Relationship Advice. A Grandfather’s Thoughts.

One day my older sister leveled with my grandfather and laid down some Biblical lessons of marriage. She was critiquing, bitterly, the behavior of certain traditional men in marriage.

My older sister had converted to Christianity and my Grandfather, you see, remained a Vodun priest. And so Christian principles in marriage were very new to my grandfather.

My grandfather asked my sister: Who wrote this Bible? My sister replied, “God.” My grandfather retorted, this god, is man or woman? My sister replied, “man.”

My grandfather asked my sister, “Has this god ever married a woman?” My sister was stunned, for the first time. Anyway she saw the look on our grandfather’s face, and so she knew he was serious.

My grandfather told her: I have been married four times, my brothers and sisters all-together have been married 15 times. Your “god” has never been married – not even once! Have you ever met a baby yapping about how to be a responsible adult?

My grandfather concluded that the world was filled with experts without expertise – even the Bible. Our job is to know the difference – between what they claim and their actual works. Whose advice are you going to take, ours or your god’s? he asked my sister.

My sister replied, “My God’s!”

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