Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Afrolytics Of Putin’s Speech At Valdai

On Friday October 24, this year’s 11’Th annual Valdai conference in Russia was attended by 108 participants from more than 25 countries with the...

The Poor Here And There

Colonization, whether by internal or external forces, has dehumanizing effects on the poor. It strips them of their ability to embody the essence of what it means to be human.

Global Warming Persists, Though Western Nations Face Denial

Western nations are far less concerned about global warming compared to the rest of Earth's citizens. Several actions must be taken for global climate change to alter its course in a more positive direction for a better world.

A Plea For Robust Changes In The United States Of America

ADDIS ABABA — RECENT events surrounding the killings of several African American youths by white cops in the United States of America have prompted...

US Google Pushes Transit Cards To Replace Cash In Kenya

The New York Times has struck a low blow on our dignity as Africans, insulting us at will in the article by Jeffery Gettleman. It is heinous and The New Times stance for Google's feeling of entitlement in Africa, and to African business is stupefying, silly and above all dehumanizing. Africans can and have gone digital on their own. A striking example, which no one doubts is Rwanda! Even then, the Jewish idiot in Jeffrey Gettleman is quick to turn on Rwanda describing it in dehumanizing language.

The Problem With Refrigeration

Heating the planet just 2 degrees can have detrimental effects on its terrain, ocean waters, and chemical compositions. Increasing refrigeration escalates this mounting concern at a frightening rate.

Western Journalism And Its Hypocrisy – Udo Ulfkotte

It had been several years in the making. They had come for him just as they had come for the others. The mysterious men...

The Police Officers Fired For A Kiss

KAGERA - Tanzania. In any land of free people, it is sufficiently acceptable to plant kisses on loved ones in private and even in...

Russia-China Helix And The Fate Of The Printing Machine

The world is witnessing the creation of a new DNA in geopolitics. It is called the Russia-China Double Helix. This geopolitical DNA will dominate...

How White Western Media Justifies Black Killings

Lately white Americans, especially the white male American police force, have come under suspicion for what has become the rampant killing of young black...