Oh Heather! Actually, Whites Commit Way Too Many Crimes, With Impunity.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Heather Mac Donald, “Hold [police] officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias.”

This is how most white Americans, like Heather, feel. And of course, the feeling is apparently rooted in “evidence.” So let’s look at the evidence so that we can understand this type of white person, and so that we can comprehend the racial beliefs they hold.

Once such evidence is that “Black people commit more crimes.” By that what these white people mean, is that the disproportionate violent treatment of Blacks and the disproportionate presence of Blacks in US jails are justified. If you commit more crimes, you have to bear the brunt of the “forces of whiteness.” And that’s the logic.

Now you ask: How can a people, only 12 percent of the population, be accused of being capable of committing more crimes than white people, who are over 70 percent of the US population?

The answer is simple. But first, let us examine these questions: What is a crime? And how does a person get caught and recorded for a crime by the forces of whiteness? The answers to these questions help shed some light on the sentiments of those who believe that the forces of whiteness (FOWs) are justified in their use of force and their disproportionate targeting of Black people for American jails.

A crime, it turns out, is anything for which one is apprehended, charged and found guilty. We must then ask, who Apprehends who? Who Charges those Apprehended, and who finds those apprehended and charged, guilty? Here, the answers follow respectively as such: (1) The forces of whiteness, i.e. the police forces of America, do the apprehending, (2) The white prosecutors of America’s justice system do the charging, and (3) the white justices and [country] white peers of Black people find those apprehended and charged, guilty or not.

So now that the [white] picture of the US Justice System is rendered a tab bit clearer, let’s begin to unearth certain white belief systems. For instance, the very idea, which I want to address here, that “Black people [who are only 12 percent of the US population] commit more crimes,” can only be carefully understood when one understands the men behind the Apprehending, the men behind the Prosecution and the men behind the Judgment of guilt.

When a Black man is violently murdered on camera, and Black people question the injustices of the [White] Justice System, the vast masses of white people recoil and fall back on certain beliefs that they have been concertedly cultivated with: One is that Black people commit more crimes. When, what they should be concertedly cultivating are the facts: That the forces of whiteness (FOWs), aka the police forces of the US, apprehend, charge and judge Black people guilty of stuff way more than they do for the whites.

Another way to put this is that, too many Black people are policed and arrested for far too many things for absolutely no human reason. The only way to stop this violence is to get rid of the FOWs, and consequently to get rid of the White Justice System in America which—according to Heather Mac Donald’s own admission—arrest, charge and find guilty too many Black people for absolutely no law enforcement reason.

Any other discussion, such as that by Joe, the Bigot, Biden, for instance, to train the FOWs how to better handle Black people, is a glib exercise in ideological reality, and a beating about the bush. Quite frankly, such discussions perpetuate the pervasive abuse of power by FOWs and they exacerbate the transformation of logical reasoning into some kind of karate prostitution.

One problem in America is The Wall Street Journal. That journal is stupid by any imagination of the word. Either by the lack of wisdom or by tactless deduction, this journal and others like it, i.e. white media news outlets, have ran with all sorts of damning narratives about the good work of FOWs around America in a bid to draw white sympathy away from the slain George Floyd. Why not! The whole idea of the FOW is there to protect and ensure the prevalence and propagation of the un-intellectual masturbation of whiteness at these white mass media outlets.

Heather’s only masturbation is that she is often too spent and cannot tell the difference between a crime and a statistic. It is not her fault, however. She should not have been given a free white pass to write for any major media outlet. But this is America. Heather’s presence, her writing and her crass miseducation are impossible without the coddling of the most racist nation in the whole wide world that guarantees that sort of decadence.

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  1. Van Jones on CNN:

    “It’s not the racist person in the KKK that we have to worry about. It’s the white, liberal Hillary Clinton supporter walking her dog in Central Park” we have to look out for.

  2. You should watch the Hogwash video from Candace Owens. One thing people who just pick the crime statistics or shootings fail to pick is policing. Blacks are more likely to be killed when there is no threat compared to whites. Further, in a study in Vermont, blacks are more likely to be searched than others. The hit-rate (proportion of searches that find drugs) is lower for blacks compared to whites. This indicates blacks are over-stopped, over-searched, and over-policed. And so to just get the number of crimes of police interactions that result in death as evidence is misleading.

    • Well said. On the side, I wouldn’t lose sleep over anything Candace Owens does or says. The lady is totally GONE. And I mean, gone – bye bye. She clearly has a Boss and her agenda is clear: Make Black people look uniquely bad. In the same way that the same Bosses, who cut Candace’s checks, employ “other” people to brand their own ethnicities as uniquely bad. Candace is an interesting new species.


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