Pogba wins the World Cup with Ecowas.

When the African athlete is great, the European scrutiny is at its height. The European wants the African to conform for him in order that the world can acknowledge that nothing is whole without Europe’s tutelage; that without Europeans, nothing can be truly great. Incredible, these people from Europe and their Miracles! ~ Signor Boto.

LONDON — There’s a prevailing idea in England, where Paul Pogba plies his trade as a footballer, that unless Pogba can stop his tricks, he cannot truly become a great footballer; that Pogba can only remain a great talent. Every moron who’s ever been on a team that won an English Federation Cup feels the need to chime in with his own lessons about what Pogba must do in order to become great. None of these players have ever gotten to a World Cup final, let alone win one. Pogba has! Why the scrutiny?

Pogba is African and he needs every European tutelage in order that he can become truly great. This is the paralogism that drives the frenzy, although its pervasiveness is lost on the morons who have football lessons for the World Cup winner in Pogba. The idea that Pogba needs, or even needed discipline, or should accept more discipline — whatever that is — is only lost on English fans and their catamite, Jose Mourinho (Pogba’s former coach).

Mourinho was a good coach at Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. His successes nonetheless, especially after Porto depended on great players, notably: Drogba, Ibahimovic, Essien, Ronaldo, etc.

Paul Pogba is a great player. A phenomenal man. A world cup winner. An European cup winner. An Europa Cup winner. Many Italian Cup winner! He is the very definition of a proven footballer. Pogba defines the term professional footballer. He schools others, not the other way around!

Moaning-hoe, speaking for the first time after being fired from Manchester Utd, on BeIN Sports, is silly to even insinuate, if even in the slightest terms, that Pogba is not a professional. Just because Mourinho failed as a coach when he clearly had the best player in the world, on his team, doesn’t mean it is Pogba’s fault that he is now a stupid, stubborn, arrogant, spoiled coach, now turned soccer pundit. Good riddance.

Great players who played the game like Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the interim Man Utd coach, understand pure geniuses like Pogba. Mourinho, on the other hand, was a bad footballer — no matter how much he tried — although he grew up under the tutelage of his father, who was a football manager.

BeIN Sports is a good place for the likes of Mourinho. I adore arrogant pundits. And Mourinho is undoubtedly one arrogant man from start. Stubborn and arrogant pundits make the game a lot more fan than those who drone on in television (like Wolf Blitzer of the Caucasian News Network, CNN).

But the world have had it with this spoiled brat as a manager of any football team; Mourinho’s rise to football management is that his own father was a coach who knew the great coach, Van Gaal, under whom Mourinho became an apprentice at Barcelona.

Good riddance! Again, the idea that Pogba needs anyone’s discipline, or tutelage, or that he is not a professional, is lost only on haters; pure haters of the beautiful game. Let me remind those English fans that Pogba is a grown-ass man. He is not a boy! He knows how to put food on his family’s table better than 99 percent of English men. What idiots, really!

Why do I dislike Mourinho’s Comments? Am I a Manchester United fan?

Far from it. I actually liked Jose Mourinho. But recently he’s been picking on Paul Pogba for his failure in management. It is a bit rich of him to think his failure at Man Utd was due to one player’s supposed indiscipline (BeIN Sports). Or worse, it is a bit disingenuous of Moaning-hoe to think that Pogba needs to be built into something else. Into something like what – N’Golo Kante?

Oh no! Even N’Golo Kante, another world cup winner is also being re-built in the form of Paul Pogba. Kante is now an attacking midfielder at Chelsea Football Club after three years in the English Premiership, where he won the league with two different clubs back-to-back as a defensive midfielder. Kante too cannot escape the re-moulding hands of that omnipresent European hand. No matter that you are more talented, and have achieved far more than that hand!

Worse, European hands like Moaning-hoe’s proceed to use the most implicit racist terms to address Pogba when their help is refused. Terms like “unprofessional,” “boy,” “need to grow up,” “need discipline,” and such are historically and contextually notorious words/terms used to infantilize African men in Sports. Mourinho uses and sells all of those terms knowing full well that he feeds the racist BBC, ESPN, NBCSports, and their grandchildren journalists, the diet they need to paint Pogba as some child needing tutelage, needing the direction of white European men. Pogba is not a child!

Again, I was a Mourinho fan, but he’s not oblivious to the baiting he has engaged in thus far. Which should worry all his fans. That he keeps at it, infuriates me. First, and a correction, he needs to obtain some needed perspective. Second, and last, Pogba is a fine footballer, the current best in the world, and Mourinho is a failed coach. Period.

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~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you enjoyed this essay and would like to support more content like this one, please pour the Ancestors some Libation in support of my next essay, or you can go bold, very bold and invoke them. Here's my CashApp: $TheRealNarmer


  1. Narmer Amenuti You are ranting but i like your take on, Mourhino, I love, but he needs to adapt, Intransigence doesn’t always win! His Perspective needs some changing.

    • If I am ranting, it must be that I am utterly tired, exhausted from the unchallenged rants in the sports media that Pogba is some kid who needs discipline. Nobody writes or says that nonsense about Messi or Ronaldo (an alleged rapist), or do they? None of whom are world cup winners!

