The Invasion of The Gambia, code-named Operation Restore Democracy, is an ongoing military conflict between several West African countries and some parts of the government of The Gambia, precipitated by President of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to step down after the victory of Adama Barrow over Jammeh in the December 2016 presidential election.

Although there is no humanitarian crises in The Gambia, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) decided to intervene militarily in the Gambian constitutional crisis on 19 January 2017, as a result of Gambian President Yahya Jammeh refusing to step down after losing the December 2016 presidential election. The invasion was codenamed ‘Operation Restore Democracy’.

On 19 January 2017 Senegalese forces entered The Gambia to ensure Adama Barrow assumes power as the country’s new president. The United Nations Security Council unanimously expressed support for ECOWAS efforts to ensure Jammeh hands over power to Adama Barrow, but requested the use of “political means first” without endorsing military action. Gambia was placed under a naval blockade.

In the early hours of the offensive, clashes took place near the border village of Kanilai, the home town of Yahya Jammeh, between Senegalese and pro-Jammeh MFDC forces, and Senegal reportedly took control of the village. Following the clashes, Senegal halted its offensive in order to mediate the crisis one final time, with the invasion to proceed at noon on 20 January if Jammeh still refuses to relinquish power.

According to United Nations, several dead and around 45,000 people have been displaced and have fled to Senegal. Further 800 people have fled to Guinea-Bissau.

Here are reactions from around the continent on the invasion:


“A new ECOMOG, or as we now know it, U.S.WAFRICOM, or more correctly, WAMERIKKKOM.” ~ Narmer Amenuti


“ECOWAS NEOCOLONIALIST PUPPET SCHEME FOR THE EURO-AMERIKKKAN IMPERIALIST ARMED INVASION OF GAMBIA: Here they go again: the loud-sounding empty barrels of the so-called “Ghanaian/African Left” and its “pragmatist” cheer-leading puppet-quislings of Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism! Lots of booklong Eurocentric pseudo-academic clap-trap but absolutely no interest in doing WHAT IS PRACTICALLY NECESSARY to wage anti-imperialist democratic Struggle; and therefore always rendering “Apologetics” for Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism, welcoming its interventions in Afrika for “Democracy” and its Genocide/Ecocide for the profitable rewards and awards they get to shore up their elitist flatulent petty-bourgeois and wannabe comprador bourgeois egos! While they join in calling upon and clapping for Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism in changing its puppet administrators of Neocolonialism in Afrika with ballots and/or bullets, they cushion themselves in comfort bubbles looking for bribes, rewards and awards from their masters and their agents and collaborators, and even credentials from foreign organisations, while nothing improves for the overwhelming impoverished masses of our Afrikan people at home and abroad, in spite of their globe-trotting trips! When will the basic lesson get drummed home to Afrikan progressive forces that the most primary DEMOCRATIC STANDPOINT for peoples subjugated to the colonial or neocolonial yoke of Imperialism is Anti-Imperialism? When shall we learn that we must allow our Afrikan people to exhaust all posssibilities of peaceful resolution of our conflicts and contradictions, even take up arms by ourselves as the very last resort, but absolutely without being the ones to invite Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism and its African stooges to “help” us with alien armed forces and weapons, for which we end up paying lots and lots more not only with our material and cultural resources but also with the innocent lives of our Afrikan poor! Yes, Yahya Jammeh is a clowning tyrant whose time in office has run out as decided peacefully by the people of Gambia themselves! Afrikan people all over the World have the capability of helping the people of Gambia to effect peaceful change without blood-letting “assistance” from Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism! When shall the progressive forces of Afrika desiring Peace learn to courageously fight independently for it with Justice unto themselves and the masses of their own Afrikan people and their true allies even in the reformist but dignified ways of Martin Luther King…?” ~ Kofi Mawuli Klu


“Unfortunately this is the only kind of language these mad men understand. I hope Jammeh isn’t taken alive! No need to waste tax money on a trial, HE IS GUILTY!!!” ~ Atiga Atingdui


