The New Patriotic Party, if their recent utterances are anything to go by, seem to believe, that Ghanaians ought to be grateful to them for deciding to go to court and not engaging in bloodshed. We are so lucky, that they, in their magnanimity, have spared us our dear little lives and decided to allow the Supreme Court to do its work. In so doing, they believe, they have spared us the wrath of the gods, good lads, and the fire and brimstone that they are potentially capable of unleashing on us poor souls.

It is as if we were back to that same old story of the great emperor of yore, who, armed with a sword and about to slash off the head of an enemy, suddenly dropped the sword and said “I pardon you” That was supposed to be a manifestation of a greater power beyond the realms of comprehension of mere mortals – I pardon you. Well done NPP.

On behalf of all the poor little souls of Ghana, maybe I should express heartfelt gratitude to the great masters of our times for their sensitivity and goodwill to Ghanaians. One has just got to laugh at the sheer silliness of it all. We have peace in Ghana; there is no bloodshed in Ghana, not because of the NPPs magnanimity but in spite of their nefarious well thought-out strategy to make this country ungovernable and to spill blood should they lose the elections.

It all started with all-die-be die, a call on Ghanaians to be prepared to shed blood if necessary so one man can be president. Then there was Kennedy Agyapong’s call on Ashanti’s to murder all Ewes and Gas. Then there was the treacherous and reckless declaration of results in favour of Akuffo Addo and a call on supporters to go out unto the street to celebrate. And yet, the NPP has the audacity to demand our gratitude to them for the peace in the country?

This is a party that is so democratic, so believes in the rule of law, holds the Supreme Court in so much reverence, has so much faith in their own evidence, that they find it necessary to hold regular press conferences to whip up public sentiments even though the case has been filed before a competent court of jurisdiction. That is yet another vain attempt to create an atmosphere that would facilitate mayhem should they lose the court case.

So, NPP, we owe you no gratitude. We have peace in Ghana not because of anything you may or may not have done but because for the first time in Ghana, our security men were up to the task and were well-equipped and well-motivated to ensure peace. It is to them we owe gratitude. And indeed, should you attempt to disrupt the peace, would you be mercilessly crushed. And, if in the future Mr Obetsebi-Lamptey’s children, as he puts it, should decide to engage in bloodshed because of elections, then they would be mercilessly crushed as well. We have had enough of this nonsense.


  1. Obestebi should be ashamed of himself, his nonsense and his NPP bravado. If hew think he is a man, he should meet up with JJ. Foolish ofri jato.

  2. Why do we even listen to this idiotic ofri jato? Why? He talks about war? He? Him? The guy has never held a cutlass his entire life and hi talks about war. War? This guy?


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