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The Blindfolded Liberal Living in Africa.

All the talk about patriarchy masks the very reality that these violent patriarchs who are destroying our very planet are born of their own mothers; they often have sisters (sometimes more than one) who look like them; they often have cousins, who are often women who look like them; and they have girlfriends – sometimes wives who look like them!

“They Were Her Property” (by Stephanie Jones-Rogers), a book that is either liked by the American liberals or not, or perhaps, missed or often ignored, paints this very picture of the “feminine” side of the violence of patriarchal nations occupying the United States of America, proper.

But no matter, in a twenty-first century in which Africa is still under the iron claws of USAFRICOM (a European/American Military Occupation), and African Americans, including all Africans in the Diaspora, under some Domestic/Internal Colonial Rule in their various western./American nations, we still have enough time to make the most patriarchal diatribes against the only group of men the planet has ever produced who built and sustained life/communities for hundreds of thousands of years together with their women – Black men.

Kudos to the western organized liberal media. Man, they are good, and tough to beat to the battle of presenting the fabrication that Black men are the most heinous patriarchs who must be brought to heel. Some even believe that if African sons can be brought up to love peace and to make love, that Africa will industrialize overnight and become like Europe, Russia, America or even China!

Take for instance the manufactured lie that Black men are the most irresponsible fathers in America.  There are some 18.3 million children, 1 in 4, who live without a biological, step, or adoptive father in American homes. The most recent research revealed that among fathers who live with their children, Black men are in many ways the most involved in their kids’ lives.

“Black fathers (70 percent) were most likely to have bathed, dressed, diapered, or helped their children use the toilet every day compared with white (60 percent) and Hispanic fathers (45 percent),” a CDC study found. Yet the lie about Black father absenteeism continues to be repeated by Black/African liberals as though to prove some point about the virulence of Black male patriarchy in particular!

This lie does not die in America. It has for some reason come alive in Africa. It is not uncommon to read some liberals (Mis-Educated proper in the west) surmise about Black father absenteeism in Africa. 

Yeah right! You really believe the lies repeated daily on national televisions the world over about Black men? You do? Well, good for you. How convenient!

Liberals in Africa truly act as though they’ve been blindfolded and their heads buried deep in the sand. The things they say, write and believe paint the picture of a child who’s yet to mature. The world is much bigger than the Black guy (with the deep-blue skin) you squared with, chest-to-chest in elementary school, who knocked your tooth out, you know!

Grow up. Will ya!

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