“It should calm now the excitable passions of people gunning for military intervention in Gambia who think a short glorious war whatever that means will win them prestige from some neocolonial masters. They should do well to remember that there might be Gambians like the Cubans of The 1983 US invasion of Grenada who do not like the buffoon ruling them but will prefer to have the issue solved peacefully and that they might actually pick up arms to defend their country with tenacity and willpower. Anyone who thinks a large military force necessarily wars is joking. A military intervention in the Gambia will not achieve the purpose of stabilizing the country. It will rather destabilize it.” ~ Gbemela Kobla.


“If the fervor to invade Gambia could be directed towards Boko Haram. Will be nice!” ~ Narmer Amenuti.


“You cannot defeat Boko Haram. But you can invade The Gambia. Tswia Kai!” ~ Narmer Amenuti.




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  1. Even The New York Times Calls It An Invasion.

    “As the invasion began, the winner of the election, Adama Barrow (pictured), was being sworn into office in a brief ceremony about 150 miles outside of Gambia.”

    We live in times when invasions are legal.

    • If ECOWAS REALLY wants to flex their political muscles they should organize to curtail the $500 BILLION (400 BILLION EUROS) FRANCE has been siphoning ANNUALLY out of the economies of their former colonies!

  2. After the ravages of war, will all those Facebook warriors who sat in the comfort of their homes while calling for war have the courage to speak and console the farmer who has lost his son, the widow who watched her children die because of famine? As you once said earlier, people who have never sharpened a cutlass are the ones who are calling for war.

  3. Don’t mind this delusional so-called Pan-Africanist fabricating a headline to massage an ego. As at now no casualties reported it has been a smooth entry into the Gambia by ECOWAS forces assisted by some members of the Gambia National Army – the operation is halted as at now with hope that the only obstacle to peace; Jammeh gives in. Very soon all will be over! Get your facts first before spewing garbage to the world Narmer!

  4. I just ended an engagement with a socialist/leftists who is supporting the imperialist forces. I am even ashamed to call myself leftist if this is what count for left in Africa and Ghana. They support anything international community and hide their impotence behind human right claims. This is a plan to continue the covert control of west Africa and they can not see the dots or are willingly ignoring facts.

  5. If these countries, including Nigeria, has armed forces to invade The Gambia, why haven’t they used this military might against Boko Haram all these years. This is just an opportunity to sell arms to the Ecowas countries by the military industrial complex of the imperialists. Leave The Gambia alone. Gambia solutions to Gambian problems.

  6. They won’t tell us that Jammeh asked for judges from Nigeria and Liberia to solve the issues and both countries refused.

