US, New York City – The overwhelming majority of African American voters in recent elections have sided with the Democratic Party, but to no avail. Across all indicators, conditions for Blacks in America have worsened. Blacks are the least employed, least educated, and most incarcerated group.

By all accounts, the Democratic Party has failed tremendously to uphold its promise to Black citizens, who have been gifting their votes and received nothing in return.

However, contemporary Black voters, particularly young people, demonstrate a greater understanding of their bottom caste status in an American society that falsely purports itself to be democratic. Young activists in the Black community have lately challenged politicians, in an attempt to hold them responsible – or else the community will withhold its vote.

As the US nears presidential primary season, Hillary Clinton, once again, finds herself in a bind. She, along with her husband, the former President Bill Clinton, have a despicable reputation in the eyes of African Americans. Under Bill Clinton’s administration, the mass incarceration epidemic became fully entrenched in American social policy.

Clinton solidified the War on Blacks that began with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. His presidency invited the privatization of prisons. For Bill Clinton, catching Black men and women and locking them away in jail for months, years, decades, life, or killing them in prison under the death penalty was just another way for capitalists to profit on Black bodies.

Hillary Clinton lobbied lawmakers to back the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which Bill Clinton signed into law in 1994. Not only did the bill provide 9.7 billion US dollars in prison funding, it was the largest crime bill in US history. Subsequently, under the Clinton administration, from 1992 to 2000, the number of prisoners in the US increased nearly 60 percent.

Black Lives Matter Movement Activists confronted Hillary Clinton on this very matter, urging with her to own up to her role in African Americans’ disadvantaged situation in America today. They also asked where her heart was in the matter, what her mistakes were, and what she would do differently.

In true politician form, Hillary Clinton was unwilling to engage in that discussion with the African American youth. She took no ownership of her role in strengthening the prison industrial complex under the Clinton administration wherein so many African Americans’ lives were ruined.

In the interview with the activists, Hillary Clinton was just as passive and nonchalant as she was while millions of Black men and women lost precious spans of their life in jail, in prison, on parole, and on death row; meanwhile, Clinton’s prison investments and her Wall Street cronies raked in millions of dollars.

One Blacks Lives Matter activist said: “America’s first drug is freeing Black labor and turning Black bodies into profit.” The young activist further compared the mass incarceration system to the atrocities of American slavery.

In this vein, Bill and Hillary Clinton are modern day slave owners who brought slavery back to America. That is why there are beloved by their billionaire friends. That is why Bill Clinton got two terms of eight years in office. That is why the billionaires have been trying since 2008 to get Hillary into the presidency.

The ones who have already chosen who is going to be the next president anyway, the game being rigged and all. But unfortunately for Hillary, even with her silver spoon, she will need more than support from billionaires to sneak into the oval office. She will need support from both Black and Latino voters.

But Hillary feels that she is entitled to Black and Latino support. She does not feel she needs to earn their respect. She feels no remorse for putting so many Black and Latino people in prison. She is not sorry. There is ample blood on her hands, and she is proud.

Julius Jones, founder of Black Lives Matter chapter in Worcester, Massachusetts, said of Clinton:  “She was not willing to concede that the inherent anti-Blackness in the policies that were enacted to address problems is the cause of the problems we have today.”

Instead of addressing her role of destabilizing Black communities, Hillary Clinton instead felt she should assume a position of superiority over Black people. She talked down to the Black activists, lecturing them – the people who themselves are facing racism and discrimination – on race in America.

Hillary Clinton said: “There has to be some positive vision and plan that you can move people toward. Once you say, you know, this country has still not recovered from its original sin, which is true, once you say that, then the next question by people who are on the sidelines, which is the vast majority of Americans, the next question is, well so what do you want me to do about it? What am I supposed to do about it? That’s what I’m trying to put together in a way that I can explain it and I can sell it. Because in politics, if you can’t explain it and you can’t sell it, it goes on a shelf.”

In other words, Black people are getting shot by government workers (police) and Hillary Clinton wants the victims to come up with a plan to stop the brutality. She  wants Black people to solve the problem that whites, including whites in government, began and continue to prolong.

In a delusional breath, Clinton maintains that the majority of Americans are not involved in racism but “on the sidelines.” Clearly, she has no knowledge of white privilege. The majority of whites in America are not merely on any sidelines, but are benefiting from the War on Blacks – while Black people are being shot and put in jail, white people are getting jobs, buying houses, and starting families. The constant plundering, policing, and disruption of one group enables the other to thrive unfettered.

America’s problem is not being inclusive of Black people, but Hillary Clinton urges Black people, and not the person who wants to be president, to have a goal to solve America’s problem. She implicitly puts the burden of the problem on Black people. Her reasoning collides with Republican narratives of personal responsibility. Clinton thinks it is Black people’s responsibility to get white people to stop shooting them.

What use is a presidential candidate if every time you ask them about an issue, they retort: “Well so what do you want me to do about it? What am I supposed to do about it?”

All Black people in America want is to be treated like citizens and not to be target practice for capitalists’ bullets.

