The Enlightenment Thugs also known as the European Union or EU for short recently announced a preposterous policy in regards to Libya. They proposed to be empowered by a UN Security Council resolution to take action against so-called people’s smugglers in Libya by destroying their boats at port before they smuggle their human cargo to the borders of the EU.

The proposition was so ridiculous that the Russian representative to the UN Vitali Churkin said that was extreme and asked rhetorically what would happen to the people on board the boats destroyed? These are his exact words;

Imagine if 1,000 people are taken off a ship in the Libyan territorial waters. What is to be done with them, where should they be taken? Left on the shore?”

He was seconded by the Deputy Spokesman to the UN Secretary General Farhan Haq who quoted Ban Ki-moon as saying that he did not believe military operations could help save people.

This fantastic and stupid proposal was articulated by the EU’s foreign policy chief Frederica Mogherini. I thought I had seen all the Orwellian madness from the EU but this one hits a new low from the so-called civilized west and their “enlightenment” with the appendage of spouting human rights nonsense and European values.

Let us analyze how Libya found itself in this situation and how it contributed to the current boat people crisis in the littoral states of the Mediterranean. In October 2011 the Gadhafi regime in Libya was overthrown after months of relentless bombing and arming of Islamic fundamentalists by the west under a spurious interpretation of a UN resolution which did not call for regime change. The bombing campaign in Libya was led by the EU and the Barak “bomb Libya” Obama regime.

The collapse of the Gadhafi regime did not create a Jeffersonian western democracy in Libya but rather led to a failed state where the internationally recognized regime is hanging on precariously in a small port city of Tobruk while the rest of the country is controlled by radical Islamists. Just this week it was announced that Islamic State affiliated Jihadists have captured Sirte the birthplace of Gadhafi and are expanding their presence in Libya. We can now confidently say that the Islamic State not only controls territories in Syria and Iraq but now in Africa particularly in Libya.

It is reasonable to ask, what were the strategic imperatives guiding the destruction of Libya and the Gadhafi regime by the EU thugs and their American masters? The answer is one word Oil. Libya controls very substantial reserves of oil the fuel that powers the modern industrial world. It is the life blood without which much of the EU and the west will grind to a halt.

The destruction of Libya was not to introduce democracy but to create prime conditions for managed chaos which would make it easier to exploit Libyan oil resources for the benefit of the EU thugs and their economies. Lest we forget, the EU desperately wants to reduce its reliance on Russian energy resources, so controlling Libyan energy resources is a prime mover in reducing such dependence.

Our hypothesis is borne out by a remarkable 19 page leaked document prepared by the EU and presented to the UN this May 2015. This was revealed by the German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Economic News) on May 15 2015, under the title “Geheimer Militär-Plan der EU: In Libyen geht es um Öl, nicht um Flüchtlinge” which translated in English using online translation service Yandex means “Secret military Plan of the EU: In Libya is about Oil, not about refugees”.

What are the main points of this document? Let us take a look at it as elucidated in the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten and as translated by Yandex:

“The planned deployment of NATO against Libya contributes significantly to the idea that it is an Invasion. The EU is, moreover, in agreement that civilians during the deployment can be killed. Under the leadership of the U.S. government, the war has become an Instrument of politics in Europe. During the operation, it goes to the control over the Oil production in North Africa.

For the wave of refugees from Libya to stop, it is also apparent that a military intervention with ground troops needs to be planned. These include intelligence, Surveillance and reconnaissance, Logistical support, patrol units, ships, seaplanes; the destruction from the air, on Land and by sea, including military special forces. Therefore NATO would thus be able to intervene as soon as the EU military units from the air, on Land and from the sea are attacked.

The plans because of their exclusively military component do not sound like a serious Plan to address the problem of the refugees in a more humane way. This EU plan creates more suspicion, as it should be, since here under the pretext of refugee-defense is a geopolitical objective to be pursued. The US and the EU seem to try, without engendering much public resistance want to become players in Libya, so that they can bring the Oil production disrupted by the intertribal warfare completely under their control…

The British Guardian which obtained the 19-page Secret-paper which at the United Nations was introduced says about it; it stipulates that troops on the ground in Libya would be needed to destroy the ships, bases as well as fuel storage area and the smugglers.

Accordingly, the focus of the EU strategy paper on the military mission of the air and marine operations also includes that a “presence on the ground” was necessary to effectively combat smuggler networks.”

The essence of this policy paper presented by the EU thugs to the UN is breathtaking in its hypocrisy, to combat smugglers requires the deployment of NATO military assets! Of course we understand the real reason for the deployment. As true of real thugs to steal energy resources in Africa.

A strange consequence of the EU and US misguided policy in Libya which resulted in the destruction of Libya and transforming it into a first class failed state is this recent revelation was the death of the US ambassador to Libya, ambassador Stevens who was killed in Benghazi in September 2012. He was in Benghazi to coordinate the shipment of weapons from the Libyan government stockpile to Islamic militants fighting the Assad government in Syria. The weapons were being shipped from Benghazi to the Syrian ports of Banias and Borg Islam.

The irony in all of this is that Ambassador Stevens was killed by the ideological allies of the Syrian rebels that the US was supporting. One would think that the Obama regime and its EU thugs will learn from this disastrous policy instead of concocting another stupid policy in this EU policy paper presented by the thugs in the EU commission.

We all know what such a policy will bring. It will bring radical Islamic Jihadists streaming into Libya to fight EU and NATO forces. This will certainly pose serious geopolitical systemic risk to African countries further down south like Mali and Niger and even further down to the African countries on the west coast of Africa.

The African Union (AU) should come out firmly to reject this policy proposed by the EU thugs and their Washington masters and should seek the backing of major BRICS countries like Russia, China and India to oppose this lunatic idea. The unfolding farce in Libya created by the west should serve as a wakeup call to Africa that a powerful continent wise military force operating under the AU in an Africa High Command is the only guarantor of stability in Africa from geopolitical thugs a dime a dozen like the EU.


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