Israel is making clear its intentions in negotiations with the African Union, bribing AU leaders – or what they call lobbying in the United States – for an observer status with the African Union (AU) akin to the one it held with the former Organization of African Unity (OAU).

No wonder the OAU was a failure! What does Israel want to observe in Africa?

Not-knowing, Israel was an observer member at the OAU until 2002, when the organization was dissolved and replaced by the African Union. Israel was then blocked from being included as an AU observer by the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

And for good reason. But it did not turn out well for Muammar.

At a time when the United States – heavily influenced by Israel – is spreading its Military Industrial Complex across the vast savannas of Africa, inviting Israel to this august Union is God-forbidden. Israel is part of an imperialist reach and allowing it as an observer status will be tantamount to signing away the soul of the African continent for Re-Colonization.

Together with the US, led by Barack Hussein Obama, who claims his father was born in Kenya, Israel spearheaded intelligence to get Muammar Gaddafi brutally murdered. Alas, for what?


This single fact should remind all African leaders that Israel is a rogue nation that stops at nothing, and is only interested in extending the global financial capitalism, which its people hold sway in the West, to spread across Africa as well.

In recent years, the US, with Israeli interests, has quietly ramped up its military presence across Africa, even though they officially insist their footprint on the continent is light. The decisive point for this heavy transformation seems to escape the leadership of the African Union. Through President Barack Hussein Obama, the first African American president of the US,  America has doubled its incursions into African territory without invitation.

Israel is not an African country in the same way as Barack Hussein Obama is not African. At best, Israel is a racist nation infamous for flaunting human rights laws especially when it comes to the way it treats people of African descent and Palestinians.

The African Union would be committing suicide if she allows Israel to become an AU observer. Israel has no place in Africa. In fact, Israel should be reported to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in its involvement together with the US in violating the integrity and sovereignty of the African State of Libya and for murdering a sitting Head of State.

Much further, Israel must be investigated by the ICC, if the ICC was a genuine court at all, for the myriad cases of racism and human rights violations in Israel against people of African descent.

Should it be necessary, the news must be broken to those African leaders who have left their African traditions and cultures behind, that Israel is actually not an exceptional nation, let alone a ‘chosen’ one at that. It’s hegemony in the Middle East is because its ally in the United States is ready to use Nuclear Weapons on any people to safeguard Israeli interests.

The AU will be shooting herself in the foot if she allows Israel into the Union in any capacity whatsoever. The AU must as well sell Africa to Israel and all of its greedy oligarchs across the western world. That would be a more benign end to the hopes and aspirations of the people of Africa.

It is in this light that the statements of Sharon Bar-Li, director of Africa Economic Affairs in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about establishing observer status with the African Union as a priority of her government, should be viewed.

The African Union cannot commit suicide. Allowing Israel into the Africa Union, no matter the role or status, should be seen across the continent as a coup d’état.

There is not one benefit that our countries in the Union can reap from a relationship with Israel; not on any economic level, not on any political level, certainly not on any security level and absolutely not on any assured development of the African continent.

How can the leaders of the African Union not see a nation in Israel that is more interested in its parochial and gluttonous interests around the world? Israel is essentially part of the European Union though it’s a country located in the Middle East alright. It is a country heavily subsidized by oligarchs in the west who claim Jewish ancestry but make their money through the inhumane Financial Capitalism now choking most western countries economically to the death.

Africa has nothing tangible or intangible to reap from any relationship with Israel, but everything to lose!

What has Israel to offer Africa, except to rob Africa? Israel is only a first world country today, because it was sumptuously compensated by Germany for Nazi Crimes, though its people in the US seem reluctant to assert that right to African Americans whose ancestors suffered four centuries of slavery.

How about Africa? Is Israel interested in asserting the right of African States to receive the proper compensation for centuries of colonial occupation and exploitation by the Western nations they now financially control? Or is Israel looking to Africa to exploit it beyond recognition?

Israel is only a nation that calls itself developed because it continues to receive billions of dollars from the United States government in aid.

In addition, this is a nation that continues to oppress and terrorize a hitherto sovereign nation in Palestine. Palestinians today are terrorized everyday of their lives by the people and government of Israel in the same way as African Americans are thrown into jail by American Police forces and stuffed into the Prison Industrial Complex which is owned and run by predominantly Jews in the US.

The AU is totally in the right to grant Palestine observer status in 2013 for these reasons. That right cannot be accorded Israel in the face of the evidence.

Yoram Elron, head of the African division in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs can jump to high heaven and plead with Yahweh all he wants. The AU should not grant Israel observer status. Period. It is a country stooped in backwardness and total disregard for human rights and civil rights.

The African Union, like the United Nations, should be lauded for expressing concerns over what they have called the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and other Arab territories, which everyone in Africa agrees violates international law.

How can such a rogue nation be given observer status in the African Union. No way!


  1. Menes is baffled by Isarel’s attempt to have its Observer Status at the African Union re-instated. Muammar Gaddafi had insisted that Israel be left out of the AU after the organization transformed from the defunct OAU. Nkrumah’s dream, all along, had been realized. But Israel cannot seem to stay off. For a country that is fully supported by the US and by US Nuclear Weapons, Israel in a way, together with the US are to blame for the crises in Libya. No African would claim Gaddafi was a perfect Human Being. But he kept his country together! He kept pushing for a more independent Africa, not so he can be president of her, but so Africa can stop her dependence on the west. The US took Nkrumah from us. The US and Israel have taken Muammar Gaddafi too. Now Israel wants Observer status? Who do these people think they are? The chosen people? Where? When? How? The day this fake nation is allowed that status again at the AU, African might as well just sell herself into broad day light prostitution. ‘This is madness’ says the Persians. This is madness!

  2. You are so right, Akosua. They are also trying desperately to paint Kagame is a negative light and take him too but we are on to this game by now.

  3. British and nigeria should let Biafrans go that’s the only way you may stop Israel from observing Africa because soo America will join Israel on same Africa observation


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