The 60’th Bilderberg conference was just held in Copenhagen from May 29 to June 1. The Western global power elite were all there. From the top bosses of Goldman Sachs, British chancellor of the exchequer, Eric Schmidt of Google, NATO supreme allied commander in Europe, General Breedlove to the titans of the mass media, think thank land and of private equity.

Not to mention James Wolfensohn former world bank president now a private equity titan. Interesting connection that is between poverty reduction at the World Bank and maximizing profit in private equity. I am sure Mamon must be laughing his sides out. We could create a new meme, I reduce poverty by maximizing profit in private equity and then say Amen in the cathedral of finance and death!

They are all linked like a complex web of poisonous spiders with threads connecting and entangling. They are the corporatocracy. They all cross-sit on each others boards and trustee councils. It is a common web, a matrix all united by the idea of maintaining a fast waning western military, political and economic dominance in the world.

There were two people from China who were invited, Huang Yiping professor of economics of the National School of Economic Development, Peking University and Liu He a minister in the Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs of the Communist Party of China.

There is a third Chinese who is an American citizen, Li Cheng the director of the John L.Thornton China Center of the Brookings Institution. He is an expert on technological developments in China. The rapid technological rise of China over the last three decades worries the west. The Chinese this year tested the first deliverable hypersonic missile.

The Russians and Americans are playing catch up. It is telling.

The focus of this year’s conference was on the Ukraine, Cyber security and the Iran nuclear issue. A major concern at the conference was on a new Russia-China-Iran geopolitical axis in Eurasia. These three countries have a combined GDP of almost 13 trillion dollars as at 2013 Q4 and in terms of the fuel that drives the global economy, Iran controls the fourth largest oil reserves in the world and the second largest gas reserves while Russia controls the largest gas reserves in the world and the eighth largest oil reserves.

Russia and China are the two other poles of military power in both the conventional and nuclear sense in the world. They recently signed a 400 billion dollar 30 year gas deal and announced a strategic partnership during Mr Putin’s visit to Beijing in May 20-22.

Russia and China also held military exercises together which “coincidentally” started during Mr Putin’s visit. The western Bilderbergers have a lot to worry about. They should not be sleeping at night. Their western world and its global dominance is passing away. They are just a blip in the grand stream of millions of years of human history.

All the financial clans tied to the Bilderberg group have a direct link to the Rothschilds, the ancient banking family that sits at the heart of western finance. An interesting story will illustrate the activities of this family.

The African Griot tells the story.

It is June 18, 1815, at the outskirts of Brussels, two armies that will determine the fate of power in Europe meet. The battle is is known to history as the battle of Waterloo. The financial world waits anxiously for the result of the battle.

The winners will take all the wins and obtain great wealth, the losers a total loss. The tension at the London stock exchange is palpable. If the duke of Wellington loses, the value of British public debt in the form of consols will plummet with thousands losing their wealth. If he wins, the holders of British debt what we today call bonds will rise in value. The holders will become extremely richer.

A trusted agent of the Rothschilds is at Waterloo, watching anxiously the tide and flow of the desperate battle. By early evening it becomes clear that the British have won the battle. The agent rides fast horses like the devil towards Brussels and then to Ostend and onwards toward the English Channel. He pays 2000 Francs and crosses the Channel arriving in the early morning of June 19. Nathan Rothschild is waiting impatiently for him. He takes the envelope, opens the battle field report and then rides like a whirlwind toward London, to the London stock exchange.

He comes in, with a quite look on his face. He says nothing. Investors and traders are watching him quietly. He quietly orders his traders to begin selling British bonds. Panic spreads throughout the exchange. They begin to scream, Nathan knows, the duke of Wellington lost to Napoleon. People begin to dumb British bonds. Nathan Rothschild has being waiting for this moment. He orders his traders into action to begin to buy the bonds that people were dumping at low prices. By the end of the buying spree, he owns most British bonds bought at knockdown prices.

Finally the news comes, the duke of Wellington has defeated Napoleon. The value of British bonds skyrockets. Who owns most of them? It is the master of dark intrigue Nathan Rothschild. In modern language we will say he possess asymmetry of information. The Rothschilds cement their control of the finances of the British empire. The implications are clear. They are the bankers of the empire. Their control is absolute.


The Rothschilds are a prime engine of the Bilderberg conferences. As we can see from the story just told, they profit from death and misery. They rig the market or have prior information that gives them an advantage in the financial markets. They are merchants of death and destruction. A European form of the Hindu Shiva dressed in the garb of western finance.

The oligarchies of the west and their Bilderberger intellectual leaders will tell us in Africa to believe that they seek our interest and well being. My old grandmother in the village in the deepest heart of Africa does not believe that. I am I and as a true African, I follow my grandmother, I do not believe them either.


  1. My great-grandmother said the same thing – don’t believe these people. These across-the-water people… never believe them.These sweet-tongued snakes… to call them vultures is an understatement. They do the shooting, look you in the eye… watch you die, and feed on your carcass. In the end there will be nothing left of you. Now I miss her so much!

    • Fool me once, shame on you…Fool me twice, shame on me. Why do we believe people who are not even trying to have us believe them? The world is a game to be reaped by those who play and sowed by those who do not. No need to believe or not believe sweet-tongued words. Just decide if you would like to join in the game or be a pawn for use by others.

  2. The thing is if you guys think that the world will be better with Arabs or Asians or Russians ruling the world then you guys are mistaken. The West is not without criticism, but they are no cold killing mafias who want to sit on their beds all day married to all the women in the land and being fanned down by our daughters.
    You think the Arabs, the African Kings and Queens, the Asians would allow you to critique them the way you are critisizing the West?

    • Really! Before the West began dominating the world, Blacks and others like the Iranians had dominated before! I guess you didn’t know that!

    • Yaw, charle! Leave this one for me. Mr. Botwiao, what makes you think this way? Why worry about the West or the East. We are Africans and we worry only about ourselves. Period.
      And when you say ‘cold killing mafias who…’ are you referring to people in Africa, Asia or Europe? The only place in my opinion, you may find people like that is Europe! Got to Italy. So you are wrong. Your logic of fat leechers and moochers is wrong since only in Europe would you find them… and they my friend are sucking us dry into dry ‘pulp’ – like some here said.

  3. Ok. So sure we don’t believe the muzungu, hell my grandmother told me not to believe them. But the question remains, what to do about the current situation where they are sucking our balls dry and sucking our mother’s and daughters breast to pulp. These people are like aliens incarnate in human form, come to destroy earth. I hope God, if he truly exist does something drastic about the muzungu, they are going to destroy mother nature and her people as we know us. Question remains what to do about it?

  4. The quote by Voltaire–“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”–is funny. But I wonder if it is true today. We are allowed to criticize the rich. Some would even say there is a war on the rich, 99% vs. 1%. But can we really criticize the poor without being called insensitive or blaming the victim? I think Voltaire’s quote holds more truth when it is reversed.

  5. Is it against the law to have a meeting now? Or is the author just mad that he wasn’t invited? Set your meeting and invite all your friends and people who have the same interests as you. Do not invite the Rothschilds. That will show them.


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