FORTALEZA, BRAZIL - JUNE 21: Mats Hummels of Germany and Asamoah Gyan of Ghana compete for the ball during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group G match between Germany and Ghana at Castelao on June 21, 2014 in Fortaleza, Brazil. (Photo by Alex Livesey - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images). No foul was called by the referee.

There is zero percent excitement about the World Cup in Africa. It is no surprise why. After many years of taking part in this so-called tournament, African players and fans alike are realizing it is no tournament, but a European festival. The European festival better known as the World Cup is anti-Africa and totally rigged against Africa.

In this age of colonization masquerading as globalization, we should all be skeptical of any group that claims to be global or international: The International Criminal Court, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the United Nations, and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). When groups are so eager to tell you they are international, secular, and for everyone, that is a clear indication of the opposite: they are narrow-minded, insular, and for their kind of kindred klans. FIFA, the Fake In Football Association, collects millions of dollars from governments and audiences around the world while the whole way through rigging sports competitions.

To those who are fans of untruths, it is best to stop reading now. Because once the rigging is revealed and made clear to unknowing eyes, watching the tournament might never be the same. Taking a critical view of world sports makes you start to ask questions that eat into your enjoyment if not halt it entirely. You start to see that the sports world is not a meritocracy as you thought when you were younger: you know, when you thought that you could make it with more ball skill or when you blamed some player for why Ghana or Nigeria didn’t make it further in the tournament. No, that’s not it. Sometimes luck is one one’s side. But in the FIFA world cup, the referees, the rankings, they’re all rigged. The whole way that the game is set up to assign winners and losers. Ideals of meritocracy and hard work give way to realities of white supremacism, anti-African thought, and rigged rigamarole.

Taking a closer look at West African participation in the Fake Cup proves this point. First, the selection process is rigged against Africa. In 2018, a generous trip for European teams saw 54 countries divided into 9 groups of 6. Each group winner advanced with a 1 out of 6 chance of making it out of the group, plus 4 additional teams, making a total of 13 European teams. Including the host nation, Russia, that makes 14 European teams in a festival of 32 teams. Europe, with a population of just over 700 million, makes up nearly half of the Fake cup selection.

In contrast, the selection for African teams is deliberately less generous. West Africa alone is 362 million, more than half of Europe’s population. Would it not then make sense that West Africa would have more than half of Europe’s presence in a true World Tournament? Therefore, if Europe is allocated 13+1 teams, West Africa should have 7 teams based on population alone. This is of course not to mention that West Africa is teeming with football nations and supplies the world with the finest football talent known to man. But the selection process for the Fake Cup is not a fair coin. It is weighted on the side of the European Miracle, the mythology that professes in all its delusions that the entirety of knowledge, life, talent, thought, intellect, and yes, football skill, arises out of European academies. This the very point of the Fake Cup, to persuade everyone the world over to embrace the ideology of the (Western) European Miracle.

Second, the games and the schedule of competitions is rigged through and through. In just the past 5 FIFA cups alone, West Africa has faced Argentina 5 times. Nigeria has been paired with Argentina in three consecutive FIFA Cups: in 2018, 2014, 2010. Before that the Ivory Coast was paired with Argentina in 2006. Before that, Nigeria was paired with Argentina in 2002. Any intelligent human being with half a working brain would understand that placing Nigeria with Argentina in four of the last five Fake Football Cups is not a random selection. It tastes and stinks like European rigamarole.

Really, what happens is that FIFA game-riggers give West Africa any team where they can successfully orchestrate a loss. In 2002 Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0. The results pleases the FIFA riggers, so here we go. 2006 saw Argentina win against Ivory Coast 2-1.

In 2010, Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0, in what is now a regular meeting in the group stages between the two teams, as FIFA riggers are convinced they can use Argentina to knock out Nigeria early in the rigged festival. In 2014, again Nigeria vs. Argentina 2-3. And, again in 2018, the same old story, Argentina beat Nigeria 2-1. The machine-learning-rigging of the game has West Africa married to Argentina in the Fake Football Cup. And against Nigeria, the refs let Argentina play as dirty as they like.

