Africans Only Owe Themselves Understanding.

Some of us, the Metha (the Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors), have taken on this colonial, European outlook on anything and everything African. You tend to think that intelligence came to you, and only you, as a direct result of your Colonial, Missionary, Mis-Education. You tend to think that you are more enlightened than your Ancestors.

This is why your eyes glisten over with the dis-immaculate tears of your western wisdom when you read anything in a book. So long as it is in a book it is sheer intelligence: like democracy, liberalism, individualism, rugged individualism, the protestant ethic, meritocracy, feminism, capitalism, socialism, communism, etc.

Africa has been here for hundreds of thousands of years. Only Africans have managed to beat the odds, to conserve the beauty of the planet, and to populate the entire planet. Only Africans and their direct offshoots now walk the entire planet. Yet, for the last hundred or so years, y’all have gathered enough wisdom to out-do the African Ideal.

Yeah right!

You like to tell yourselves that you are only improving upon “primitive” culture and traditions of your Ancestors with modern wisdom. The nerve! For thousands of years, your African Ancestors, Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Great Grandmothers, Great Grandfathers, never considered or engaged in the continued improvement of their own traditions and cultures? You don’t think that what you inherited from your Ancestors was the sum of thousands and tens of thousands of years of tried and tested wisdom?

Really? The nerve of you lot! You are narcissists. All of you!

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