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No Such Thing as Race. Ya, Right!

BROOKLYN. New York, USA: A person commits a crime in Chiraq (Chicago, IL), and the Euro-Americans, especially the neocons, want you to know if the criminal is Black or Grey (you can also refer to them as the Reds as they were known throughout antiquity). The Red neocons feel they need to point out the difference. You see, Black crime is different from Grey Red crime!

However, what happens when a person wins an Olympic sprint event? Here, the Red neocons suddenly become mum. She’s American! They exclaim, thumping their chests as they blurt out several orgasmic cries of American Exceptionalism. There’s no such thing as race! This is what they then claim.

Statements of Convenience, or Arguments of Convenience, or Debates of Convenience are such matters that involve the essentialism and elevation of Greyness within a socially constructed oppressive hierarchy. Something matters here, but it does not matter there: these are arguments of convenience to entrench/maintain the status quo.

In Chiraq, crimes are committed according to race, but in the Olympics sprints and long distances, medals are not won according to race. And here, the Power Differential of a country like the USA to purchase Soft Power through granting citizenship to certain Africans to boost this non-racial Olympic preeminence makes this oppressive hierarchical regime of the status quo of neoconservatism, neoliberalism and neocolonialism even more relevant.

It is not that there’s no such thing as race. No, not at all. That is not even the argument. although the intellectual, yet idiot, believes it so. Racial Groupings exist – it takes a real idiot to suspend reality, blind his eyes and proceed with utter foolishness to insinuate that quite the contrary idea is true. It is not that the Powers don’t fully see what we see. No at all. They do.

It is simply that whatever that is we feel, whatever that we see, and observe, must – at all costs – be marshaled in the reproduction of the Oppressive and Barbaric Hierarchy of Greyness or Redness. That is all. Do not be transfixed on the goal posts as they shift. Look at who is shifting them. That way you will never be dazed.

Tswa Omanye Aba!

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  1. Very astute reading. Race matters when it is convenient for the REDS GREYS and does not matter again when it is convenient for the REDS GREYS. I see a pattern here!


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