Restraint vs. The Barbarians.

(Image above: Barbarians do not understand or comprehend the meaning or essence of restraint. Below image: Soviet Union Troops in Berlin after crashing the German Army in Europe’s Second Tribal War.)

Two Barbarians argue over the meaning of “restraint”. The first one says, “Why don’t you want to kill people?” The second replies, “Well, last time I killed people, I lost my limbs.”

The first one goes: “Well, you still have two hands to fight. Why not use them?” The second one retorts, “I would. I would love to, but I can’t afford to lose my arms.”

The first one replies, “What are arms for if you don’t actually use them to fight?” “Correct,” said the second one, “except without my arms, you can then kill me off. You know!”

The first barbarian is now quiet. The second one looks and looks, and scans around the block:  “You know, just a little restraint will do – you know, live a little, to die another day?”

Aah, said the first barbarian: “I got it. Restraint means to save yourself for a bigger war!” The two barbarians laugh out, loud, beating their chests!

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~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you find his essays delightful, and you want to support the creation of more content like this, find Narmer's information below: CashApp: $Narmer3100


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