Democracy: An exercise in publicly enforceable oligarchy!

On Voting & Democracy.

The More-Educated-Yet-Idiots (the Meyi) and their nations (Meyinations) are not even remotely aware that the thing they call western democracy, which they are forcing down our throats in Ghana and in many other African nations, is just an institution that backs the counting of votes until their results improve.

In other words, western democracy is a Counters Paradise. The Counters pick the candidates and they also count the votes for these candidates. The Counters Class are the actual rulers of these nations. It doesn’t matter what the votes are, but who counts these votes and oversees transitions from one minister/president/leader to the next.

The idea of a one man one vote, and even of the idea of a private vote, goes without saying that no man has a right to validate even his own vote, lest the votes of others! Yet, the blind faith that this privatized, individualized vote, which cannot be validated publicly or privately by the individual, actually counts for something.

Western democracy is a Counters Paradise. The counting continues until the results improve! And this is why the Meyi and their Meyinations love the vote, and the system they rant about called democracy. Democracy is simply an exercise in publicly enforceable oligarchy!

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  1. Stalin (of the Mongols) once intimated that it is not he who votes or he who is voted upon, but he who counts the votes! LOL. Fascinating!


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