Western Medicine is Quackery.

Take for instance Palforzia. The US Empire has approved its first treatment for peanut allergies for children.

The drug, Palforzia, is supposed to treat peanut allergy by giving children tiny but increasing doses of peanuts over a six month period.

Another way to put this is that the administration of the drug, Palforzia, involves giving its unfortunate patients little doses of peanuts. Which means that the drug, Palforzia, is a nicely packaged set of capsules of actual peanuts! Put another way, Palforzia is peanuts!

It gets worse. After the six months, the children must continue to take the Palforzia-peanut dosage to be able to tolerate accidental exposure to peanuts. (You can read that again. Correct!)

The US Empire of scientists (quacks) claim the Palforzia-peanuts treatment is not a cure. You bet! So they warn that the risk of a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction can occur in patients who are allergic to peanuts.

In other words, the US Empire of scientists (quacks) are saying that if you are allergic to peanuts, whether you take Palforzia (i.e. the newly invented peanut capsules) or not, you are still going to be allergic to peanuts! Worse, if you take Palforzia (instead of taking your chances and become exposed to actual peanuts), you can actually die!

In fact, the US Empire of scientists (quacks) admonishes patients to continue to avoid peanuts in their diet, which can only cause more allergies, while still encouraging the unfortunate patients to continue taking the Peanut Butter capsules (Palforzia), which can actually kill them. (Read it again. It is correct!)

Welcome to quackery, masquerading with the banner of science.


  1. Where are all those lovers of science now? I see not one comment about why this drug and their beloved western science are great. I’m still waiting…

    • They are hiding out. When the point is clear about the malfeasance of western science, the fanatics have little saliva to wast. It’s telling how nickodemous the truly are in tooting the benefits of western science to the masses.


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