  7. ‘Amerikon’ effecting its strategy in Afrika, the American command masterminding this move, a militar solution ready made to fit imperialist overtaken via the neo colonial institutions in Afrika such as ‘Ecowas’ or the AU these structures are subverted inside and brought to life to fulfil what after all is the end game. It is not by chance that only neo colonial states are allowed to prevail and consolidate across the wide and spread of our mother land, any form of national standing even residual cannot be allowed to fester, “not go Afrikans start to believe in themselves and their capacity to ‘manage their own affairs’, not soon we can also witness the bloodshed in South Sudan re emerging with so much ferocity as the tensions in Kongo, Mozambique engulfing Angola down to Zimbabwe will during this year develop. And become the focus of further instability and reason for intervention as elections will also take there this year and next. As global capitalism deepens its crisis and runs out of control, it still needs to feed itself and reorganise world spheres of influence and control, Afrika plays a central role in the competition for survival of the western world on a cliff edge between its ‘wars’ pump lifeline for world dominance, and a resourceful Afrika the sole reservoir of world strategic mineral resources necessary to power both the wars and the technologic revolution of this century that will guarantee finally a comprehensive victory to imperialism. The power that will comes out victor in Afrika will be the biggest superpower in the world. The problem still is that the ‘left’ in Afrika has been ‘lobotomised’ at the best or decimated very few can courageously stand today to face up on this challenge, and support or power the unfinished task of national liberation, is showing its ugly face once more and will continue to do so, until we can master a counter process to respond with mass awareness, that can expose the Jammeh’s of today and their role in providing the space for their ready made opponents that imperialism find better suited to fulfil their neo colonial needs and plans better. National politics no matter how distorted cannot be allowed to fester in Afrika, because it sets bad examples, obedient ‘chiefs’ are sure a bet rather than disgruntled instable nationalist rhetoric’s that cannot be relied upon. The upfront denunciation of the armed intervention on another Afrikan soil with an expeditionary military force will happen as proxy of “Amerikon” and tale of what is there to come. Afrika will only be capable of managing its own affairs when the new generations fulfil their historical mission and read themselves of neo colonial stogie’s that for too long keep confusing real national agendas with self aggrandisement and blood shed. I am for no military intervention in the Gambia, let the Gambia institutions decide support them to do so independently. Maybe is time to use the cyberspace to agitate with Gambia progressive forces, the citizens who are now moving out of the country creating another focus and wave of refugees, to endorse a massive worldwide campaign such a petition to AU condemning their American tailor made intervention in Gambia, and demand the respect of the Gambia constitution and rule of law.

    • Mawuena Hormeku, we supported both apartheid and racial segregation in 1969 and call on the fascists and imperialist to crush anyone who oppose them. Kufuor was then the deputy foreign minister.

  8. You know something is wrong when these forces lines up to invade Gambia. I hope I’m not wrong but this new Predident will turn out to be a Western stooge. He will rejoin the Commonwralth and the ICC. Jammeh is being lined up for the
    Haig because Amnesty International and all the Pro Western politically motivated NGOs will ensure a case is made for either his exile or trial.

  9. When these same ECOWAS leaders can not agree on something that is in their direct interest for many years but all of a sudden can decide on intervention then one sees the invisible hand of foreign powers. ECOWAS , for many years have not been able to settle on common currency but in a matter of weeks can decide on Gambia.

    • That’s very true and look who they are picking on. A Country that does even have a functioning army. They have to teach Jammah a lesson for daring to pull out of the Commonwealth and the ICC. I thought we were making progress in Africa but we are going backwards. This new President is a plant. If you have enough money you can buy an election win ask Donald Trump.

  10. The Story Can Only lengthy For No Use. Those Nations In Support Of The Invasion Failed To Tell Adama Barrow His Mistakes For Early Dish Out Plans To Possibly Imprison The Outgoing President Of The Gambia People Long As Charles Taylor. His Early Threats Triggered The President’s Recalled His Concealed To The Mandate.

  11. What’s wrong with you all “ISM” people. Are you implying that the killer Jammeh should be left alone to hold The Gambia to ransom? Is the country his personal property? And has he got a divine licence to commit murders as and when he do desires, like your Nkrumah did. Please spare us your big, big meaningless
    ism words and the uncalled for attacks on the west.

    • All you said is fine, except for driving Nkrumah’s name here. Nkrumah didn’t stage a coup to come to power and misrule for 22 years, or kill people, except the judicial killing of the only one who several times made an attempt on his life.
      It is okay to express deep disappointment at the de facto continuation of illegitimate rule in the Gambia. It is very sad that Africans are eager to support continued military misrule on our continent, as if blaming imperialists for everything happening on the continent is worthy of even those who never went to the classroom!

  12. Wait until violence visit your backyard. The last I checked, no ism was responsible for the fact anywhere violence was used against violence, the results were not good for the collective. Sometimes neocolonialists, l mean ISTS, not ISMS, just don’t get it!

