Image: A girl playing the Xylophone. Tamale, Ghana
Image: A girl playing the Xylophone. Tamale, Ghana

Evil & Shame: Colonialism and Civilization.

Evil and shame are two related realities of life against which the Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors (the Metha) has developed a counter narrative. The Metha in the west and in Africa have a fundamental problem with defining evil and shame. In fact, they often equivocate, in general, when asked to define simple things. Their neoliberal, neo-colonial indoctrination (due to an internal colonialism and an external, geopolitical colonialism) demands this behaviour from the Metha.

For instance, the Metha in the United States are preoccupied with the trauma of the over 300 years of Chattel Slavery at the hands of the pagan, primitive peoples of Europa. Any attempt, hence, to speak of culture, tradition, discipline and structure quickly elicits and also enervates traumatic experiences of bondage.

The Metha are not aware of this attitude, however, but they speak against all forms of structure—like the institution of the nuclear family—as if all structures are in themselves designed to oppress them. No matter that the very origins of these culture-systems are only found with the original, civilized peoples of Africa long before the pagan, primitive peoples of Europa seized the upper-arm on terrorism and violence over African peoples.

The Metha in Africa are no different. They are plagued with the fear of their own colonial indoctrination—the one very insane idea that Europeans came to Africa to help, or even save, and not to loot and rape. With this type of indoctrination, any attempt to suggest to the Metha to adopt or re-adopt the ancient, civilized socio-cultural systems of Africa evokes feelings of sabotage and betrayal of their very colonial training. The mere attempt to cherish what is African triggers the Metha into a convulsive-fit in which they begin to guard themselves from “romanticizing” African culture.

Of course, this kind of fit, and the attitude against structure, are framed in the neoliberal sense as mere “critique” of African culture or as a safe examination of the truth-value of the civilization structures that have existed long before the pagan, primitive Europeans invented Colonialism globally, and Chattel Slavery in the Americas. More, the critique almost always takes the form of shaming African systems of thought and existence, and they manufacture all forms of evil, without understanding that they are projecting their own warped psyche upon the African reality.

In the twenty-first century the Metha are so traumatized that the mere retort in any public discourse that the nuclear family is the basis of building stable communities anywhere—even among the pagans—becomes a kind of threat to the Metha’s worldview. Yet, the Metha do not have a workable, alternative solution, except ideological ones in which they offer to beat, with actual force, all of those who don’t find their ideas natural, into towing their lines, swallowing their paralogism, hook, line and sinker.

Unnatural ideas do not hold civilizationally. Never. The attempt to construct alternative realities for original peoples from neoliberal ideas as as much as pagan and primitive as was the reality of Chattel Slavery and Colonialism that Europeans constructed against African peoples everywhere they went. The Metha has long to become aware of this—in fact, they will never become aware of it. And so we contend with their evil and shame.

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  1. Yes colonialism has made the Metha afraid of his own shadow. He is afraid to talk about and own his past and his heritage. That leaves him stuck under the pale thumb of the parasite looking for a host.


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