CHARLESTON, S.C. United States — The path traced by road trips of the savage who shot and killed 9 African Americans in the United States of America, reveals the mind of an unintelligent and simple organism.

They call him Dylann Roof. He had climbed into a car with a “Confederate States of America” license plate, and with two cameras in tow, he visited a series of places in South Carolina that, amongst his fellow white supremacists, is associated with the subjugation of Black people; this is the island to which huge numbers of Africans, satanically enslaved under the guile of a Jesus Christ banner, were continuously brought since the 16th Century for nothing but to plant cotton and sugarcane to satisfy the gluttony of Western Europe’s voracious appetite.

That greed still endures.

But Roof, for what is left of a human being, continued on to four former plantations where Africans who could only be forced through the barrel of the gun, were pushed to work for their uncouth captors against their will.

Then Roof visited a small museum devoted to the Confederacy – a network of lazy rug thug and cowardly whites in the South of the United States, who having completely wiped out the souls of the Indigenous Americans off the land, had turned their attention to even more evil; that is, a more satanic industry called American Slavery dedicated to supplying sweets to satisfy the excesses of what is now North America and Western Europe.

Roof went on to two cemeteries, one African American and the other, the white Confederate terrorists who enslaved, raped, brutalized and murdered Africans.

Before making the final trip to the African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historic Temple of the true Christ — where he gunned down nine Black people, in a church whose founders planned several slave revolts to restore Maat to an evil laden subcontinent — Roof put pictures of his visits, along with photographs in which he was holding a .45-caliber Glock pistol and a Confederate flag, on his Web site, “Last Rhodesian,” which is a name borrowed from another baseless effort in Africa by some European hooligans in a brutal exercise in white supremacy.

The effect of this final journey, this exercise in stupidity, by Roof, with these sights visited as background, reminds everyone around the world of the American psyche – the tyranny of white barbarity directed mostly against African Americans. Roof wanted to accomplish something that other white supremacists had succeeded in doing – kill Black people without an iota of human accountability.

But at the same time, this savage garnished a worldly furor that no other white terrorist before him has been able to gather. That is, drive the Confederate flag out of the halls of those racist Southern state governments, and from much of the mainstream marketplace after international outcry against the fiend and his ideology that is whiteness.

No other event — not the murder of Emmett Till, the bombing of the church in Birmingham, Alabama, that killed four young girls, the killing of Medgar Evers, the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. — has caused even truculent white Southern politicians to admit that the X-marked red, white and blue flag is indeed a symbol of backwardness and unthinkable hatred.

No other killing prompted retailers like Walmart- a gigantic box of cheaply manufactured unnecessities – to say they will stop selling the flag.

Retracing the steps of the animal that is Roof, finding the places where he took photographs, nonetheless, offers some insight into his view of the South of America and the rug thug erstwhile bastards who terrorized every aspect of African American lives, called the Confederacy.

This animal was drawn to former slave-owning plantations recast by fellow white supremacists as “graceful” tourist attractions meant to evoke an antebellum ideal of romance and the cheap valor of the “Gone With the Wind” variety.

This sophistication, albeit childish at best, never really existed in this satanic part of the world — plantations were brutal moneymaking enterprises that thrived on human bondage, killings, beatings and rape. White slave industrialists even enslaved their own children provided a Black mother, under the duress of a gargantuan rifle, was forced to birth them. Because of the love for this sort of barbarism, there is an entire industry in America still devoted to the moonlight-and-magnolias ideal of such a time, and it is very popular amongst whites.

The photos that have so inflamed the international community — of Roof glaring at the camera, gun or the Confederate flag in hand, even burning the American flag, the flag which paradoxically has been hypocritically presented to the world as a symbol of freedom and justice — were all taken at private residences perhaps belonging to members of the expansive network of white terrorists in the US.

Roof drove to one more place, Sullivan’s Island, just north of a harbor in Charleston where he committed the murders of innocent people. As many as 40 percent of all enslaved Africans brought to the British North America disembarked here, looking out across flat tidal marshes and waves of heat that defined the rest of their lives.

A diminutive plaque in honor of the bravery of these Africans by the side of a tiny Avenue on this island is the only marker of this somber fact of white America’s inhumanity to man.

“It’s never too late to honor the dead,” Toni Morrison said in a ceremony there in 2008. She had come to dedicate one park bench – the only small memorial she was allowed to erect – along the nearby docks, and tossed a wreath into the water in pious memory and reverence for her African ancestors who were murdered on that Middle Passage.

But Roof, like his fellow whites who are stuck in the doings of their brutal ancestors, came to mock the thousands of Africans who suffered untold hardships here.

He posed by this plaque and drew “1488” in the sand as the waves rolled in. Its numerology is well known to white supremacists even in Europe.

Fourteen stands for the 14-word mandate of another white man, George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The 88 is the symbol for “Heil Hitler,” another white man (“h” is the eighth letter of the alphabet).

So, at the very place where nearly half of all African Americans trace their brutal passage into the bottomless abyss that America has been to them: Roof and his fellow fiends would scream Heil Hitler?

Standing here, looking out over the bay, visitors notice something: Fort Sumter, the island fortress where the American Civil War, supposedly fought to end slavery, began.

