"The heights attained by western civilization were not achieved by sudden flights, but they, when their companions were asleep, were up plotting heinous crimes against humanity." ~ Narmer Amenuti.

NTOABOMA — They have become desperate. And because they have become so desperate, if the west can no longer force Africa and Blacks everywhere to love it and adore its whiteness, it will revert to its ground state: rape, plunder and murder. Libya! Only that the More-Educated-than-his-Ancestors in Ghana (the Metha) are unaware of it. If you are not yet aware of the nature and character of the Metha in Ghana, please do a little homework and familiarize yourself with the mutants who are doing their very best to lead all of Africa down the rotten path of a so-called western “civilization.” (“Is it civilization or barbarism?,” Cheikh Anta Diop once wrote!). The Metha, because they are not real human beings, but western implants in Ghana do not know what has become obvious: that America and the west in general have become even more desperate. More desperate than their first descent on Africa when they came unwashed, clad in raw animal skin and brandishing stone clubs.

In fact, let’s correct a prevailing ideology about America. Let’s actually call it the United States of European Enslavers of Africans (USEEA, pronounced, “you-see?”). Better, let’s get even more specific, let’s call it New Germany! (I call it New Germany for three reasons: (1). The U.S. nearly became a German-English speaking nation by one vote in 1795, (2) The U.S. rescued more Germans from the Russians—who wanted to teach Germans a lesson in civility—after the Germans had destroyed Europe in world war two, and (3). Germans are the single most dominant ethnicity still living in the U.S.). Once you have accepted that what you call the United States, or America, is rather USEA (for short) or ethnically New Germany, you might begin to appreciate the meaning of its actions as a country that surreptitiously pretends to own all of America, which, despite its idiotic name derived from the greedy ‘discoverer’ Amerigo Vespucci, was actually once an amiable continent.

The thing is, having wiped out much of the inhabitants of America, New Germany set out to commit even more crimes against humanity. It descended upon Africa a second time—thanks this time to better war-making tools they had copied freely from the Etruscans—and it raped and looted Africa resources, African art, African labor, and African expertise for centuries. The USEA (New Germany) became so powerful. Still, despite its power, and despite the fact that it had conquered much of Africa through violence, lies and propaganda, only the Metha in Africa loved it. African scholars, like the great Nana Yeboah, knew and understood that beneath Thomas Bowdich’s propaganda (sent by some English witch) to Asanteman of sharing a so-called western spoil of “civilization,” laid a barbarous intent and mere emptiness. After centuries of looting and feeding on African resources, labor and expertise to become powerful, the fears of the Yeboahs about the west and England have never rung so loud.

So, what is it that the Metha love so much about the west and the USEA — New Germany? Is it the money or the same promise of the spoils of western “civilization?” Who believes New Germany still in the twenty-first century? Is it the Asantehene, or the President of Ghana who still believes them? Who believes the west and anything that comes out of its mouth? Is it the Bible tooting populace? Who still believes in the promise of western “civilization?”

Let’s face a few facts even more clearly in present day. When USEA — New German — makes planes, they come crashing down the world over; New Germany’s Apple phones and computers are falling far behind those made by Huawei and other Chinese companies. The Chinese took over IBM and Lenovo is doing better. NASA, the toy conglomerate of Hollywood filmmakers and street-mechanics (which claims that it had once launched men on the moon but have since lost the original film), is (still) absolutely incapable of building a decent rocket — with people other than themselves filming the project — that would be able to deliver people or even satellites to space safely.

Let’s face a few more facts in the field of electric automobiles. China, which have been mocked by the west and Japan for more than a century are now far ahead of New Germany. In fact, I dare the Metha to visit a Chinese city. They would be shocked. Their eyes will open. The Metha might lose their brainwashed character and see that whereas New Germany keeps blabbing about the implementation of “zero emission” vehicles, in China it is not in the wet dreams of under-educated privileged boys. In China, zero emission vehicles have for several years been a reality. Many Chinese cities already have an excellent network of metro trains, of ecological electric buses, and of enormous public sidewalks that encourage people to stroll and remain healthy. None of these can be seen anywhere in any New German city!

