Killer of Sheep.

The sheep are being slaughtered. Left and right, front and center. Day in and day out, the sheep are taken to the slaughter. The sheep are dying and, some allege, being executed. How can we turn the tide on this tragedy of sheep?

“What’s in it for us?” ask the chickens. “Sure, it’s bad that sheep are going missing and not coming back. But we have our own chicken-problems. If we solve these sheep-problems, will we also try to solve our chicken-problems too. Or do we just stop killing sheep and ignore all the chickens with grievances?”

Meanwhile, the sheep are still dying.

And the rabbits say, “The rabbits aren’t getting slaughtered like the sheep. Maybe there’s something wrong about the way the sheep are going about their lives. Maybe they should spend less time on the farm or more time on the farm. Maybe they should eat more grass or less grass. I don’t know. But if it were really a problem with animals and not just the sheep, wouldn’t the rabbits be slaughtered, too, at the same rate the sheep are slaughtered? Wouldn’t the chickens be slaughtered in the same manner? I don’t know. Maybe the sheep should look within themselves and ask what it is they are doing that they are getting slaughtered like that.”

The rate at which the sheep are dying, centuries later, has not slowed. It is astonishing how the sheep suffer and no animals have come up with a workable solution to end the killing.

Next, the wolves speak up, “You know, I think it’s a tragedy that the sheep are dying in a disproportionate fashion compared to other animals. And I think we as animals should do something about it. In fact, it is our duty as animals to do something about it. My only concern is: there’s simply no way we’re going to get any wolves on board to help just the sheep. It sounds horrible coming out of my mouth, I know. We should put an end to this sheep-killing. We really should. But the long and short of it is: I just don’t see how we’re going to get any wolves at all to sign off on this. Maybe one or two but that’s about it.”

The pigs interject, “Could we say something like, instead of all sheep’s lives matter, maybe all animals’ lives matter? Just that turn of phrase might help get more pigs on board. And maybe the chickens too, and the rabbits and the wolves, since they also expressed concern with talking about sheep. Let’s add more animals to the platform and see that we can’t help that sheep-problem if we fix these other problems that the pigs and other animals are having. I think it’s great that we’ve brought up this sheep issue because it gives us a chance to see what issues the other animals are having as well.”

And so it goes.

So goes the tale of the sheep and their killer, the course of the animal kingdom or of human history.

Call it politics, apathy, cowardice, survival, civilization, or barbarism.

What does happen to the chickens, the rabbits, the wolves, and the pigs? What happens to the sheep and their killer? Who is their killer? So it goes…

No animal, except the sheep, speak of the sheep’s murderer. All animals, except for the sheep, suffer from average intelligence: The vast masses of them could care less about the murder of sheep if it involved the end to sheep killing; if it involved the empowering of the sheep to protect themselves from their murderer.

So it goes in the minds of animals of average intelligence…

The vast masses of them care too much about their ordinary lives so much so that they could not be expected to understand that the sheep and what the sheep suffer is the very metaphor for all their animal problems. The vast masses of pigs, goats, rabbits and dogs cannot be expected to comprehend the simple foregoing reality that fighting the sheep’s murderer, and helping the sheep to protect themselves against their murderer, is indeed the very beginning for animal salvation from all animal problems.

Alas, all animals, except the sheep, are of average intelligence. So it goes: The tale of the sheep and their killer, the course of the animal kingdom or of human history.


  1. The Killer of Sheep is the Primitive Accumulator. Primitive accumulation is a sickness. It robs the human being of the capacity for basic human decency. It robs the soul of basic humanity. It blinds the human eye.

    European nations, European pirates and European colonizers around the world are Killers of Sheep. In Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, USA and such, they suffer from a severe form of this paralysis. Anti-Black Capitalism. With it, all forms of the African expression of humanity must be insidiously and violently exploited for the one goal: to concentrate resources and wealth in the hands of Europeans!

    Primitive accumulation finds its most virulent expression among Europeans in the United States of America: (1) 250+ years of unfettered kidnapping and enslavement of West Africans, (2) 100 years of violent civil and economic deprivation of Africans in America and (3) 60 years of a Mass Incarceration effort to cull the African American populations of America.

    It is sheer sickness. Madness. Come to think of it. In the end, wherever the European has gone, he has been nothing but painful, murderous and genocidal. Killer of Sheep. All he needs to know is that he has been infected with a virulent idea, a sickness: Primitive Accumulation. And that he is infecting this very planet with it. That soon, there can be no planet left to infect. (Or is that his mission?)


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