The result of the American Civil War, like President Barack Obama himself, has clearly become one of the sugar-coated brutalities in the African American community – along with cop killings, disenfranchisement and mass incarceration of African Americans – and a mockery. The Civil War has achieved nothing for the freedom and justice for African Americans, who were pivotal in its conclusion, and for which the American Flag purportedly stands.

Roof went all the way to Sullivan’s Island, but if he took the tour boat to Fort Sumter, he included no photographs. It is obvious that the only part of the Confederacy that interested this savage was slavery.

There are pictures of Roof holding the Confederate flag, toying with his Glock – the only way these animals know how to show supremacy – and glowering at the camera. He wears a jersey with “88” in some pictures, and uses a still frame from a 1992 Australian film about skinheads, “Romper Stomper,” as the sole image on the site’s homepage.

Rhodesia, Hitler, Australian skinheads, the Confederacy — this uncouth animal was putting together a survey of worldwide white supremacist savagery.

From Sullivan’s Island, it’s about a 20-minute drive past strip malls and through suburbs to Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens.

Privately owned, it is distinguished today by a row of towering live oaks, more than 200 years old, draped with Spanish moss, that form a shaded approach to the mansion, and the tourists who pay $20 to tour the property are escorted through the house by a hostess in a slave-era dress.

The plantation’s Web site opens on a video of soaring orchestral voices and instrumentation, replete with images of budding flowers, galloping polo ponies, the live oaks, the big house. Weddings and other events on the cotton dock — “A building which is nestled in a sickening setting on a tidal marsh amongst three centuries of wicked history, sickening beauty and revolting grace” — start at $4,200.

The first photo in Roof’s portfolio is of him in one of the slave cabins, now maintained as an interpretive history exhibit, posing in front of wax figures of Africans forced through the barrel of the gun – like his Glock – into slavery.

He includes a picture of himself squatting in front of the brick mansion, apparently to bolster his idea of how well slave owners lived, unaware that it was built in 1936 by a Canadian.

Roof also went to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, on the banks of the Ashley River, west of Charleston. It also goes heavy on the antebellum romance idea that slavery was good for America. “Magnolia cooperates with nature to create a tranquil landscape like Eden where humanity and nature are in harmony,” the Web site advertises. Nothing here tells you that the savages who enslaved Africans during this era only did so through the barrel of the gun. Yes, it was an appalling harmony.

It’s not tempting to conclude that these types of Disneyesque fantasies about slavery attracted Roof.

He also went to McLeod Plantation, just south of Charleston on James Island to enrich his beliefs. That property, which opened to public tours this year under the ownership of the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission, bills itself as an “important Gullah/Geechee heritage site.” Which is to say, a memorial to the enslaved more than to the masters.

Roof took pictures here too — in front of the slave cabins, in front of the main house — as he did at the lush plantations, to cement his twisted ideology in racial hierarchy.

This savage also exited the front gate, walked across Country Club Drive and about 20 yards into a grassy, tree-filled lot. There’s a weathered wooden sign here, marking a lost-to-time cemetery of “our African Ancestors.” This savage, they call him Roof, set the camera a few feet back, then posed in front of the sign: arms clasped behind his back, smirking.

Roof also gassed up his car and went west to Greenville, some three miles from McLeod, to visit the Museum and Library of Confederate History. He took yet another picture of himself outside. It is in keeping with the intellectual savagery of the rest of his travels: a toe-touch at the cursed shrine, and then he was gone.

Likewise, when he visited the Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia, a sprawling place that includes about 1,200 Confederate graves, he did so without any apparent depth of thought or feelings of a human.

The first picture he posted was of a statue of an angel that stands perhaps 100 yards inside the main gate, along the main drive. It is impossible to miss the symbolism. He appears to have no connection to the family plot at which he posed. Then he walked about 60 or 70 feet to pose beneath a huge magnolia tree, probably balancing the camera on a headstone. And he took a picture of the wrought-iron arch that marks the section marked off for some of the Confederate soldiers, just over a small ridge.

Thematically, Roof’s journey before he murdered 9 African American Christians was a montage of the subjugation of Blacks in America, beginning with the cruel Ellis Island of African Americans and how they had been made to suffer and die at the hands of gun toting whites.

This fiend ended his journey at the fellowship of the descendants of those brave African Americans who have survived white cruelty throughout time and space – Slavery, Jim Crow and the Mass Incarceration of Blacks – just across Charleston Harbor, as they prayed and worshiped the God they have credited for their and their ancestors’ bravery, strength, succor and mercy.

And then, the only surviving witness to the barbarism that is Roof says, the savage raised his gun, his Glock, like his ancestors and his fellow white racists, and began to kill innocent human beings, African Americans.

Again, for absolutely no human reason. But African Americans still live on. And they will, forever.


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  1. If DR animal had studied half as much in sch as he studied black people then he would have found an occupation better, much better than killer! Quite a horrible being.

  2. To those Americans who love to play God and dish out the death penalty to African Americans for absolutely no human reason, well, here is your chance to redeem yourselves that you are not all that we think you are – idiots. Here is a real chance to put a murderer like this to sleep.

  3. Black will live on. The rest, I am not sure. And that’s the truth Ruth! The Universe dictates it.


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