In 2010, Germany defeated Ghana 1-0, so of course Germany and Ghana should meet again, following the Europeans’ favorable result. And yes, in the following Fake Cup of 2014 Germany and Ghana were once again the same group. This time Ghana drew Germany 2-2. (…so much for Germany being the best team of 2014 when they couldn’t even beat Ghana!) Anyhow, this draw was enough to discourage the FIFA riggers from placing Germany with a West African team in 2018. No matter, the same Germany that couldn’t beat Ghana in 2014 was swiftly eliminated in the group stages, despite all the cards being stacked in its favor.

Interestingly, Ivory Coast lost to Colombia 1-2 in 2014, and guess what? West Africa was placed again with Colombia in this year’s subsequent group stages of 2018—and Senegal lost to Colombia by the same margin 1-2. I wonder who will face Colombia and Argentina in 2022, if the rigatoni soup is baked just right.

Clearly, there is a pattern here—and not a particularly sophisticated one. If a team beats West Africa, FIFA riggers continue to “draw” them in the same group. If West Africa wins, they reshuffle the “draw.” The FIFA rigatoni soup is cooking. Therefore, the biggest predictor of who West African teams will face is who they lost to in previous Fake Cups.

Similarly European teams hardly face anyone who defeats them in subsequent festivals. In prior friendlies, Germany appeared to have an upper hand against Mexico, so the FIFA rigamarole crew threw the two in the same group. In turns out that Mexico outshone the reigning champions. Rest assured that Germany and Mexico will not be in the same group during the next group stages. The mighty France has not seen a powerhouse West African team in the group stages, since 2002 when Senegal beat France 1-0, with Senegal advancing in second place in the group and France finishing at the bottom of the group. The next time around in 2006 France was placed in a group with Togo, a country of 7 million to France’s 67 million.

England likewise evades West Africa in the group stages, only competing with Nigeria in 2002. In 1998, England was placed with Tunisia, Colombia, and Romania; in 2006 with Sweden, Paraguay, and Trinidad and Tobago; in 2010 with the USA, Slovenia, and Algeria; in 2014 with Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Italy; and in 2018 with Belgium, Tunisia (again), and Panama. How could this festival be a true world “tournament” when Western European teams manage, year in and year out, to evade whole regions of West African football nations?

So how does a team with as little talent as England make it into the Fake Cup semi-final? The answer is right here in plain sight: with much help from the FIFA organizers and referees. Take this statistic for starters: in the group stages and through the semi-final, 9 of England’s 12 goals were from corners, penalties, or free kicks. 9 out of 12. 75 percent! Teams can advance through a tournament without actual goals from open play. Modern football showcases the art of controlling a game using a whistle and an ear piece. Indeed, the 2018 Fake cup saw more set piece goals than any other year in the history of the festival. Referees are a key part of rigging the game. The referees have turned what should be a competition between teams into a set piece festival where rigged referees give European teams free kicks in convenient spaces right in front of the “colonized” 18-yard box, or if the European teams really need a handout, referees gift them a freeloading penalty to boot away at will.

In a battle of colonized vs. the colonizers, a battle organized by the colonizers, the odds are always stacked against the colonized. FIFA tells us all that rankings matter and proceeds to stir up the rankings with a bowl of rigatoni. Rigged to favor European teams. Therefore, it comes as no surprise after the rigged selection, the rigged group stages, and the rigged refereeing that the final six teams were European teams: France, Belgium, Sweden, England, Croatia, and Russia. Given their 13 + 1 advantage and their referee riggers who regularly hand European teams free kicks in convenient places before the goal and right outside the box, dole out yellow cards to opposing teams, and grant a penalty or two when the European teams are in dire need of a goal. Absolutely no one on the planet, football fan or not, is surprised at this result. The Fake Cup is a heaping bowl of rigatoni rigamarole. It is a festival of Europe-worship where non-European teams are invited as decoration. They are meant to make the competition appear diverse and inclusive, where really, the game is stamped from the beginning.

