Mali Needs Civilian Rule: Why?

Why are so many invested in making sure that Mali’s new Military Leader (by coup), return the country to Civilian Rule?

Sure, military rule is a dictatorship of the military. I accept. But so is civilian rule: It is a dictatorship of the monied interests. And most often in Africa, these monied interests are almost all invaders!

How then are the corrupt civilians any different from the corrupt military leaders? One has a gun and the other does not? This is not even true. The civilian ensures and maintains his/her rule through the gun. (Some are shocked, but we live and learn!)

Others will say that we vote for civilians, we don’t for military leaders. Sure, in what way is voting in a Duopoly any more satisfying or liberating than not voting at all? Is it the act that shrouds the minds?

I agree to this extent with Noam Chomsky when he writes that [civilian] government is the shadow cast by monied interests. 

Are we so fooled by the oxymoron of “civilian rule” that we cannot see the hypocrisy when the corrupt civilian governments of West Africa (urged on by the Euro-American handlers) gather to force the hand of another country to return to civilian rule?

Civilian rule only means as much as to coax you into believing it is better than anything else. But, it isn’t. What most are unaware of is that The Global Monied Interests, aka the Euro-American Empire, has succeeded in manufacturing public consent for our own demise.

Civilian government or not, that is not the problem. The problem is that we are beset upon by Economic Vultures from Euro-America who are prepared to support any system that enhances and facilitates their looting and piracy in Africa.

We should be more concerned about how to solve this problem and not be fixated upon the fine manufactured-educated doctrines of the processes we are asked to maintain.

The only sad thing for me to see is that most military leaders who come up in West Africa, including this one in Mali, have not been intelligent enough to add a bunch of Warrior Mothers to their staff. That would be interesting! Or would it not?

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  1. Education is the Key…. Hard work is the lock…. Innovative thinking is the hinge…. Africa’s potential is the door..
    We can unlock the door but we have to work harder and educate our ninds

  2. It reminds me of General Alexander Haig who stated that “I’m in charge” when cowboy Reagan was shot. I believe, Mali would be better off with military and mixture of civilians to help this struggling nation deal with corruption and factional so called jihadist roaming wide.

  3. We have a right as sovereign people to be ruled the way the “people” want. That can take “any” format. If the military is to rule an Afrikan nation, it should rule according to “Maat”, (truth, reciprocity, justice, morality, equality, order, balance, righteousness). If it does, and the people support it, it is fine. All over the world, including the states, un- named dictatorships are, and have been in place. Today, the United States operates as such.

  4. The educational system makes docile men and women who abide by their English school books. So really a coup is the only way to bring genuine non English educated rulers to power, whatever their flaws may be.


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