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Equal Pay And White Feminism Still Breed Racism

American white women feel their progress matters more than the rights of Black men and women.

NEW YORK, New York, U.S.A. — As the world is inhabited by societies with various traditions, we all may have different cultures. However, we can all agree on one fact: backwards societies are those that by the 21st century refuse to offer equal opportunities and to strive for equal life outcomes for all citizens. On this scale, the United States is a far backwards society that needs to muster the courage to emerge from its enduring barbarism.

There are so many examples of the U.S. tradition of oppression to address at once. But sometimes the most pertinent examples are the ones that go unnoticed, seeming to agree with equal opportunity and outcomes but actually providing the opposite.

Let’s take, for example, the policy of equal pay for equal work performed by citizens.

Of course, the concept of equal pay for equal work should, in its ideal form, embody the labor rights of all individuals and should follow that all individuals should receive the same remuneration for doing the same work. That in itself sounds like a reasonable suggestion to follow. However, in the U.S., the discussion about equal pay does not encompass everyone; instead, the country finagles the issue to benefit only white women.

The U.S. government frames the equal pay issue as a “gender gap”—that “women” suffer financially because they do not make as much money as “men.”

White women do not support equal pay for Latinas and Black women.
White women do not support equal pay for Latinas and Black women.

If the society truly wants to get down to the bottom of equal pay and bring equality to all, it would not focus on the gender gap, it would highlight the race gap. That Blacks suffer financially because they do not make as much money as whites. That Latinos suffer financially because they do not make as much as whites. That Native Americans suffer financially because they do not make as much as whites. The “race gap” is where the problem of equal pay for equal work manifests itself most dangerously.

However, since the majority in U.S. society gleefully practices racism, its solution to the pay problem breeds just more racism: pay white women more money. The plain truth that the practitioners of racism are hiding from everyone is that white women ALREADY make more money than Black men, Latino men, and Native American men. White women ALREADY make more money than Black women, Latinas, and Native American women. So to give white women more money when they already have more money is to add a layer of insult to the inequality pay gap that already exists.

Obviously, whites and Asians make more than the rest of the country,
Obviously, whites and Asians make more than the rest of the country,

The U.S. equal pay movement is forged only to give whites MORE money than they already have!

To reiterate this most overlooked fact, white women make more money than African American men and Latino men. White women make more money than everyone except for white men and the U.S. “model minority” Asians.

Given those facts, wouldn’t the most effective equal pay for equal work policy actually address why Black men do not make as much money as white women? Or why Black men don’t make as much as white men? Wouldn’t a policy that addresses the racial pay gap—like equal pay for Black men—actually do more to close the pay gap?

Yes. Absolutely and positively, yes.

One thousand percent yes.

If the majority of people in the U.S. were actually concerned with closing a pay gap, it would completely focus on racial gaps in pay.

But we have to understand that whites in the U.S. are one thousand percent racist. They only do what is in the best interests of white people.

If we look at median annual earnings, we can see that African American men, African American women, Latino men, Latino women, Native American men, and Native American women ALL make less money than white women. All of those racial groups are more economically oppressed than white women. White women do not need pay help. But Black, Natives, and Latinos in America do need pay help. Then why is the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act named after a white woman? Why is the movement focused on getting white women more money?

The real hypocrisy comes when whites in America preempt the accusal of President Barack Obama as a president for “Black people.” In the mainstream media, American whites inject the fabrication that a Black president would only support policies that only benefit Black people. The irony, however, is that all legal policies in the U.S. only benefit white people.

Affirmative action, which on the surface purported to benefit Blacks by alluding to giving them equal opportunities, actually only benefited white women and gave white women positions in law, politics, government, and business. Now, the Equal Pay legislation only raises the pay for white women, who already have more pay than men and women of other races.

In fact, the symbolic face for the Equal Pay movement is a white woman. The policy is named after a white woman, Lilly Ledbetter, and is known as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. It is no small fact of American history that the very first piece of legislation signed by the first Black President in Barack Obama in January 2009 was this white woman’s policy. Indeed, the hypocrisy of this event should not be lost upon African Americans.

This equal pay movement is simply but one example of evidence that truly shines a light on the racist aims of white feminism. African Americans, especially those who call themselves well-educated, can no longer be fooled by the self-virtuous rhetoric of feminism.

At its roots, feminism has never been about equality for all. It doesn’t aim to get equality for all women. Because if it did, the act would not be named after Lilly Ledbetter, but instead it would be named after some Native American, Latino, or Black man or woman, and it would ask why are these men and women not paid the same as white women and men?

If feminism was not inherently racist, it would want all women to have the same earnings. It would want all people to have the same earnings. It would not aim to catapult white women ahead of all Black people, Latinos, and Native Americans.

White feminism actually breeds more racism. It looks to give white people more. It says: white men have most, white women should take the rest. That’s all there is to feminism. It is a movement that teaches white mothers and daughters to take from Black families. It is a movement that preaches: white women should have the rest!

White women do not advocate for equal pay for Black men and Latino men.
White women do not advocate for equal pay for Black men and Latino men.

If the U.S. was concerned with equal pay for equal work, all the evidence points to a movement that would support closing the racial gap in earnings. When whites in America are vocal that policies should not explicitly benefit African Americans, all they are saying is that they do not want policies for equality.

The only policies that will bring equality in America are race-based policies. Other than that, the government is just doling out more free stuff to white people. This is just how the country is, and perhaps how it will always be until it is colonized and governed by more humane society.

Undoubtedly, the U.S. is not concerned with equal pay. It is only concerned with finding new ways to couch public support for white racism against other racial groups. It is not a society concerned with civilization. Whites in the U.S. do not want Blacks to live free and eat well.

Whites earn disproportionately more than African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos.
Whites earn disproportionately more than African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos.

Given this is how whites in the U.S. treat their fellow Black citizens, we can only wonder how they would view Africans who are not born in their country. Why would whites in the U.S. want Africans to have equal opportunity to live and be merry? Why would whites in the U.S. want Africans to prosper?

Africans should not be fooled by some glossy documents brought to them under the auspices of equality, opportunity, democracy, or social justice. African should not be fooled when whites in the U.S. come to African nations to preach about women’s rights.

Upon lifting the veil of falsehoods, it is apparent what “feminism” and “women’s rights” means for Black Americans. All it means is that Black Americans still have fewer rights than white men and women.

There is no place for this fantasy of “feminism” in Africa. There is no place for this illusion of “women’s rights” that actually fosters inequality.

No matter what culture, no matter if we are in the 21st century or the 1st century, to lie about equal rights: that is just barbarism.


  1. Nefetiti goes to work on this idea that Feminism, like Affirmative Action of old, in the US is good for African American women. The stats portray a different story. It’s quite clear that racial inequality is a much bigger problem than any attempt to paint a Gender Gap as significant, when white women still make more than Black men, Black women, Latino Men, Latina Women, Native American Men, Native American women. America has a Racial Gap to concentrate on than it has a Gender inequality problem.

  2. This is not even fact – this the law of the American land. Racism all day with little sprinkles of ‘House Negroes’. Oh, I know!

  3. Very poignant arguments. Very obvious what the data indicates. I don’t know how others tell a different story every time they look at those graphs. How do you see Gender Gap, and not a Racial Gap? Beats me.

  4. Interesting, I don’t see you complaining that Asians make more. It’s all about the white people keeping you down. How about an article crying racism about ASIANS making more than black AND white people? Oh yeah, because that would not push your anti-white agenda to try and create a race war. Silly me.


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