What’s disappointing is that FIFA game-riggers continue to pretend they actually draw groups using some unbiased measure; they always maintain that their rigged science is objective. Europeans continue to pretend they are the best at football. Everyone continues to pretend the game has not devolved to a pointless festival about paying goalkeepers to make mistakes, compensating referees to blow calls, and making as many Europeans as possible happy so they will buy game tickets and beers at the expense of real football fans, real competition, and the integrity of the beautiful game.

Of course, there is nothing about predatory capitalism or the ideology of the European Miracle that knows or respects integrity. The World Cup is centered on the European Miracle, that everything worthy comes out of Europe and the West, while the rest of the world would just do better to follow in Europe’s shadow. The assertion that the Fake in Football Association Financial Cup is rigged for the Lizard Queen’s Europe sounds less like a far-fetched scheme the more you take a look at the actual groupings and the rigamarole rankings. It is a fine festival for voyeurs, but it is no world tournament showcasing the best talent on the planet.

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I am Amara. I come from a long line of griots (jalis). My grandfather was central in my upbringing. He comes from a tradition of oral history immersed in the vast expanse of time and the pageantry of customs and rituals. But, I have come to learn the reality of the ways of the griot in the 21st Century. I became a Scribe at Grandmother Africa for exactly this reason - to keep a tradition going, in a different medium. If you enjoyed this essay and would like to support more content like this one, please buy me a cup of coffee in support of my next essay, or you can go bold, very bold and delight me. Here's my CashApp: $AMARANEFETITI


  1. African players excel every day in Europe, making the most contributions to any trophy won but we’re told our football is not developed enough to get equal places in World Cup.

  2. Audu Salisu, How about the claim that African teams are not well-organized, or that they lack adequate preparation for the World Cup?

    • So Narmer, the other teams from places like England and France are better organized and better prepared? Is that why Germany was knocked out of the first round even though they were supposed to play like defending champions?

      The idea that Germany is a better prepared team than Nigeria, or that they are better organized than Ghana is rooted again in the European Myth, the European Miracle. The last I checked they couldn’t beat Ghana to the world cup when they tried. But they won the cup.

      Soccer games are rigged at will by FIFA, from the rankings to the referee. In fact, any sport can be rigged so long as we maintain data on who plays better against who. But worse, is the supposed cunning of rankings and referee intervention. We can actually see through it.

    • LOL. So long as I don’t like the results, I am unhappy with following in the trend. FIFA seems to pair Nigeria and Argentina a lot. It seems to me that the idea of human intervention, like this kind of pairing, itself breaks the predictive power of data. Since it breaks the random distribution assumption to begin with. Which is why continuing to pair Argentina and Nigeria together and having the referee cook results contrary to what happens in friendly games is rigging. Nigeria beat Argentina in a warm-up game in Russia, right before the world cup, 4-2. See? If only Anago could get nice free kicks around Argentina’s 18-yard box.

  3. INTRO: Rigging soccer games are not difficult. In fact, it is easier than you think! The charge that FIFA is actively involved in the rigging of soccer games at the World Cup cannot also be farfetched. A few times, generals at FIFA have been caught redhanded match-fixing elsewhere.

    In this vein, is there a wider plot against African teams at the FIFA World Cup Festival? Could this perhaps explain away the tumultuous displays by African teams at the World stage? Amara Jali believes so. Her allegations are not hard to digest. In fact, they are easy to believe. More, this presentation of her charge against FIFA remains the strongest you would read from any pundit. Clear, concise, and straight to the point.

    Even if you are not convinced by Amara’s arguments in the end, you will (I guarantee this) be left in doubt of your own beliefs – whatever they may be. Enjoy!