  13. We are reminded by the immortal words of Dr K. A. Busia, former Prime Minister of Ghana, `Dialogue is human`. If Nigeria has an efficient professional army all these years, why haven’t they been used to crush Boko Haram. We the ism people know that behind all these clamour for military intervention is military industrial complex, who thrive on wars and destabilision. Jammeh with all his faults has asked for judges from other West African countries to hear the petition, but they are not interested in that because the puppet master will not make money in a peaceful resolution of this crisis created by the independent electoral commissioner, who haven’t created the mess has disappeared to Senegal.

  14. To deride Nkrumah on this thread shows a lack of African independence knowledge. When Nkrumah left us Ghana regressed. Apart from him, Mugabe, Lumumba and Jammeh no one else in Africa has had the balls to speak out against US and European interference in African affairs.Puppets of these foreign powers always find a voice when they want to criminalise out spoken African leaders.

  15. It’s obvious that the brother lacks knowledge of his past and also the forces that are working relentlessly crushing Africa to her knees.
    I ll support any African dictator than to throw my support behind a pro-western puppet any time.

  16. Folks, I am happy to be an Nkrumahist Puppet rather than sell my African Brothers and Sisters for guns and dollars.
    Comrades let us avoid Zombified Imperial Muppets on this page before they destroy our functioning brain cells with zombie virus. it’s no longer their Academic Credentials that are questionable here but lack of commonsense and sound judgements.

  17. Brother Karim Bah! You are absolutely correct! My greatest concern is why are the so-called “revolutionary Pan-Afrikanists” joining neocolonialist quislings of Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism in support of ECOWAS being misused for USAFRICOM-schemed proxy aggression against Gambia rather not supporting their colleagues throughout West Afrika to organise People’s Power for real Change in Gambia? The hypocrisy of those who say they are for Pan-Afrikan revolutionary change, only to do nothing seriously Pan-Afrikanist to enhance the independent grassroots revolutionary creativity of our Afrikan masses, but rather eagerly line up behind the neocolonial quislings of Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism to support their recolonising schemes of Reactionary Violence in Afrika is what I can no longer tolerate! The stinking hypocrisy is so strangulating that, like Frantz Fanon put it, some of us can no longer breathe! Even if our weaknesses now are such that we cannot act as such at this moment, why are we not using this opportunity to strengthen our Pan-Afrikan Unity by utilising it to pressurise the ECOWAS and the African Union (AU) to openly support and help organise the peaceful ML King-type of People’s Power Challenge to Yahya Jammeh? Why should those claiming to be not only Pan-Afrikanists but also Left-Wing Socialists doing nothing more than urging the misuse of the ECOWAS to carry out the Euro-Amerikkkan imperialist proxy militaristic intervention in Gambia only to benefit external and internal right-wing forces of Neocolonialism throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika? The fraudulence, bankruptcy and sheer criminality of such dangerous elements pretending to be on the Pan-Afrikan Left in and outside of Afrika today can no longer be hidden to deceive some of us!

    • It was the so-called revolutionary pan afrikanists who helped sell the whole revolution… They have never been pan african. they were always neocolonialists. What they say is different from what they do.

  18. Well Mawuena, seems you ists and isms are already zombies, cos they (zombies) are walking dead, and can’t move on because they are lifeless.
    I rest my case.

  19. You can do your best to avoid the poison that the New World Order and Fascist Media have planted in your head. Please adjust your mind to the truth and stop raving like headless chicken. The truth is right out there to shape your mind on Geopolitics and the agenda behind deploying deadly missiles and troops all over the world including Africa. Please don’t live your life like a candle in the wind, in the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Why is it difficult to understand #isms and #ists

    • Comrade, I agree 100% with your analysis. There is so much information out there but most will not and yet want to engage in misguided argument. Geopolitics is the game before and now and will always be. I am pleased to hear you mention geopolitics and our people seriously need a lesson in this field.

  20. Thank you Razak Issah for your analysis, it’s only miseducated and ill informed homosapien with no conscience and sympathy for Gambians facing possible slaughter at the hands of an Imperial Army will remain unaffected.

