The Restless.

The Restless goes to the Ocean and observes the ways of the Shark. Then he says to himself, “I think the Shark needs my help.”

The Restless builds a big swimming pool in his backyard, and with the help of his fellow Restless Family, they haul the Shark from the Ocean into the swimming pool in his backyard.

There, he tells himself, the Shark is better off. And so the Restless travels around the world and observes plants, trees, snails, people, elephants, and all the wonderful species of the Earth. And the Restless tells himself, “All these need my help.”

And so the Restless is preoccupied with collecting the species of the Earth into his backyard. There, he tells himself, “I think these things are better off.”

One day the Restless travels by the BIG MIRROR. And there he first beholds the image of himself. He looks closely, and observes himself from the Mirror. He says to himself, “I think the thing in the Mirror needs my help.”

The Restless installs the BIG Mirror in his house, on every wall, on the ceilings and on the floors. He becomes preoccupied with trying to figure out how he can seize the thing in the mirror. The Restless tries for years, decades and five centuries. He cannot seize the thing in the mirrors.

One day he says to himself, “The only way to seize the thing in the mirror and give it my help is to kill it.” And so the Restless breaks the mirror and with the glass he slits the throat of the thing in the mirror. He sees the blood gush out from the side of the thing’s neck for a second. And then, he has closure!

Such is the way of the Restless.

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