On Sunday, Nicole Crowther scribed the tweet read by Gleeks around the world. In the infamous tweet, the Los Angeles actress who worked (note: past tense) as an extra on Fox’s hit show Glee answered questions about a future episode, revealing who will win prom king and queen.

The spoiler caused a viral uproar among fans. After hearing the blast, Glee co-creator and executive producer Brad Falchuk essentially told Crowther to pack her bags and leave Hollywood, tweeting: @nicolecrowther hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment. Then, shortly after came his second tweet: @nicolecrowther Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?

Luckily for Crowther, the standard SAG day-player union contracts Glee uses don’t contain NDA (non-disclosure agreement) language providing for punishment when plot secrets are revealed. But 20th Century Fox Television is now considering amending its talent deals to crack down on social network leaks and enforce strict punishments on online blabbers.

After the incident, Crowther not only apologized to Falchuk — she also deleted the tweet and her entire Twitter account. But the apology did not keep her from being fired from the show, and the possibility for her future employment in Hollywood hangs in limbo.

The spoiler tweet:

Translation: Kurt is prom queen and Karofsky is king.

She also tweeted:

#finchelfans finn tells Jesse to back off Rachel. No fight though
Kurt an Blaine dance
Will and Emma danxe
Sadly no end of bartie yet

@NicoleCrowther Do #Finchel get back together during prom?
@MerDerlvr4ever no

So what do you think, are Glee fans and co-creator/exec producer Brad Falchuk overreacting? Or did Nicole Crowther reveal too much?



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