  21. Mawuena, it seems you are the brainless one who is refusing to yield to realities of changing times. You can live your miserable ists and ism life in the past for all I care. There’s no need to argue with a zombie.

    • I am OK with it, I expect the #brainy like you to give us real lecture here, but unfortunately you pride yourself in ignorance. insults is your best medication to cure your low self esteem. Are you suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

      I don’t like to engage in fruitless argument, you have no monopoly over vile language, if that’s what you’re here for, then am ever ready to lecture you to be civil and decorous. What are you teaching your children at home? I don’t want to offend Distinguish Comrades here, it’s not my style, so don’t pin me down with ignorance. Respect is the way, you can agree and disagree with this post, but insults should not be the way out .

  22. Nii Opey Nash-Odai, ECOWAS, AU and the United Nations did not intervene to prevent NPP from dragging the people of Ghana to the Supreme Court from December, 2012 to August 18, 2013. All the so called legal brains in Ghana, West Africa and the International Community have not explain to us why Barrow should be installed as president when there is a dispute in the elections. Is it likely that he would step down if the court rule against him? Do we also expect that John Dramani Mahama, will step down if the Supreme Court of Ghana were to rule against him. Kofi Mawuli Klu, it is a fact that the Pan-Africanist including my good or bad self are weak and can not organize to stage demonstrations against these interference by our oppressors. It is a fact that in 1969 Kofi Busia the then leader of PP was going to have dialogue with apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia though the fascist regimes in those countries were killing scores of Africans. Today we are told Nana Akufo-Addo has dispatched troops to protect monopoly capital interest. The bell tolls for everyone of us. It is most unfortunate that some of our fellow citizens take pride in been at the end of imperialist dog chain.

  23. Mental slavery at its best! And our people are miseducated not to be able to read between the lines to understand the system..

  24. Mawuena Hormeku, its the story of the typical fool who chased his mother’s lover with a machete, but invited his wife’s lover into his bedroom, held her on his matrimonial bed for the man to enjoy an on top of that call her wife a fool. There are a lot of those typical around the world. They believe that they are not animated if the imperialist does not breath into them.

  25. Kofi Mawuli Klu, imperialist world outlook has to do with the interest of the monopolies, rather than logic. In 1964 the people of Ghana through a referendum decided to have a one party state. Meaning that Ghanaians decided through democratic means to govern themselves. In 1971 the people of Chile decided through universal adult suffrage that they prefer the Chilean Communist Party to any other party. In 2014 the people of Ukraine decided that they prefer Yunikovich to be their president through elections. The same applied to countries that had the “Arab winter” which the west refer to as the Arab spring. In 2015 85% of the people of Syria voted for Al Assad to continue to be the president of Syria, in the face of terrorist acts by quislings of the west who were armed by the west to come to power through illegitimate means of terror and fear. They took part in the elections with Al Assad and lost. So the game been played in the Gambia now means that the west should have respected the rights of the countries we mentioned above to universal adult suffrage, rather than changing government through terrorist acts which started with Ghana in 1966 by the quislings of the U.S. and other western countries. We are all well aware of how the U.S. and her allies warned other presidents not to interfere with terrorists and armed protestors in their countries. It is also a fact that the U.S. and her allies use their judiciary to put to not the march by their 99% for a change in the socioeconomic system. It means that the U.S. and her allies are against universal adult suffrage if the parties that gain from it are not their dolls, but will use force of arms and mercenary nations to install their puppets. This is he game that imperialist quisling around the world are not able to figure out.