  4. It’s routine in FIFA, even in the game played two days ago FIFA tried a subliminal plan to cheat Croatia for England but Croatia showed a strength of character. One does not have to be a Balkan or Otoman history expert to know that you don’t bring a Turkish referee to officiate a World Cup semi final game between Croats and another team except if u want to help the other team.

    • Massa Audu Salisu, it’s like bringing Akuffo-Addo to referee a game between Kumasi Asante Kotoko and Ho Voradep!

  5. Even though their may be some element of bias towards the African teams, I don’t think pairing African teams with Argentina at the world cup is enough evidence. It is like throwing a coin and getting a head in row several times and expect that in the next throw the coin should turn tails. The coin is memoryless so also is the draw for the World Cup.

    • But Massa, if you play the lotto only a few times, although others play it often, but you keep getting the same draw, my guess is that you must worry.

    • Dade Afre Akufu You can worry but it doesn’t make the occurrence of such event impossible unless you can prove otherwise that the machine has been tempered with. So what the writer of the article needs to do is to find a bias in the draw process but not its outcome.

  6. I don’t know but I believe Amara Jali fails to prove her assertions. She also seems to defeat the very claims she makes concerning African teams.

    Firstly, if African teams are so good then it should show by us defeating Argentina and any other team we are paired with. So she needs to make up her mind; are African teams good or bad? If they are good then why do they keep losing? If they are bad teams then why should they be alloted more slots at the world cup? Who wants to see bad teams play?

    Secondly, does the rigging only occur at the world cup? I ask because African teams even lose during friendly matches against non-African teams.

    Thirdly, is it only European referees who are bought and paid for by the FIFA cabal? Are the African referees at the world cup also bribed to take part in the sabotage?

    The reason why , at least partly, more European teams are given slots is because football is about big business. How many sponsors would sponsor a world cup if majority of teams are African? How many cars do Africans buy? Do Africans buy Nikes, Adidas or Puma more than Europe and America? Even when the world cup was held in our back yard in SA how many Africans could afford to travel there? Not even her neighbours exceeded tourists from Europe and America.

    No, rigging isn’t our problem. When players are always embroiled in bonus scandals, staff only concerned about their per diems and our football parks look like playgrounds for locusts from the biblical plagues of Egypt then our abysmal performances at the WC is no surprise to me.

  7. I am not sure Bro. Atiga but Amara amply proves her assertions. There’s no way anyone outside of FIFA or any Football admin. can show evidence of actual thievery. Come on! Not every one is Edward Snowden or Anas to be able to go in and prove “thievery.” Not everyone works at FIFA. But that doesn’t mean we cannot talk about their thievery. We can show bias by their works. In this regard, Amara does quite a fine job in showing that there’s something amiss.

    You are right: “players are always embroiled in bonus scandals, staff only concerned about their per diems and our football parks look like playgrounds for locusts from the biblical plagues of Egypt.” Notwithstanding, we still produce tremendous talent? Or don’t we? If only soccer was about pitches, lights and money!

    You are not correct with the sarcasm of rigging “only” at world cups. Nigeria beat Argentina in a friendly right before the cup: 4-2. But the world cup game I watched was refereed so bad, in favor of Argentina, that I stopped watching the game. Who cares about friendlies? Meanwhile these friendlies are almost always played away from Africa, where few Africans can attend.

    Which brings us to money and sponsorship. Which is all the world cup is about: a business. Not a talent show. At least FIFA can be honest and present it as such, but no. They have a mush needed motivation to make the business look more like a talent show, which it is not. Why? To justify European dominance beginning with their 13+1 teams. To justify the Myth that their teams are better. They are not. If Ghana played Germany in Kumasi, I doubt Germany will have as many wins. But Germany will never play Ghana in Ghana.

    The world cup is a business, and a fraudulent talent show!

    • Let’s make our pitches better, let’s organize our leagues, let’s groom our talents here, let’s pay them well and when that happen and we still cheated we will have a huge voice to shout out.


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