Monday, September 24, 2018

Burkina Faso Protest Presidential Term Extension

Following days of street clashes, protesters in Burkina Faso have forced the police to withdraw from the parliament building in Ouagadougou. The state television...

What The US Would Do For Power

Declassified US records reveal the nation's intelligence chiefs used hundreds of Nazis as spies and informants after World War Two. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials...

The Afrolytics Of Putin’s Speech At Valdai

On Friday October 24, this year’s 11’Th annual Valdai conference in Russia was attended by 108 participants from more than 25 countries with the...

Putin: U.S. Policies Inimical To Global Peace

The bear is the master of the taiga, it's not going to move to other climate zones," he said. "But it's not going to...

Ebola Neglected Because It Started In Africa – Kofi Annan

Wealthy countries were exceedingly slow to contribute their quota towards containing the Ebola epidemic as it began in three West African States, former United...

97 Soldiers Face Charges In Nigeria

ABUJA, Nigeria — A court-martial panel on Thursday began hearing charges against 97 soldiers, including 16 officers, accused of mutiny, assault, cowardice and refusing...

Africa Rising Amidst An Aggressive And Immoral West

The US has used any help it will give to coax and coerce African heads of state into supporting the a new war in the Middle East.

‘All Die Be Die’ – Reinforcing A Cycle Of Fear

Ghanaians can be accused of many a weakness. We may be too friendly, too hospitable and, maybe, a wee too laid-back for our own good. However, nobody, nobody can ever accuse our people of wearing the doomed cloak of stupidity. And that is why we remain a beacon of hope and inspiration to the rest of Africa.

Black Feminist Hatred Of Black Men And Boys

How can a Black woman be against giving disadvantaged Black boys and young Black men greater opportunities for success? I suppose if we can't help everyone with one panacea, why bother trying?

A Psychoanalysis of US Foreign Policy

Could a people who believed they were exceptional, a chosen race cohabit with a welcoming people and merge into one nation, one people as had been done across the vast expanses of the flow of history?