Black Lives Matter activists asked Hillary Clinton very simple questions: If you become president, are you going to stop the brutality or not? Are you going to stop putting Black people in prison or not? Are you going to stop shooting Black people are not?

Hillary Clinton would rather evade these direct questions. For Hillary Clinton, Black people, the prisoners of American injustice, should come together as a movement, work on solutions, and pass them to the warden.

The Democratic Party should have their hands full in their attempts to gain the Black vote during the 2015-2016 US presidential election season. For decades, white Democrats in the US have taken the voting loyalties of most African Americans for granted.

After this conversation with Black Lives Matter activists, there are no further questions the Black community should have for Hillary Clinton. Black Lives Matter activists no longer need to chase her and ask for answers. If Hillary Clinton wants the Black vote, she should come to the Black community and tell us what she has done for us lately – not a mere attendance at a civil rights rally in the 1960s – and what she can do for us now.

All we can conclude from this discussion is that since Bill Clinton was in office, nothing has changed in heart and mind of the mass incarceration queen, Hillary Clinton.

Through her blind eyes, Hillary Clinton sees no link between the Clinton administration’s policies and the social problems of Black mass incarceration. She sees no wrongdoing in her actions. We can only conclude that since Hillary Clinton sees no evil in her actions, she should also see no reason to get Black votes in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


  1. I watched that Hilary video and the fact that she couldn’t even apologize for past mistakes is horrible. What is wrong with these people? How many African Americans do they plan to put in prison? Ridiculous. I wonder why we have a UN anyway. Plus, it is so shameful that African nations are sitting quiet on this issue. Why? African Americans are not your kind? But you will cry for Charlie Hebdo? The sheer ignorance and lack of consciousness in Africa is disturbing. This is 2015. Wake up! Goodness!

    • Hilary schooled Black Lives Matter. Watch the video again. How many apologies do u need? You can’t go to the bargaining table without a chip.

    • Who cares about apologies and changing hearts when u control no resources. All u will get are nice words thrown your way.

      • In other words, Black people are getting shot by government workers (cops) and Hillary Clinton wants the victims and people who look like the victims to come up with a plan to stop the brutality – that government brutality. She wants Black people to solve the problem that whites, including whites in government, began and continue to prolong. If this were happening in Russia CNN and MSNBC would not stop talking about a Putin Oppression.

        Schooled? What planet are you from? Using such an expression in no way matters to the content of the debate. Schooled? Hilary schooling who? The last time I checked she lost to Barack Obama – some kid whose dad is from Kenya and who barely lived in the US. Hilary schooled the activists? You know the level of education of a viewer/reader is proportionate to the level of understanding of a topic. You are caught in a world you fail to understand. Schooled? Pleeeassse!!!

        • lol. U quickly rush to question my level of education. Members of Black lives matter were pressing HRC but they lacked a basic understanding of how politics in the U.S. Works. HRC pointed out to them that an apology is worthless. Real reforms is what’s needed. What video are u talking about. And yes she did school them, this has nothing to do with the president. “Caught in a world I fail to understand”. Elaborate further this is too funny.

      • Funny? ‘Lol?’ Again, very typical of our culture today. When you are caught between a rock and a hard place, stuff just gets funny quickly. You laugh for sympathy for your comments that have no substance? Well let me oblige you – as the Ghanaians would say in common parlance: Allow, Allow, Allow! By ‘schooled,’ you brought up education and concomitant with that are three things: 1. You imply Hilary (who you affectionately call HRC) is better educated. 2. You imply she is somewhat smarter than the activists and 3. You are notoriously alluding to or partaking in the nonsensical vestige of slavery – that whites are more intelligent than Blacks. Sometimes comments reach further than you think and perhaps a deep education in the Sociology of Race and Race Relations in the United States is necessary for a complete understanding of these matters. Such an education would also offer you the tools necessary to analyzing correctly, the debate between Hilary and the Black Lives Matter movement in that video. The sociology of race and race relations in the United States is much older than your great great grandmother. So, it would be fanciful, even stupid, to think you can analyze a 5 min. video on its merit alone. Hilary ‘schooled’ no one. The chick is only popular because she married the most famous closet racist the world has ever know, that is, Bill Clinton. If you read the article, you would have understood in indefatigable terms how this man, spurred on by his wife, whom you affectionately call HRC, built a prison industrial complex and launched a war on Black communities to fill it. This is the lady who wants the victims, African Americans or the Black Lives Matter movement, to come up with solutions? There was no problem before their racist policies! Why don’t they roll back the brutal and inhumane policies for a start? Oh no, those people – those Blacks – they have to come up with concrete solutions. Nonsense. Here is the analogy, Jato: You burn our homes down and say we should love you back. And when we ask you, are you going to stop burning down our homes, you tell us, we (not you) should come up with concrete solutions? You and her must be from another planet. All the Black Lives Matter activists are asking is what she intends to do about the policies that have created mass incarceration. But all white America and you see is that she ‘schooled’ people. Really? How sad!

  2. Akosua – I think this Ares boy is much below your grade. There is much schooling left for him to do. Stubborn guy.


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