.


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