These ladies sure make Kenya Moore look good.

When someone does something foul like what Apollo Nida did to Kenya, lying on her for two years, accusing her of being an adulteress, the classy, lady-like thing to do is apologize. That is how Kandi Burruss behaved when she told Kenya she believed Apollo over her.

But from others like Nene Leakes and Phaedra Parks, we have yet to hear an apology. They choose to pretend to believe a lie. Nene is probably still upset that Kenya pretty much stole the show while she was in LA. Let us hope that those two little words “I’m sorry” that cost absolutely nothing to say will be uttered with heartfelt meaning when the ladies come together for the first time on next week’s episode.

Tension and group divisions are nothing new to reality TV and especially to this group.

The show is normally divided based on who Nene dislikes at the moment. Cynthia and Kenya are in this camp, while Claudia joins them since she is Kenya’s friend. For simplicity, we can call Kenya, Claudia, and Cynthia the model/beauty-queen clique.

On the other side, we can call Phaedra, Nene, Porsha, and Kandi the need-to-work-out clique. Unlike the others, Porsha needs to work out her mind, or shall I say her “intellectual mind-frame.” At the present, she talks a whole lot and says nothing. Though on second thought, it might be premature to place Kandi on one side, since she, like a mediator, easily maneuvers between the two.

Now that Kandi is happily married to Todd Tucker, it seems there is a scramble for everyone to get into her pockets. Kandi’s mother wants a new home with 7 bedrooms, a pool, and other amenities that seem a bit much for a grandma. But we all know Kandi loves her mom, so that’s all I will say about that.

Kandi’s business team, however, receives some heat from Todd. He says they the team isn’t working hard enough to bring Kandi’s career to the next level. The Kandi corporation is expected to shift somewhat with the addition of a new man in charge, but the horns come out between Todd and Don Juan, Kandi’s manager, who both feel they know what’s best for Kandi’s success.

Don Juan confessed that he had sacrificed a lot for Kandi’s business, including missing his own mother’s wedding. Sorry Don, I’m not sure Kandi would have wanted you to do that! But if anyone else in your family is getting married in the next few months, feel free to schedule that time off now. There’s no need to impress Kandi unless you’re trying to get with her–you’re her manager, not her boyfriend.

Marriage is turning out to be a lot for Phaedra and Kandi, with Apollo and Todd causing major ruffles with their family and friends.

Unfortunately for Phaedra, Apollo questioning whether Kenya will visit him in prison, sends the message that he’s still interested in the beauty queen and that he pleasurably instigated the innuendo between them.

Between their conflicts and the ladies’ friction, there will be plenty to watch on next week’s show.


  1. These womens shared experiences are becoming a great taste in our communities, definitely the most watch RHW ever.


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