  26. All we wanted is a peaceful resolution by Afrikans in dignity for the people of Gambia and that is what has been gained by and for all of us Afrikans in this outcome! Eventually, as some of us have all along believed would happen, Yahya Jammeh was persuaded to step down peacefully, in talks with the Presidents of Guinea and Mauretania – who deserve some commendation! My own view of Jammeh is such that I knew a threat of force could be a factor in persuading him to give up – but that force, in my candid opinion, ought to have ideally been the Black Power force of our glocally organised independent Afrikan People’s Power, with Gambians spearheading its agency, and not the predatory USAFRICOM-controlled force of the “kalabule” neocolonial-puppet quislings of Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism masquerading as ECOWAS or the African Union (AU)! The most useful role Establishment structures like the ECOWAS and the AU could play in such situations is to back-up and support such a force of People’s Power according to its self-determined needs, so as to enable its building by the masses into their own order of truly Afrikan Participatory Democracy from below. This is what genuine Pan-Afrikanists ought to be seriously working glocally for to happen in the future! As for the invading Senegalese Army, it had nobody to fight against. Thankfully, we did not have the ugly barbaric spectacle, as happened in Cote d’Ivoire and Libya and other places, of Afrikans brutally humiliating their own Afrikan kith and kin over eurocentric notions of so-called “Democracy” in accordance with schemes and orders from Euro-Amerikkkan imperialist master-puppeteers!

  27. I don’t know why people seem to believe #Jammeh when he says stuff like this. Narmer Amenuti when you say he cares about #Gambia I laugh . what shows this guy love #Gambia when he decides to deny the verdict of his people and holds to ransom.

    • I did not say Jammeh loves the Gambia. I said he cares more about the Gambia than the headless mistake of Senegal marching soldiers into the Gambia. What Senegal could have done to innocent Gambians could have been much worse than anything Jammeh could had ever done.

  28. Lol! Did he even have an army under his control? The only carnage would have been his own life. All his “I won’t step down tactic” was only to seek havens and avoid prosecution for past crimes. Dictators actually don’t give a damn about the people I can assure you. When power (the only thing they care about) is about to slip from their hands, the priority becomes saving their skins.

    • Because you have met all dictators and you know them by heart? The pedestrian attitude towards this illegal invasion is mind-blowing.

  29. ECOWAS has done something positive: Africa needs probity in governance, accountability to the people. The schooled in Africa ought to move from populist rhetoric to supporting those positions and African initiatives which are clearly directed to changing the negative tendencies around us. African leaders are not all or always puppets!

  30. ECOWAS has set a very bad precedent. ECOWAS must be hebetated because of this illegal invasion into the Gambia. It was two African heads of state who managed to convince Jammeh to leave after all. Why? Because those two actually cared more about Gambian lives, and believed more in diplomacy than ECOWAS did. They beleived that Jammeh cared more about the future of his people than to stand against the invasion of his country! For most of the past weeks, ECOWAS was talking about invading a sovereign nation when they could have focused more on diplomacy, diplomacy and diplomacy. Invading a country is a no, no. But you would know that Johnson Tunu, since you hate that Russia entered the Crimea but love that Senegal entered the Gambia. Confusing!

  31. Here is my take: Yahaya Jamme has ruled the Gambia for twenty plus years. He came through a cout d’etat (which in itself is abominable). He has been an eccentric character, killed and maimed people etc. But let us overlook all that for the moment and discuss the matter on hand.

    Time has come when democracy should mean something in Africa. Time has come when the “people’s decision” should be considered as sacrosanct. For too long elections in Africa have been like a joke. As people are going to the polls, the leaders are already preparing for celebration because they know the elections have been stolen even before they are held. I am afraid we do not have to go far in looking for examples of stolen elections. We do not have to look far to find leaders in power already procured and shipped into the country printed victory clothing material, because they were certain that they were going to steal the verdict. Why do you procure “victory print” when you don’t know the results.
    Today, thanks to advanced technology and thanks to some people’s innovation the voting process and the counting etc has evolved in such a way that now it is close to impossible to Rig the election. So in Nigeria, as a result of the element of “verification, ” the incumbent government was not able to steal the election. They had no choice but to hand over power. Here in Ghana, a few weeks ago, thanks to the same “verification factor, ” which eliminates the possibility of multiple voting and also the on-site counting, the election could not be stolen, 95 percent of all the old tricks were eliminated, through simple technology. The people’s voice became overwhelmingly clear. The incumbent government had no other choice but to hand over.
    Same has happened in the Gambia. The people have spoken, Jamme lost the election, he conceded, he must move on. Now he is playing rogue, true to his character. He must be pushed out by any means necessary and it is refreshing to see ECOWAS forces step up to the plate to do the right thing – to push him out. I pray that there is very little collateral damage in the process of forcibly removing him from office. It should not be described as “an invasion ” but a cleansing exercise to rid the country of a rogue leader.

