European Scholars and their fellow Afrosaxons and Afrogauloises, who reside at home and abroad, have critiqued African societies for so long and for far too many narrow agendas that they fail to also understand, at least, that in the longer-term, their newer, more childish, immature, fledgling, over-exuberant societies in Europe and the Americas can also be critiqued with an equally muscular vim.

They drive around Ntoaboma, in their Newly-Acquired-With-African-Loot (NAWAL) Land Cruisers, raising their noses at our women—our grandmothers, great grandmothers, mothers, aunties, sisters, cousins, daughters and grand-daughters—as if to say that they’ve achieved something higher, more dependable than our women.

But they are wrong. They have nothing! Absolutely nothing! Else, why leave this fine and happy England? Why escape this beautiful and civilized New England, USA? Why dock at our shores with the muscular vim of your nuclear forces from all these pretty and blissful places in Europe and the Americas? Why loot African resources? Why drive around in your NAWAL equipment?

What? To share in the benefits of your NAWAL civilizations? To teach us how to subjugate other people? How to commit genocides? How to loot other people’s resources? What at all are these NAWAL benefits of European civilization? What are they?

Meanwhile, your own women are homeless and defenseless on your own streets, right under your own noses—the same noses you come to Ntoaboma to raise at our women as if somehow, our women should choose rather to become like you! To become factory-workers, and be homeless and defenseless on the streets just like you, other than to maintain their own homes in Ntoaboma, and raise their own children?

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