Even the police vehicles in China are electric and their cops are certainly not as retarded as the New Germans chanting “death to the Hebrew.” The chant is code for “death to Blacks,” because the original Hebrew were actually Black, not white Europeans. They still chant “death to Blacks” inside Israel, the supposed homeland of the descendants of the Hebrew, by castrating the African men and sterilizing the African women. The New Germans in Israel have single-underhandedly reduced the population of Blacks in Israel by 20 full percentage points in just a few years. Even Chinese cops don’t gun down innocent citizens simply because they look blue or red. The Chinese may be equal opportunity sterilizers, but the Chinese certainly don’t have a mass incarceration corporation (hewn out of the slave plantation systems of early New Germany) which feeds on the blood and toil of the sons and daughters of Africans, who surrendered so much to New Germany—even under the whip—who even surrendered the finest musical civilization that all of America and the west had ever known right out of the Mississippi Delta! Even under the whip, Africans gave New Germany its finest food culture, which of course, they now like to refer to as “southern cuisine,” to eliminate and wipe out yet again its connection to the looting, rape and murder of Africans under the slave plantation systems of the south.

Who listens to the promises of New Germany any longer? Who believes in their empty promises of striving to be human?

Western histrionic disorder has parasitically fed on all basic, healthy human instincts, alive. The disorder has fed on the very source of its brief twentieth century appeal: African American culture. It took Norway’s best writer yet to perhaps repent and admit in an essay to the New York Times that only one river runs through New Germany that is worth noticing: Black culture! Look at the western European and the New German citizens today. Most of them shout at their television sets from bar stools or sofas; no human principles left. Human beings reduced to only desiring more money, more food, more booze, more white privileges—free stuff, more free stuff and benefits, at the expense of Blacks, at the expense of more than four hundred years of looting and raping Africans in the Americas. Western Europe and New Germany are a finished “culture,” if culture it was. Nothing great is being produced—no literature, no good films, no good books and certainly no more good music. All the talented Black men have been thrown into labor extracting mass incarceration jails for absolutely no crimes when their fellow citizens, who happen to be white are receiving emergency and hospital treatment for committing the same “crimes” or worse. A total collapse of basic values. Western Europe, for instance, puts people who are trying to help refugees on the high seas into prison; refugees who are escaping from countries ruined and destabilized by western terror, aggression and greed. Libya! Disgusting. Western Europe and New Germany.

Meanwhile look at Russia doing well in several fields! In fact, the Russians are now at the vanguard of science and culture. Those days of humiliation of the Gorbachev and Yeltsin era are far back, when Moscow naively believed Thatcherites and Reaganites! When New German troglodytes beat their chests about landing in Russia and bringing back with them pretty Russian women as wives for the mockery of it. Russia is rolling now: it is producing and exporting excellent organic food. Not GMOs. Its icebreakers are opening new paths for both people and goods. Russian space rockets are second to none, and its passenger airplanes are back in the skies. Nuclear and other power plants are helping to supply energy to many countries, all over the world.

So what at all do the Metha in Africa, and in particular Ghana, find appealing about the west and New Germany? Does the Metha want to continue to celebrate centuries of unbridled subjugation? Should the rest of us follow the Metha and climax from being coerced into slavery—into social deaths, physical deaths and historical deaths?

The fact on the ground is rather stupefying: despite the magical efforts by the Metha and their puppet masters in the west and New Germany, Africa and Africans are turning more and more, by the hour, to Russia and China, as partners. More and more Africans are tired of remaining stooges and slaves to a barbaric western European and New German dwindling mini-empire.

More and more Africans and people all over the world are tired of being fed western food, the mass-produced food full of carcinogenic chemicals. The GMOs from Monsanto. The junk food. More and more Africans and people everywhere have stopped listening to music made in the west, for either its African progenitors have been mass incarcerated and destroyed or they no longer succumb to surrendering more and more of their creative energies to the making of soul in the wicked west! More and more Africans and people around the world no longer want the idiotic movies of Hollywood in which giant insects eat entire cities; films so thoroughly bizarre, infantile and sadistic that they are symbols of the fantasies of brains that have been fried by cocaine inside the pseudo-Roman villas of Southern California; idiotic movies that are spreading histrionic disorders and nihilism, mediocrity and intellectual degeneracy around the world.

So, what at all do the Metha in Africa, and in particular Ghana, find appealing about the west and New Germany? What’s Appealing About The West & New Germany? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


  1. What has New Germany accomplished? More consumption, destruction, and waste than any other world leader. Fake food filled with toxins and poisons. Fake movies filled with propaganda. The race to pollute every body of water and occupy every territory in the name of colonization. The destruction of all cultures in order to extract profit everywhere. Ultimately, this all is a plot to destroy life everywhere, who cares what the so-called motives are. This era when over will leave the legacy of having the rest of the civilized world figure out what to do with this mess. Thank you Amenuti for highlighting New Germany and the emergence of what is the most barbaric era ever, for sure!


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