ITF21.1 Life does not end when we die. It ends the moment we become silent about the things that matter. That sums up the point of our education, and indeed of our lives – to learn to embrace what matters, to learn to convene in dialogue about what matters, and to learn to express in writing to our peers what we think is important about what matters.

ITF21.2 Only then is life completed within us: and only then can we continue to persist among the living, even after The Ancestors have called us Home.

ITF21.3 This is a duty accorded us. The duty to learn through persistent education, and the purpose we must come to terms with in our lives; that life itself is all a gift, a gift of learning, to teach us what needs to be done, whether we like it or not.

ITF21.4 That our society is left behind better than we came to meet it, is the reward we enjoy for this gift. That we can live a comfortable life and leave our utmost contribution of experience to it, circumscribes this sacred realization in honor to Amun.

ITF21.5 When we have learned this and mastered it then we shall enter into the gates of the Ancestors and behold the face of the Gods.

ITF21.6 Alas, though wisdom is not gifted unto everyone, learning is a gift of the Gods guaranteed unto everyone. We must seize this opportunity, we must grasp unto this blessing. When we learn, we become knowledgeable. When we become knowledgeable, we must become scribes to attest to the gift bestowed upon us.

ITF21.7 There is no greater praise to the Gods, nor is there a greater monument built to honor The Ancestors than the thought we freely express to our peers as Scribes. There is no greater Temple built unto Amun than the most adored expressions of his language in clear discussion.

ITF21.8 The Gods have spoken, and three times have we heard this, that power is accorded us to speak to knowledge and to speak to wisdom and truth.

ITF21.9 There is no truth without dialogue; there is no wisdom without a clear expression of thought. All of this, truth and wisdom, are gathered only as Scribes over the long arrows of time and eternity.

ITF21.10 The collection of The Ancestors thoughts and their deliberations serve us a great deal of company when we have become acquainted with them. By and large, we shall all become known by which company we are accustomed to.

ITF21.11 For all The Ancestors scrolls are but mirrors. A careful reading into them is but a careful recount of the deepest thoughts in our minds. It is a full reflection of who we are and what we shall yet be. If a dull mind peers into them, we cannot expect a Pharaoh to look out.

ITF21.12 Hence there is a great difference between the eager mind who wants to keep company with The Ancestors thoughts and deliberations and thus become a Scribe unto it, and the fatigued mind who only wants to keep company with the scrolls.

ITF21.13 Apply yourself to this precious life-blood. Amun and the Gods of Our Ancestors, and The Ancestors have granted unto us a fine opportunity – to build what has never been and to create from thin air. Their thoughts, their conclusions were embalmed and treasured up on purpose to give us, their descendants, a life beyond life.

ITF21.14 For the greater good of society this is the premium commandment by Amun and the all-encompassing duty for the living – to learn from The Ancestors, to add to their body of knowledge and to leave behind what knowledge we have gathered throughout our service to our fellow peoples as Scribes.

ITF21.15 No one is chosen. Yet everyone is chosen, because everyone is granted this gift – that when you learn, you shall know, that when you write, you shall be blessed. Amun has guaranteed us this purpose in life. There is no greater gift.

ITF21.16 You could be the greatest man who ever walked the fertile lands of Kemet; or you could be Narmer himself incarnated – thumping on your chest at every victory; you could beat the world into pulp; and have it bow to you; you could talk to God and go banging on The Ancestors’ door; you could move the mountain and break her rocks; but you will never truly live until you have accepted this gift.

ITF21.17 Don’t wait for your peers; don’t wait for an audience; do not wait for a sign in the sky; and do not wait even for inspiration; dedicate yourself to this gift guaranteed unto us by Amun.

ITF21.18 Let The Ancestors be your motivation. Let them be your shield. Then you will stand in the hall of The Gods; And the world will know your name; for you will burn with the stars of the night.

ITF21.19 This is only to make life more worthier than we came to meet it. It is a battle for ourselves and for posterity. It is a battle that is fresh and burning. What sword will you wield?

ITF21.20 We have been sent here by the Gods. And there is no one coming to save us.

ITF21.21 Believe that you can do it. You have to. Trust yourself, for you have descended from great places. Do it for yourself; do it for our pride; do it for our people; do it, in continuous remembrance of our beloved Kemet!

~ Imhotep (Translated 2012 By Menes Tau From The Timbuktu Finds)



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