It’s nice to see that the show hasn’t lost all credibility as a Housewives franchise, since three of the ladies are still (happily) married. It’s also nice to see when the husbands assume a real role in their lives. Todd is proving that he can help Kandi step up her game, that he’s not just all talk; but he has a vision for Kandi’s brand and he wants to help her improve it.

All because of Todd, Kandi’s late night sex show Kandi Koated Nights actually looks professional now. The cast get dolled up with their hair done and dressed to impress and they thankfully don’t look like they just rolled out of bed. They read from printed cue cards instead of just talking into a camera while looking down at their laptops. Kandi, we know you’re a millionaire, but we can see from how you organize your businesses that obviously money can’t change ghetto.

This very fact is also apparent in the way Kandi interacts with Todd’s mom and how she can’t respect an older woman, even the mother of her husband. For Kandi it’s always about winning the fight, having the last word. In the episode, she storms out of her office during a heated discussion with Todd instead of putting on her X-Large girl pants and resolving the issue.

The worst thing is that these women have a childish habit of rolling their eyes when they don’t get their way. (Hasn’t anyone told them they could get stuck up there?) It’s hard to picture them as grown women, card-carrying members of the menopause (or very near menopause) club, when they act so much like my teenage siblings.

It was Todd’s idea to actually build a set for Kandi Koated Nights, and he seems to be the grown up when dealing with their parents. If Kandi sits back and learns a thing or two from him, and not just listen to her mom Ms. Joyce who is the queen of ghetto, it would make her a better businesswoman and a more agreeable person. But if you’re always right…because only idiots measure wisdom by the amount of dollars in your bank account…I guess there’s nothing nobody can say.

Like Kandi, Nene is someone who thinks she’s always right. I haven’t quite figured it out, but there’s something about the way Nene can never apologize to anyone that is repulsive.

Nene brings Kenya and Cynthia, along with her new roll dog Porsha, to a restaurant to have an adult conversation and resolve their issues and be friends. But Porsha and Nene, unsurprisingly, have no intentions of making up. The ignoramus in Porscha can’t see why it would be Christian-like to apologize to Kenya after starting a physical altercation with her on national television.

Nene smiles and giggles to Cynthia and Kenya, telling them that they are friends at this gathering, then throws on the shade in a later scene when they are at Kandi’s girl’s night event. This infantile storyline that Nene has this season is reason enough to see why she’s hating on Kenya for stealing her limelight. Unfortunately for Nene, there is *nothing* interesting going on in her life, at least for television purposes. Getting a role to play the evil stepmother in Cinderella on Broadway is hardly a redeeming factor. It just says two things. The casting director thinks your evil. And the casting director sees you in the mother role, which we all know in acting terms just means “you’re old.”

It’s just a matter of time before Bravo realizes this too and wants to freshen up its cast, unless Peter and Greg want to do a spinoff called Real Gray-Haired Husbands of Atlanta. It could be that Bravo is trying out the new Housewives Demetria and Claudia to see if either of them can complement the locus of the show, which seems to be between Kandi and Kenya.


Claudia showed that she could be open and saucy revealing her bedroom secrets on Kandi’s after hours show. Cynthia’s friend Demetria will have her time to shine during the next episode when we learn more about her 7-8 year, on-and-off relationship with Roger Bob. We’ll also learn more about Kandi’s friend who allegedly got with Roger somewhere during that time. We know one person who’s in the middle of their Venn diagram.

Demetria will also have her first altercation with Phaedra. In a preview clip, Demetria said something to the effect of, her and Roger Bob are going on 8 years in their relationship and Apollo will be going on 8 years in prison, so she and Phaedra have something in common. Someone might need to #FixItJesus after that conversation is over.

Cynthia and Peter have to relocate Bar One, because somebody won’t sell them the property. Cynthia said something about how people don’t want black businesses to do well, which gives us an idea of the kinds of turf battles that are going on in a gentrifying Atlanta. Hopefully their new location is their last. I don’t know if I could sit through another remodeling and resuscitation of Peter’s projects.

Ok, maybe I could… We all know that Peter’s mismanagement of Cynthia’s money makes for good entertainment.


  1. I am sure this show about idiotic Black women is going just great, and the Jewish gay man is making himself boats load of money.. Real glad.

    • Okay. Why not. Have you seen the Real Housewives of Orange County – a bunch of chicken head white women running the menopause tab of everyman within their reach? Mr. Coffee, you are not alone with your troubles.

    • Because we love it! Real Housewives is a show about women living their mundane lives. Now, if that is of no interest to you, then kick it. Now, if you think these women, black or white, are indeed idiotic or chicken heads, then fine. There are many chicken heads on Wall Street who tank our economies at will. There are many idiots in government who send troops to war for no reason. You want idiocy? Take a look in the mirror son. You want chicken heads? Look in the mirror with your children. A full does of reality might help you much. Or not at all – ‘cos then again you are just a chicken head as well.

      • I feel you Hommies Patrol. Only I don’t understand anything you just said. I guess that makes two or one of us – either one of us is a chickenhead, or we both are chicken heads as well. I prefer the later!


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