I could care less whether they won or never showed up. Those of us who live in Ghana know that our friends, our children and their children are some of the smartest people on the planet. Some of us don’t need competition to tell us so. Others do, and this is for you! You see?

This Kentry needs something to come alive. What it needs has yet to be made manifest. I believe when that which is needed is made manifest in our leaders, this Kentry, and this part of the world called West Africa would undoubtedly lead the world out of the prevailing decadence brought upon it by western civilization (or shall I call it barbarism?)

The point is not that we cannot change the world for the better. The point is not that we are incapable. The point is how and when to release that coiled-up energy to change the world after centuries of exploitation and dehumanization at the hands of Europeans.

Some idiots are already thinking that these girls should be given scholarships to study abroad. Which is another way of saying that they should be given to the Anti-Black Europeans in Europe and America to train. For what? These idiots have never considered imploring all the monied people in Ghana, and the Ghana (Silly) Government, to build a formidable robotics school to breed these engineers in-house. Idiots only think about how to hand over their own children to child molesters. Often these idiots are not even aware of their own actions. Idiots.

I believe there’s hope. But even as lights at the end of tunnels go, we must reach for them (sometimes by force). When the leaders who can inspire us to do what we are capable of doing emerge out of the dust one day, we would have reached the end of that brutal tunnel. The thing is that there are many Devils preventing our prophets to show. Still, I believe that one day the Son/Daughter of (Wo)Man will be made manifest and the struggle will forever be overcome.

Kudos to Ghana girls everywhere. Kudos to mother power!



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