  2. What has knowing how to put food on the table of your family got to do being professional?

    Second, Mourinho wasn’t, he is a good coach. He is a strong personality, with very principles he doesn’t joke with. He’s prepared to “go down” standing by his principles. To him, good principles shouldn’t expire – if it was good for Lampard, Essien, Maniche, Makelele, Costinha, Xabi Alonso, Schneider, Modric, Ballack, and other more successful midfielders, why not Pogba? Why should the rules be bent because of Pogba?

    Third, what makes you think the situation, today, won’t change with Olé? Was it not the same when Mourinho bought him? Didn’t you hear Mourinho support him in first season when all United legends were criticising him for poor performance, week-in and week-out? Didn’t you see hugs with Mourinho after matches?

    • Ok, I will bite. Enlighten me about the vaunted principles you so believe to be Mourinho’s strength. What are they, please list them? And are they not supposed to be unchallenged, by anyone, at all?

      And what about the meme, “If it is good for the geese then it must be good for the gander?” How about if Pogba is great for Conte, for Deschamps and for Ole (this is Ole’s second coaching of Pogba), why not for Mourinho? Have you ever considered that alternative to the meme you just repeated?

    • More, Pogba was great for Mourinho in the first two years, according to Mourinho himself, until Pogba won the world cup. After that, Pogba was no good any more. Hint, hint: Jealousy! Jealousy beacoup!

  3. “What has knowing how to put food on the table of your family got to do with being professional?” Prince Wiredu Phinehas, I think Narmer said that in jest.
    Reconsider the context: If a group of men keep referring to another man as a kid, as a boy who needs their direction, then it is a tongue-in-cheek statement to say that the supposed “boy” or “kid” knows how to be a man better than this group of men. The idea that men who have never laced their boots on a soccer pitch keep antagonizing another man to become more of a man (disciplined/professional) on the pitch seems to be an odd reality, when in fact it is the man on the pitch who keeps his job in the way that makes him more of a man in the capitalists system.
    Within that context the jest is pretty apt.

    • I disagree. Money has nothing to do with professionalism. The fact that you’re earning good money in wherever you find yourself doesn’t make you professional in that field. There are many situations whereby one’s talent or knowledge in something, makes employers overlook their flaws. But it doesn’t mean their flaws don’t exist.

  4. Narmer Amenuti, well, to Mourinho, there’s no favorite in a team. The favorite is one who, in spite of everything, puts the success of the group first. He had to drop Casillas, the favorite of Madrid, for a third choice goalkeeper. He dropped Pepe for Varane(a 19-year-old then) when Pepe’s form dipped. The list is endless. So only play because you’re doing well, and not because you’re Pogba.

    Second, what did Pogba challenge? Maybe you should also list those things he challenged.

    What could Pogba have done under Conte? Who was he at that time? If Tevez, Pirlo, Buffon, etc were playing without talking, who was he, then, to make noise? And who was going to listen to his noise? He only became arrogant when he realized he is in a club where he’s the most valuable. That’s all.

    Again, don’t bring Deschamps into this. Pogba isn’t the best player in the national team. In fact, there are many players on the waiting list who are as good as Pogba. You think if Mourinho were the national team manager of France, Pogba will be fooling around? Benzema is the best striker for France, but he’s not called.

    And on the Ole issue, please, don’t go there. Maybe you should be reading about the reason why Sir Alex had to let Pogba go for free.

    • How convenient. You defend everyone around Pogba but Pogba himself. You base your whole rant on the prevailing idea that only Mourinho, sin Pogba, is a principled man in this affair. No one else can be so principled to hold unto their vaunted principles, but Mourinho alone! That Mourinho’s principles have made him successful in football. Well, he isn’t richer than Pogba! And Pogba is a world cup winner, just to remind you, whether or not you judge him to be the best player or not! Mourinho cannot touch that.

      On footballing success alone, Pogba is a very successful entertainer! More successful than Mourinho in PPP! On principle alone Mourinho’s principles do not take him further than two years at any club. He fails and gets sucked every third year at any club. So much for his success as a coach! So much for his vaunted principles.

      You raised the issue of the man’s principles. I asked you to list them, but you can’t. There are none. You know of none. You are reading stuff that simply is not there!

      Look, I get it, you love Mourinho and I am setting fire under the wet blanket dreams of yours and your beloved. Perhaps you abhor Pogba as well. I am not sure. But let me assure you of something: What Pogba has achieved in 25 young years is a herculean feat. More, no professional footballer, or professional athlete is lazy, undisciplined, or unprofessional. Those who use those words on athletes have never been athletes themselves! They tried, perhaps, but they failed. To be an athlete, especially a professional athlete takes hard-work, discipline and steady principles. You probably didn’t know that.

      As for the rest of you rant about how “Other” people were always better than Pogba, and bigger, and smarter, and that and this, you are your own judge. I take it that only these “others” have principles vaunted enough to stand by without bulging; as for Pogba, who is he to even have principles of his own? Who is Pogba that he should think of himself better than others? Only Mourinho, per your estimation, can think of himself better than others. And there he goes… out of work, out of coaching, failing, bitter, senile and perched as only a stupid arrogant football pundit. All that for some “great” principles!

    • I beg oh but how can one compare the achievements of a footballer to a coach which is what we seem to be doing ? I thought those are two different things all together, playing football and coaching?

  5. Mou is now the angry and disturbed one. His era of hoofing and launching it long had been long gone. He is now Wenger of his own career. Specialist in failure


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