  32. RELATED COMMENT – ON BLAMING THE WEST FOR YAHYA JAMMEH ALLEGEDLY LOOTING GAMBIA: Yes, Kari Bannerman, we are justified to keep blaming it on the West! Only those of you who CHOOSE not to be involved in the practicalities of our Pan-Afrikan Liberation Struggle can ignorantly deny the number of Afrikan progressive forces throughout the World who suffer persecution for active involvement in Resistance against such clowning tyrants only for the West, with your complicity in silence, to protect them and prevent them from being changed through the real participatory Democracy of Afrikan people by Afrikan people and for Afrikan people! What do you know about the Pan-Afrikan Activists that have long been in Resistance against the regime of Yahya Jammeh in Gambia and have been suffering Western persecution at home and abroad up till it suited the West to opportunistically get its ECOWAS runnig dogs to step in and effect FAKE CHANGE? Please, before commenting, let us properly study the matter, its history and the actual forces at play and their real agendas! As to what Jammeh is supposed to have taken out, let us wait and get the actual facts! It is possible but also there can be malicious exagerations! Let us not indulge in mere speculations and rumour mongering, particularly on the basis of what those opposed to Jammeh who are in government now in Gambia are saying. Some of us remember the stinking deluge of Nazi-style Big Lies that were spewed not only in newspapers and cartoons but also in books and academic publications and discourses for the purpose of deceitfully trying to smear Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah by the Euro-Amerikkkan imperialist puppet-regime of the Notorious Liars Council (NLC) in Ghana after the 24th February 1966 coup d’etat! Let the Truth be discerned as it always will be eventually!

  33. RELATED – CONCERNING DEBATE ON GAMBIA AND OTHER AFRIKAN MATTERS: Brother Kari Bannerman, as I have told Hermann von Hesse, I appreciate and encourage your critical remarks; some of which I agree with (eg anti-people hypocritical tyrants misusing pseudo-radical rhetoric against the West and Capitalism for their corrupt purposes ought to be distrusted; Afrikans have a significant share – not all – of the blame for their still miserable plight of domination and impoverishment – Frederick Douglas did hint at this long ago); others with which I strongly disagree (eg Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism and its puppets cannot be made to carry a huge part of the blame for the underdevelopment/maldevelopment, impoverishment and backwardness of Afrika; Afrika is at present free from foreign domination and only has to embrace ‘Democracy’ in its European fabrication to progress; the European model of Democracy ought to be our Afrikan ideal for salvation and progress)! So you have not committed any crime, Kari, and should feel absolutely free to strongly express your views as dictated by your conscience, regardless of whether they are agreeable to me or to anybody else! Do not make too much of formal classroom qualifications of Euroliteracy because they do not matter to me and, in any case, you do come across like a very highly intelligent person of awesome intellect deserving respect! Of course no one knows everything; so no one is a paragon of omniscience. Your very honest expression of your own views according to what knowledge you have compels me to think hard again and again about the rationale for my own points of view. One of my axioms as a Scholar-Activist committed to vigorous participation in the Battle of Ideas is: The constantly unexamined Struggle is not worth waging”! As they say, iron sharpens iron! So let us keep questioning each other and everybody else in honest criticism and self-criticism in order to reason out our knowledge towards Wisdom to ensure the best for Afrika and Humanity! I strongly uphold the axiom of Kwegyir Aggrey that only the best is good enough for Afrika! Cheers!


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